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CMLL Tuesday: The Art of Unimportant Goodness

Updated on August 9, 2016

The two day trek of CMLL shows is over folks; tonight’s Tuesday show is in the books and my goodness was it one big ball of fun that’s leading to the dark side of nowhere. In short, while almost all the matches tonight ranged from the okay to good scale, none of them ultimately led to anything bigger, which basically makes this show a house show that happened to be televised on YouTube. Then again I guess you could argue that for every Tuesday show mostly? Whatever; the show was fun and sometimes fun is enough. But don’t take my word for it; read about why it was fun. Moses, meme the night away!

Acero & Astral defeated Pequeño Universo 2000 & Pierrothito two falls to one

You’ll never believe this; this match somehow wound up being good even though no one expected it at all. The curse of me being overly critical of opener’s strikes again! That said this match was by no means perfect, and my goodness CMLL would be wise to get some guys to go against technicos like Acero and Astral who can actually keep up. Universo and Pierrothito tried their best, but Universo’s only speed is waddle and it’s not like Pierrothito is Usain Bolt out there either. The two of them slowed things down just enough to keep this at a more ordinary pace, even though both Acero and especially Astral brought the goods tonight. Astral was almost Dorada like even; he ran circles around the rudos and looked like an absolute star at times. If nothing else the match is worth checking out to see him, and if this had been a usual Tuesday night he probably would’ve been the stand out performer. Alas.

Amapola, Tiffany, Zeuxis defeated La Vaquerita, Estrellita, Sanely two falls to one

If you’re looking for the biggest surprise of the night look no further than this match. And that’s saying something; when it was revealed that Estrellita was replacing the talented Marcela, I was pretty certain the only way this match was any good was if Zeuxis and Sanely took out their respective partners and went at it Roddy Piper/Keith David style. Thankfully that wasn’t needed as both Estrellita and Vaquerita seemed to raise their game for the occasion, with crisp wrestling and a pretty damn good pace that managed to keep Tiffany (bizarrely dressed has Harley Quinn for reasons I don’t know) and Amapola interesting at all times. There’s no denying however that the most interesting parts here were when Sanely and the Queen went at it. Zeuxis was great as usual (her running knee in the corner was absolutely devastating tonight) and I think she’s rubbing off on Sanely big time. The rookie looked substantially better here than she did in Puebla, and I thought she looked good in that Puebla match! The confidence was up, the timing was there; I would’ve thought she’d have looked sloppier in what I believe is her first Arena Mexico match, but instead she looked as though she was picking things up at a really good rate. That’s excellent news and perhaps signals that maybe Sanely has a higher ceiling than we thought. All I know is we need to keep her with Zeuxis for the foreseeable future, both because that’s who she clicks the most with and because Zeuxis clearly has her number. And nothing makes the people happier than at least on Zeuxis victory a week; nothing I say!

Blue Panther Jr., Stigma, The Panther defeated Fujin, Okumura, Raijin two falls to one

In what might be the least surprising story of the evening, this match served as the most chaotic, most fun and best match of the evening by as many miles as Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt were separated by in Cast Away. The chaos sometimes worked to the detriment and there were times in the third fall that I thought these guys were going a little too fast for their own good. But ultimately that wasn’t enough to topple what was otherwise some fantastic action, built around Blue Panther Jr. trying to get his hands on Raijin. I’m actually a little surprised they aren’t going with that match going forward as they were the focus of the match, but I suppose there’s time for that in the future. In any event they seemed to work well together, with both young pups continuing their streak of improving with each match. That’s what will happen when you’re given confidence and other young talent to work with. Unless you’re Shocker I suppose; then you just leave everything like it's the darkest timeline.

As for the four supporting characters of this match, they seemed to have a renewed burst about them. Panther often looked like he was shot out of a cannon and due to that provided what might’ve been the moment of the match when he flattened Raijin with a gorgeous suicide dive in fall one. Stigma, who the last few times we’ve seen him has basically been forced to stand there until the final thirty seconds of the fall, was finally allowed to do stuff and boy did he make the most of it. He was flying around the entire ring area and looks as though to be fully back to where he was pre-injury. Really they’re performances would’ve been enough, along with the main story and the action, to give this match full marks, which is why it’s nice that Okumura and Fujin kept up every step of the way and continued to impress in their own right. I think this would probably be remembered better if it was leading somewhere and again, there was a little too much chaos at times for this to be an uber great match. Even still, I can’t recall many times I’ve had more fun watching a lucha match this year than I did here, so much so that I even stopped taking notes at one point. In the words of Special Agent Dale Cooper, it was a DAMN FINE match. And guess what; THE PANTHERS WON! THE LOSING STREAK IS OVER! I’m going to take this and Stukita being allowed to wrestle on Friday as Paco Alonso’s apology for forcing us to watch so much Shocker. I’m onto that reclusive bastard I tell you!

