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CMLL Tuesday: Diamonds in the Rough

Updated on September 28, 2016

Damn work! I told you that I would have my CMLL Tuesday review out earlier than the Puebla one, and yet here I am posting it the morning after just like the last one. Sleep, you treacherous beast you! I’m especially mad this time around because unlike Monday’s show last night was fun, the whole fun and nothing but the fun! All six matches were interesting to a degree, several young luchadors had Jake Arrieta esq performances and the main event, against all odds, somehow delivered thanks to two dudes wanting to whip the piss out of each other. Best of all, nothing ever got close enough to being as bad as match #3 from Puebla, a soul sucking experience if I ever encountered one. But you’ve already heard about that; let’s hear about last night. Moses, cut that meme into pieces, this is the last resort!

Leono & Robin defeated Artillero & Cholo two falls to one

A better than expected opener! Granted my expectations for this were zero, but it’s still nice to see something instead of nothing, especially since we got a whole lot of nothing just last night. It definitely helps when you have a guy like Robin and he did very well here despite the limitations. The most surprising aspect was that Cholo was the second best performer behind him. He actually gave a decent effort and as a result looked faster and crisper than I can ever recall seeing him, and he looked particularly good towards the end of the match. Definitely nice to know that he’s capable; now if only he would show that more often!

Hombre Bala Jr., Magnus, Oro Jr. defeated Arkángel de la Muerte, Metálico, Sangre Azteca two falls to one

Before we break this down, allow me to do the routine I didn’t get to do because I skipped the preview. And yes, this must be done every time Magnus is in a match I cover!

This too was a lot better than expected and you can chalk it up to the aforementioned Magnus and his partner Hombre Bala Jr. While Oro Jr. was busy messing a lot of his stuff up (he was particularly bad towards the end of the third fall), Magnus and Bala looked great and actually got some time to deliver offense for once. They were so good that they covered up a lot of flaws this match had, like Oro not being very good and Arkángel being worse. How he got a match a day after completely stinking up the joint in Puebla is beyond me, and he was just as bad here. Luckily he and Oro didn’t affect proceedings too much, and his teammates Sangre Azteca and El Hijo del Signo (filling in for Metálico) more than picked up the slack.

Misterioso Jr., Puma, Sagrado defeated Fuego, Soberano Jr., The Panther two falls to one

This match looked good on paper; as it turns out that was an understatement. I could make the argument this was the best match of the evening, and that’s not by default; this was a supremely good match with a lot of great action and one dynamite performance. And no it wasn’t Panther or Puma (though they clicked well and had a great sequence towards the end of the match); it was Soberano Jr. The kid was electric from start to finish and had the highlight of the night with a corkscrew plancha that saw him spin at least two and a half times. He didn’t slow down after that either; in fact it seemed the dive just made him move faster and he never let up till Sagrado put him down with a modified Joker Driver to end the match. That may have been the only black spot on the match, and it was hard to get angry at it since Sagrado had been good throughout and that finisher was tremendous. Take Soberano away from here and this is a good match; with him it was borderline great and another example of just how amazing this young man is. It’s just a question of whether CMLL figures it out soon or somebody else does.

Lightning Match

Blue Panther Jr. defeated Virus by Disqualification

I was really excited about this match going in and unfortunately CMLL decided to make this more story based than wrestling based, with a story they’ll probably never follow up with. A shame because I think these two have a really good match in them and we saw bits and pieces of that, with Virus looking outstanding leading the mat work in the first few minutes and Junior getting his groove as the match neared the five minute mark. It was always comfortable, but it also never hit the gear you’d expect because of Virus ending the match by unmasking Junior. On the one hand Junior does win the match and did look like Virus’ equal throughout, so it’s not like the finish hurts him too badly. On the other hand it was a flat ending that made the match feel flat, and barring it leading to a rematch it does sting a little bit.

Cavernario, La Máscara, Mr. Niebla defeated Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther, Dragón Lee two falls to one

Pretty much the definition of a solid yet unspectacular match that had two goals in mind; continue whatever is going on with La Máscara and Dragón Lee and make Cavernario look like a complete bad ass. They did both things; Máscara and Lee brawled a lot and looked good while doing it, while Cavernario got to get the pin on both Ángel de Oro and Blue Panther in the final fall. If nothing else he’ll be going into Friday’s match against Volador looking like a beast, and if he wins I think we can safely say he’s a made man when you combine last Friday and tonight with that victory. With those two feats accomplished all the rest of the match needed to be was fine and it was just that. Really the only complains I have is that Blue Panther didn’t get to do a lot and Mr. Niebla disregarded his afro. How can you disregard the fro Niebla?! You didn’t see Undercover Brother ever doing that.

Pierroth, Ripper, Rush defeated Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Titán two falls to one

I was hoping going into this match that either Pierroth or Ripper would be replaced and if not that the match be kept short. Never in a million years did I think this would be good, and yet somehow it was very good and possibly the best match of the evening. You can thank the two best performers of the night aside from Soberano for that; Rush and (get ready) Diamante Azul. Inexplicably CMLL decided to pair these two up and they ended up tearing the house down with each other. Rush looked vicious and intense and Diamante, who I’m going on record to call underrated now, matched him and at times even bested him. Did you see that suicide dive he hit on Rush during the second fall?! It was so good it bested Lee’s suicide dive on Máscara and was the best moment of the night that didn’t involve Soberano doing his best Tony Hawk Pro Skater impression.

That guy looks familiar!
That guy looks familiar!

Frankly Rush and Diamante were so good together that it’s all the match needed. Atlantis and Titán were unfortunately background characters here (though they did get some nice spots in), while Pierroth actually looked good (you can thank Titán, Atlantis and Diamante for bumping their asses off for that) and Ripper just stayed out of the way. Considering how well the Rush-Diamante stuff went that’s fine with me and it’s even finer that we’re probably getting a big singles match between the two in two weeks. They even set that up well, with Pierroth unmasking Diamante, only to see Diamante fight back with one hand while blocking his face with the other, a totally unique and bad ass moment that made Diamante look great even after Rush low blowed him for the win. You can’t ask for much more than what those two gave tonight and for many I’m sure it’ll be a great surprise. Not from Rush of course but certainly Diamante; I’ve been saying he’s better than people have given him credit for and he damn sure proved that tonight at least in my view. I can’t wait to see him and Rush go at it and I don’t care who knows it!

That’s it for me folks! I’m off till Lucha Underground is over tomorrow night. Till then, some Spidey!

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