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CMLL Super Viernes Preview: A Preview (aka I Couldn't Come Up With a Decent Title)

Updated on December 1, 2016

It’s time! It’s time! It’s previewing yet another CMLL show time! Hey, at least this show looks to have a pulse unlike the ones from Monday and Tuesday. Each match here has some decent potential; they may not fulfill that potential due to a wide variety of reasons but they could also lead to one of the better CMLL shows of the year that leaves us all gasping for air like Rose after blowing that whistle so the boats would come back. It’s a touch and go situation. Let’s talk more about it. Moses; stop posting Prometheus theories in the Arrow subreddit and get the Grodd forsaken meme out!

Oro Jr. & Príncipe Diamante vs. Cancerbero & Raziel

What to Expect: This could be good…if Oro Jr. shows up the way he did Tuesday night and Cancerbero/Raziel decide that trying is in their best interest. And yes, Valiente showing up dressed in Ray Palmer’s Atom suit is more of a sure thing that those two scenarios. It’ll at least be interesting to see what Príncipe Diamante brings to the table. This is his reward for winning the CMLL Bodybuilding Contest last week and, unless I have the wrong Diamante or CageMatch is lying to me, the first match he’ll have had for CMLL in about three years. Does he go big? Can he go big? Or does he just settle into the doldrums of the CMLL opener like all the rest?

Winners: For once the opener is in doubt! Diamante winning the Bodybuilding Contest would normally signal the start of a push in any other promotion. CMLL however isn’t any other promotion and Raziel/Cancerbero always seem to come out on top in these matches. I’m going to say they do again in three falls, while certain fans watching the stream cackle to hide the tears.

Blue Panther Jr., Drone, The Panther vs. Disturbio, Okumura, Virus

What to Expect: You’d prefer this match to be one spot up but the talent here is good enough to make this match work even without the dives. On top of that the Panthers and Drone are fearless enough dudes (and have enough clout backstage) that I’m pretty sure they can get away with a few dives. The only question is whether the reliable rudo team decides to put in a high quality effort or continue the trend of waiting for something meaningful to unleash the goods. That by the way is another reason this match should be third; alas.

Winners: The technicos should win and will win. I say that with absolutely no confidence but Drone is still relatively new and protected under this new gimmick (a recent loss not withstanding), the Panthers are the Panthers and unlike almost every other veteran on the roster neither Disturbio, Okumura or Virus seem to have a problem putting dudes over. They’ll do so here in three falls when Junior submits Disturbio.

Estrellita, Marcela, Sanely vs. Metálica, Tiffany, Zeuxis

What to Expect: There’s an alternate universe where Estrellita and Tiffany barred from ringside while Marcela and Sanely take on Metálica and the Queen in a pretty boss tag match. Alas we don’t live there, at least until Barry changes the timeline. The best bet is that CMLL just lets Estrellita and Tiffany go at it in small spurts while the two rookies get a ton of time and Marcela and Zeuxis deliver the fine work we know they can. Naturally we should prepare for Estrellita getting all the big technico spots and Tiffany spending five minutes too many in the match while we all wonder what CMLL is doing. Hell let’s just do that now; what are you doing CMLL? Do Tiffany and Estrellita have dirt on Paco or something? Are CMLL bookers that dumb? These are the questions will be asking as Estrellita steals someone else’s shine five months from now at the same moment Zeuxis is pinning Pentagon Dark for the Lucha Underground Championship. LET ME DREAM DAMMIT!

Winners: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; I never bet against the gorram Queen. Estrellita and Tiffany may take up too much time but ultimately Zeuxis will emerge victorious by pinning Marcela following THE KNEES! Good Grodd, you can tell I’m getting more hyped about this card with all these caps explosions huh?

Lightning Match

Ángel de Oro vs. Negro Casas

What to Expect: If you were to look up the word intriguing in the dictionary (provided those bad boys still exist), you’d see a picture of this match. How they managed to snag a pic of it before it even happened is beyond me but whatever, it’s there. The funny thing is that a couple of months ago this match would’ve gotten a shrug from me even with this serving as a rare one on one match for the legendary Casas. It just goes to show you how much that ROH trip has done for Ángel de Oro. He went from unmotivated and unspectacular luchador #9001 to motivated and exciting no sooner did that short stint end. And that children is how you Ángel de Oro vs. Negro Casas has left me like this guy.

