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CAGE FIGHTING...What's Next?

Updated on February 15, 2010


What’s next?

In these Hub Pages, you’ll find the entire preface of my 33 chapter book “Up One Level,” chapter 21 is entitled “Pro Wrestling.” It attempts to explain the long term dangers involved with children watching grown up men beat the crap out of each other with apparently no rules or regulations what so ever that would at least attempt to present pro wrestling as a sport rather than an all-out disgusting display of uncontrolled, sanctioned, violence. Sadly, I don’t think anyone cares. The majority of you would rather watch someone get bashed over the head with a steel folding chair when his back was turned. The fact that it's all rehearsed, makes it even worse. Nothing else to do? Another case in point is Jerry Springer. He’s making a bundle putting morons on day time TV that want to kill each other and you love it don’t you?

I didn’t know much about cage fighting, or “mixed martial arts” as they deceptively try to put it while I was writing Up One Level so I didn’t even mention it. I do now, and once again, you incredibly apathetic, non-concerned, un-educated and violent human idiots have managed to upgrade one bazar extreme to the next level of bazar extreme and un-believably allowed this disgusting human activity to be displayed to our children on several TV channels anytime during any day, day after day after day . Personally, I could care less if you beat each other to death if you’re so inclined, it’s a free country. BUT NOT IN FRONT OF MY KIDS!

You’ve all most likely seen real street fights before, not very pretty is it? One of man’s (and these days women’s as well) more popular pass-times. Personally, the only thing I can think of that out-weighs the humiliation, disgust, and embarrassment, of two humans, warring on a street corner is what that kind of unchecked violence inevitably leads to and that is war between nations.

Cage fighting has very little to do with any kind of legitimate martial art form. In reality, the very name, “mixed martial arts” means just this: There is such a thing as martial arts schools that teach a variety of disciplines such as Sport Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, or Jujitsu. But only a handful of students that study a variety of this discipline’s, ever become high black belts simply because of the lifetime it takes to perfect just one art form let alone a mixed variety. This ensures that most cage fighting, so-called mixed martial art participants, are little more than practiced amateurs that simply want to try to beat the piss out of anyone they can and cage fighting gives them all the legal opportunity they need to do just that.

Granted, there are a handful of really practiced, super bad-ass, professional cage fighters that are worthy of calling themselves mixed martial artists but few and far between. Most are violence prone, young men and women that for some unforeseen reason to me, get their kicks out of crushing someone’s face with their elbow. Watch a few bouts and compare the boxing skills with real professional boxers. It’s pathetic, and just as in any street fight, they wind up on the ground usually in seconds where just about anything goes. Sure, there are a few rules and regulation like for instance, you can’t intentionally poke someone’s eyes out, or kick someone in the lunch, but just about anything else goes as far as I can see. An elbow to the face can do grave damage to anyone but that’s legal as is knocking someone down, and jumping on him while he’s already down and unconscious but still landing at least 4 to 5 punches to the head before the referee finally steps in. I guess the civil rule I grew up with, “don’t hit a man when he’s down”, doesn’t apply anymore.

Again, it’s a free country. If that’s what you’re into, that’s fine by me but what of our children watching this virtually uncontrolled, brutal street fighting day after day after day? Have any of you cage fighting advocates ever considered that point or don’t you care? Answer the question! Damn it, This is the very thing we have to STOP teaching our children year after year after year. Even you cage fighters have to admit, in respect to our children, our country has become more and more violent with each passing year. Is that what you want for your kids? Keep stuffing brutal violence in their faces day after day in the name of entertainment and one day when you’re minding your own business and a 200 pound 13 year old girl beats your brains in simply because we taught her it’s ok… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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    • Craig Suits profile image

      Craig Suits 8 years ago from Florida

      Good for you! I'm old enough to have seen the difference first hand and hoestly, this is a pretty sad state we live in these days. But that's not to say we should curl up and die. It's people like you and I that have the insight and concern to make the changes needed and we can't do anything with our mouths shut. I'll be happy when allian space ships stop over regulary as a galactic,vacation spot without having their hubcaps stolen. What the hell, we're the only pretty blue planet I'm aware of. Why not capitalize on it. Think of all the latinum bars we could make..

      Tnx for the comeback...I still don't know what your knickname is...


    • myownworld profile image

      myownworld 8 years ago from uk

      You have a way of saying things with such passion and fervor that one can't help but listen. Yes, I can's that 'apathetic, non-concerned, un-educated violent human idiot' that actually drives you up the wall! Having said that, I do agree with you completely on this....esp. that jerry springer show (and it's kind), that make such a mockery of human condition and and how low we can fall. Anyway, hopefully...your voice will reach more deserves to be heard! :)