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CM Punk is a Crybaby

Updated on February 26, 2014

Since the infamous "pipebomb" on Monday Night Raw back in the summer of 2011, CM Punk has become one of my favorite wrestlers. He has a great character, he's fantastic on the mic, and he's a great performer who gives it his all every time he's in the ring. He's had some of the best matches of the last three years. From his epic clashes with John Cena, his great feud with Chris Jericho, his great matches with Daniel Bryan, both matches with The Rock, the awesome battle with Brock Lesnar back at Summerslam, to his amazing match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29, CM Punk has always delivered. However, there have been a lot of reports about Punk's frustration with WWE as of late and it has culminated in him walking out on WWE much like Stone Cold Steve Austin did in 2002. Apparently, his walk out was precipitated by the fact that he wouldn't be in the main event of Wresltemania and he was slated to wrestle Triple H instead. Punk felt like that was beneath him and told Vince McMahon that he was "going home" before the Monday Night Raw after the Royal Rumble.

I believe that Punk made the wrong decision. For starters, I think it's a slap in the face to his fans who have paid good money to see him when WWE comes to town. Since his contract is set to expire in the summer anyway, it would've been nice to see Punk just gut through it and finish out his contract for his fans rather than let his anger towards the WWE brass drive him out. If Austin's departure, or even The Rock's departure, can teach anyone something in that position is that you should never alienate your fans. However, Punk's fans haven't felt alienated. They chant his name every time the WWE is on television, sometimes overtaking what's happening on screen for better or worse. I sort of think the fans are being hypocrites by doing that because they still, to this day, lambast The Rock for leaving to pursue other ventures despite the fact that he returned three years ago. Rock never needed to come back. He didn't need the money or the extra exposure. He came back because he wanted to. He delivered an epic feud with John Cena that featured two great Wrestlemania matches (despite the misguided criticism towards both). A lot of fans are just pissed off at Rock because they let him end Punk's 434 day title reign. It was eventually going to end anyway, so why be so pissed off about it? Oh, it's because The Rock's a movie star and John Cena "sucks." This is the thing that I don't like about today's wrestling fan. They're hypocritical and contrive reasons to be angry about something. It's horrible and total bullshit for Rock to pursue another career but it's perfectly okay for CM Punk to quit the company and quit on his fans because he's angry he won't be in the main event of Wrestlemania.

I understand how people feel and I even think that Punk wrestling Orton and Batista at Wrestlemania would be better than having him wrestle Triple H. I don't like the fact that Batista just walks back into the company and is given the main event of Wrestlemania over Punk and Daniel Bryan (who has been the best wrestler and most popular guy on the roster since last summer). I think the best scenario they could've gone with was to have Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H (which is now being planned anyway) since Triple H has screwed Bryan over constantly in their storyline dating back to Summerslam and place Punk in the championship main event with Orton and Batista, making it a triple threat match. Despite my feelings, I feel that Punk owes his fans more than just quitting because he's not happy. This situation makes him look like a whining diva whose upset because he doesn't get the ball on every possession. If he left because he realized he wouldn't overtake Cena as THE number one guy in the company, then he REALLY doesn't deserve respect over this situation because NO ONE is overtaking Cena until the WWE finds their next mega cashcow creation. Did Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Big Show, Booker T, Edge, Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, or Triple H ever quit because they weren't the "face" of the company? No! They all did their best at whatever position they were in and became wrestling legends. The last guy to quit because he wasn't getting "number one star treatment" was Stone Cold Steve Austin. He regrets that decision to this day. CM Punk will regret this decision as well.

On the other hand, if he comes back on Raw next week in Chicago, then all of this will mean nothing. It would've been all part of the plan.

CM Punk held the WWE title for a record 434 days.
CM Punk held the WWE title for a record 434 days.
CM Punk's 2011 pipebomb started the "Summer of Punk" and solidified his status as one of WWE's top stars.
CM Punk's 2011 pipebomb started the "Summer of Punk" and solidified his status as one of WWE's top stars.


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    • Manda May profile image

      Manda May 4 years ago

      I had my fingers crossed that CM Punk would return last night.