Of course this is CMLL and a Lightning Match, two things that have hamstrung even the greatest of luchadors. Will it do the same to these two? History suggests no, as Casas and Oro have a history of good matches together, including two singles matches back in 2012 (one of which was for Casas’ World Historic Welterweight Championship). Obviously there’s no guarantee that the chemistry is still there, but considering Oro has been lights out in recent weeks and Casas remains one of the most consistent workers in all of wrestling I fail to see why it wouldn’t. Ultimately this will just come down to time. If CMLL lets these two push it close to the end and both men do what they’re capable of than this could be a lot of fun. Hell it could honestly reach the Hechicero-Soberano/Panther-Okumura gold standard of Lightning Matches if they get the opportunity. These two are that good.

Winner: Much like Michigan, this is too close to call. Or was it Wisconsin? Oro never got a win over Casas in 2012 despite CMLL seemingly setting up a final match where he would’ve gotten the big one, and with his current hot streak (and minor US indie cred) it could combine to give him favor here. Of course this is CMLL; they may not remember four minutes ago let alone four years, and Casas is still the man while Oro is still a guy who inexplicably loses trios main events to Shocker on Tuesday night. Thus I’ll play it safe and call for Casas to steal this one around the 8 minute mark.

Marco Corleone, Máximo Sexy, Volador Jr. vs. El Cuatrero, Máscara Año 2000, Sansón

What to Expect: Repeat after me; if Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. . If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a shot. If Máscara Año 2000’s participation is limited then this match has a OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!

Winners: Don’t worry folks; my mental breakdown has subsided. Anyways, this would actually seem like the opportune time for Máscara Año to win a match, if only because it means Cuatrero and Sansón, his two ultra talented nephews who deserve to be in this spot, could really use the rub. This of course means that they’ll lose to the super technicos team, with Máximo pinning his new enemy Año in the third fall. It’ll at least be fun whenever Año isn’t involved and yes, for those who want to know, Año will kick out of Máximo’s pinfall at the end. Why? Because there is no Cthulhu; if there was Surge would be back in stock by now.

Atlantis, Carístico, Valiente vs. Euforia, Hechicero, Último Guerrero

What to Expect: Get Rob Reiner on the line, because we’re buying the rights to remake The Sure Thing with this match. Get it? Anyone? Dammit all.

Bad jokes aside this match look juicy. It’s actually a slight rematch to last week’s solid (according to cubsfan) main event match, only with Volador replaced by Atlantis (a wash) and Niebla Roja replaced by Hechicero, who will be working his first Super Viernes main event by appearing here. How far he’s come! Combine those two developments with what Carístico (or should I say a motivated Carístico), Valiente, Euforia and the UG can do and this match should be a doozy. The question will be whether this match is part of the set up to a big match between Carístico and Último Guerrero at one of CMLL’s big end of 2016/beginning of 2017 shows. They were feuding heavily last week from what I’ve read and it was evidently that pairing that helped make the match as good as it was (this isn’t surprising; Carístico and UG had an underrated gem together in Arena Puebla earlier this year). I’d be pretty surprised if CMLL doesn’t go back to that well here considering the potential a match like that would have in ticket sales. Here’s hoping they at least give it as much time as they did last week (a little more than eight minutes) so these guys can deliver the great main event we know they’re capable of.

Winners: UG won dirty last week, which means he’s either getting DQ’d this week or Carístico is winning clean and making a challenge to set up a mask vs. hair match in the next month. I don’t believe CMLL has any press conferences or anything of the works to announce a match of that magnitude, which means the former is most likely. Thus the technicos will win in three falls after UG fouls Carístico, likely the same way he did last week only this time he’s caught. Another trios challenge will be made and next week will see Carístico get his win and set up what could be an excellent bout between the two.

Stick a fork in this one; it’s done. I shall return tomorrow sports fans to review this show and potentially investigate this new Lucha Underground tourney called “The Battle of the Bulls”. You see now why I need to look into this! Till then, tell it like it is DUCHOVNY!

Please change disks to continue...

What match are you most looking forward to?

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