Lightning Match

Fuego defeated Puma

I forgot to mention one other glaring negative about the last match; it absolutely sucked the energy right out of the crowd, who was into the show up to the match and then went quiet immediately afterwards. It greatly affected this bout here, which frankly was pretty solid and probably even better than I’m giving it credit for. There was some sloppiness here, but overall Fuego and Puma seemed to click okay and provided numerous cool moments. Unfortunately when the audience is gone it’s hard to get them back, and these two were never quite able to get enough going to where Arena Mexico came alive for them. Still a solid effort from both though and Fuego actually got the win, another surprise result. It’s almost as if someone finally told the CMLL bookers, “You know, maybe a good guy should win a match or two.” A foreign concept to most, I know.

Kráneo, Niebla Roja, Ripper defeated Johnny Idol, Rey Cometa, Star Jr. two falls to one

Naturally CMLL had to follow up all the good decision making by having the wrong team go over here in a match where the structure was a little too uneven for my taste. Perhaps I’m being biased because Johnny Idol has impressed me thus far and I want to see him grow, but it seemed like the youngster was hardly given anything to do here outside of one dive, one brief sequence in the third fall and a whole lot of beat downs from Ripper (a guy who while not actively bad is also someone I never need to see on offense for extended periods of time ever again). It wasn’t just him either; Rey Cometa seemed limited in this match too, which is kind of odd considering he’s one of the ten best performers in the whole company as of now. To limit those two guys to background duty while Ripper is getting long sequences is just counterproductive. It’s like reducing Jared Leto’s screen time in favor of more Jai Courtney, something that may or may not have happened recently!

Thankfully this match wasn’t a total loss, and no it wasn’t because of Kraneo and his beloved Mije, who were of course entertaining throughout. The guy who saved this match, and the best performer of the night not named Mascara Dorada, was Star Jr. The dude was a last minute replacement for Super Porky and good Cthulhu whoever made that decision deserves a raise. Star was absolutely electric, pulling out big dives out of the ring and big dives in the ring, most notably a huge third rope Asai Moonsault in fall two and a breathtaking corkscrew plancha in fall three that made my eyes bulge out. He was just brilliant and brought great energy to this match that really helped hide the structure flaws and the lack of use from Idol and Cometa. I’m not sure it was enough to make this match good, but it was certainly enough to make this match memorable. In any event, I need more Star Jr. pronto. The thought of him vs. Virus in an undercard match right now is seriously getting my freak juice flowing. You know what, let’s pretend I never said that shall we?

Máscara Dorada, Pierroth, Rush defeated Shocker, Terrible, Vangellys two falls to one

Thankfully this match didn’t end up in the worst case scenario of Pierroth and Shocker brawling for long periods of time. Unless I missed it they didn’t interact at all, and aside from a few brief seconds of offense Pierroth mostly just a background figure. The problem; Shocker wasn’t and he was truly awful tonight in every sense of the word, to the point where he made his performance last night look like Rey Mysterio in 1990s WCW. The guy must be drawing people in at a larger rate than we know about, because it otherwise makes no sense for Shocker to come out almost every night now, take away ring time from more talented people on his own team (like Terrible, who did absolutely nothing here) and deliver terrible performance after terrible performance. It leaves you with such a deflated feeling that Roger Goodell probably should be investigating it.

Never the less this match, despite being the worst of the night, did have some decent moments and aside from Shocker wasn’t actively bad. There are two reasons for that; the first is Mascara Dorada. The Artist Soon to Be Known as Gran Metalik picked up where he left off last night and put on a clinic, providing some much needed energy at the end of the second fall and especially the end of the third fall where he started flying around with reckless abandon. The second and most surprising reason was the interactions between Rush and Dorada. I’m pretty sure these two haven’t been best buds on screen, but they were tonight with Dorada actually getting involved in Rush’s Ingobernables shtick (which was sadly the only thing Rush was allowed to do tonight other than feud with Shocker because REASONS!). I suppose some could see it as meaningless interactions as it won’t lead to anywhere, but I was highly entertained by the chemistry between Rush and Dorada and it definitely helped make this match more entertaining. Enough to save it? I don’t know about that, but at least the match wasn’t a total waste. And thank goodness Shocker vs. Rush wasn’t set up here. If CMLL had actually forced another uber talented guy to be wasted in a several week Shocker feud there’s a good chance I would’ve shut this site down and disappeared till Lucha Underground returned. Once again, praise Cthulhu we were spared that monstrosity.

We’re done here gang. I’m off till tomorrow when I’ll have a brand new lucha tribute for you guys. After that I’m not sure; I may preview the loaded Puebla card for next Monday sooner than usual, or I may dive into some more Lucha Underground stuff. Till then, go hug the nearest person out of joy that we aren’t getting Shocker vs. Rush. It’s a beautiful feeling ain’t it?

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