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C Originals SV888 Performance Cycling Helmet Review

Updated on April 08, 2012

C Originals: A new name for performance cycling helmets

You may have never heard of C Originals before however you have likely seen their performance cycling helmets on other cyclists'. The company behind the brand (Chinese company CO00 Sports) also produces helmets for the Italian Limar brand as well as providing helmets for the wholesale market through retailers on global marketplaces such as Alibaba.

C Originals SV888 Cycling Helmet

Boxed and ready to wear the SV888 from C Originals
Boxed and ready to wear the SV888 from C Originals

Specification for the SV888

C Originals SV888 specification.

  • Available in two sizes- S/M 55-58 cm and M/L 58-61 cm
  • Helmet Weight (claimed) S/M 240g and M/L 260g
  • Comfort Padding.
  • One hand dial operation rear retention system.
  • In-mould technology production
  • CE EN1078 safety certification

C Originals SV888 Helmet Review

New for 2012, the SV888 is C Originals top of the range road cycling helmet. A pricetag of £88.00 is in line with many other companies mid level helmet models.

In case you'd forgotten- C Originals SV888
In case you'd forgotten- C Originals SV888

How does it look and fit?

Looks wise the appearance is similar to the popular and well ventilated Giro Ionos helmet. The vents are aggressive looking and generally on the large size. The styling is modern and chunky and will appeal to many riders.

Fit is on the wide side in comparison to many other helmet models on the marketplace and the helmet is therefore more suited to a cyclist with a wider or rounder head. Best to try before you buy if you don't already know this.

View from the rear of the SV 888 Helmet
View from the rear of the SV 888 Helmet

Ease of use

The C Originals SV888 features a simple yet easy to use retention system which adjusts from the rear of the helmet via the use of a single dial system which helps provide a good snug fit whether it worn on its own against the skin or using a winter skullcap for warmth or cycling cap to protect your eyes from the rain.

Simple, easy to use retention system. C Originals SV888

Simple, effective retention system on the C Originals SV888
Simple, effective retention system on the C Originals SV888

C Originals Sponsorships in the UK for 2012

For 2012 C Originals will be sponsoring a number of cycling teams. The SV888 with adourn the Primalwear Europe, Spin- Rotor Racing Team and Racing Team.

Looking for a new high performance cycling helmet?

The SV888 could be the right helmet for you. It's lightweight, has a huge number of vents for breathability and will appeal to those cyclists looking for a unique product which means they're a bit of a trendsetter and slightly different. The C Originals brand won't appeal to every cyclist out there as many choose to go with a tried and trusted name brand- however if you stay open minded you could be on to a fantastic product at a mid range price

Could the C Originals SV888 be the best road cycling helmet for 2012 and beyond?

Happy cycling.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 4 years ago from California

      I win, my husband hadn't heard of them either.

      We are getting excited that the Amgen is finishing its third stage of the tour in our town this year.

      Hope you have a good year racing.

    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 5 years ago from Nottingham UK

      Thanks Tirelesstraveler, I'd never heard of them up until about 6 months ago and many many cyclists I know haven't heard of the company but with their heritage I can see them growing over time.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 5 years ago from California

      Had never heard of C. Did net search to discover that indeed you were correct it is marketed under Limar as well as Trek and C hear in the US. Thank you for the information. Will be interesting to see what my husband knows about the brand. We have been cyclists for a long time. Maybe this one will stump him.

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