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CMLL Super Viernes Preview: Dorada's Last Stand

Updated on November 10, 2016

It’s time to embrace the horror sports fans, and I’m not talking about the shit show you’re seeing on your Facebook wall (man does that place have a talent of making anyone with an opinion suck). Máscara Dorada's last day in CMLL is tomorrow, with one last stop in Arena Mexico for Super Viernes before he goes. It’s going o be something, and judging by the card it may be something beautiful. I think it’s pretty safe to say there are no sure things in life these days and this show is definitely no sure thing. But it has a lot of great pieces besides Dorada’s swan song, from great talent in every single match to an atmosphere that should leave Arena Mexico more electric than usual. And that’s something, because the Electric Company generally doesn’t have the electricity of Arena Mexico on Friday night. It will be something folks, which is why we must break it down now. Moses; drop the tissues and get the meme!

Magnus & Flyer vs. Akuma & Espanto Jr.

What to Expect: Man, how kind of CMLL to start off this show with a match that allows me to bring back this old diddy?!

Yes, fresh off speculation that maybe he was Drone instead of Hombre Bala Jr., Magnus returns to team alongside Flyer against two dudes who most people would rather not see again. Apparently that last performance Akuma had a few weeks ago didn’t change anyone’s mind; who knew?! I’ll get my hopes up for this match regardless though. Flyer is super cool, Magnus is even cooler and there’s a 25% chance one or both of them decide to just go crazy here. Don’t discount the effect this being Dorada’s last show may have on this match as well. We just saw a show Monday night that was elevated by luchadors raising their game for Dorada’s last Puebla show, whether it was just to honor him or with the hope that CMLL may think long and hard about considering them to take Dorada’s place. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens here, with the technicos turning the burners on and the rudos giving maximum effort for once in their lives.

Winners: I’m going against my own rules because Magnus and Flyer deserve to win this match that much while the other guys…don’t. Sorry, couldn’t think of a better word. Technicos win in three falls.

Soberano Jr., Stigma, Star Jr. vs. Okumura, Skándalo, Sangre Azteca

What to Expect: If you looked at the first four names featured you’d think this match was on its way to cult status the likes of which hasn’t been seen since The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Naturally CMLL decided to muck all that up by adding Skándalo and Sangre Azteca to this match for reasons that make only Paco Alonso happy. Again, I’m going to choose to be optimistic here. Soberano and Star Jr. aren’t just really good; they’re superstars in the making who can make any match captivating with the drop of a dime. And don’t sell Stigma short either. He doesn’t have the consistency of Soberano or Star Jr. or the upside of a Pegasso, but when he’s on he’s on and I’d expect he’ll be on in his first Super Viernes appearance in awhile. As long as those three just show up and do what they do, this match will be just fine. Hopefully Okumura can convince Azteca and Skándalo to help make it more than that on the rudo end.

Winners: I must be losing my mind because I’m picking the technicos here in three falls. What has gotten into me?!

Stuka, Fuego, Rey Cometa vs. Hechicero, Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora

What to Expect: The first of three sure things in a row on this show. Seriously, I can’t see this being anything less than pretty good. The technico team is really good, the rudo team is utterly fantastic (and would be with Hechicero’s presence alone) and both teams should have their game raised do to the special circumstances of the show. Barring Pólvora just having a really bad night or an unforeseen botch, this match should be a treat. The only thing that could make it better is if CMLL pulled the trigger on setting up a title match between Hechicero or Rojo against one of the technicos. I’m pretty sure Cthulhu doesn’t like us that match though.

Winners: This is where the rudos get on the scoreboard, with Hechicero sealing the deal in fall three by pinning Cometa. I wouldn’t die of shock however if they did a DQ finish to set up that title match I suggested though. What; can a man not dream?!

Lightning Match

Carístico vs. Mephisto

What to Expect: Dorada’s grand finale may be the feel good moment of the night and the main event may be the strangest event of the night. But ultimately this match here is by far the most intriguing. Why? Because it’s a gorram Carístico singles match! Unless you watch Elite (and you should just so you can see Carístico vs. L.A. Park in a cage) those are rarer than a Mew and that glitch Pokemon that gives you infinite Master Balls and Rare Candy’s in Pokémon’s Red, Blue and Yellow. Jessica Alba winning an Oscar is more likely these days than a Carístico one on one match in Arena Mexico!

Alright I’ll cool it with the comparisons. The point is that we don’t get to see the former “Greatest Luchador That Ever Lived” in singles action much these days and thus every time he does it’s a point of interest. This match up in particular fits the bill. I think it goes without saying that Carístico hasn’t really been Carístico in recent memory, largely because he’s been traveling back and forth between CMLL and Elite on the same day (thus preventing him from going all out) and because of injuries. But Mephisto is the sort of rudo that exists to catch diving luchadors, which suggests that maybe we’ll see Carístico get a little nuts in the limited time they have. I’m certainly hoping he does at least. Before the injuries and the multiple shows on the same night shtick, Carístico was looking like the guy who used to rule Mexico, especially in matches against Último Guerrero and Volador earlier this year. I doubt he quite reaches that here in a Lightning Match, but this is a chance to at least see some more flashes than we have recently.

Winner: Hard to imagine that Carístico loses here; the question then becomes how he wins? Do we get a low blow from Mephisto, a mask pull, or does Carístico win cleanly? Either way the technico takes this win and then thanks Grodd that he doesn’t have to drive all the way to Arena Naucalpan in less than an hour.

Máscara Dorada, Atlantis, Diamante Azul vs. Negro Casas, Cavernario, Felino

What to Expect: Here it is folks; Máscara Dorada’s swan song before he rides off into the sunset, the match that everyone will tune in to see. I know some were upset this match didn’t get promoted more, but it’s hard to get too upset because a) Arena Mexico almost always draws huge every Friday night (so the arena will be full anyway), b) WWE fans haven’t tuned in to see Dorada wrestle in any non WWE events and wouldn’t for this one even with more promotion, c) Dorada got exactly what he requested for his final match (the involvement of Atlantis and Negro Casas) and d) no one is going to be caring about this when we’re all sobbing like Oliver Queen after Tommy died once this match is over. It’ll be an emotional one folks and I reckon it’ll also be the best match we see all night. The talent here is too good (Diamante Azul is the weakest guy and I still maintain he’s secretly pretty good), the motivation to make this match great will be strong and the atmosphere in Arena Mexico should be electric. All I want to know is how crazy will Dorada go for the last one. Will he play it safe by his standards? Does he go nuts to send Arena Mexico off with a performance they’ll never forget? I’m not dismissing any possibility; Dorada could do a 630 off the stage onto Cavernario and I wouldn’t be shocked. Alright maybe a little.

Winners: I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say the Cleveland Browns have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl this year than Máscara Dorada’s team does of losing this match. There are locks, there are mortal locks and then there’s this match, which will end when Dorada pins Casas in the third fall to win on his way out. This will be followed by flowers, the locker room emptying out to hug Dorada, another Queen song being played (I recommend “Under Pressure”, just to be different) and grown lucha fans quoting Titanic in between tears. “I’ll never let go Dorada!”

Triple Threat Round Robin Six Man Tag…Thing

Volador Jr., Marco Corleone, Máximo vs. Rush, Pierroth, La Máscara vs. Último Guerrero, Euforia, Gran Guerrero

What to Expect: I’m honestly not too sure! Much like every cibernetico and tournament CMLL does, this match is stranger than Stranger Things for yours truly. The best I can tell is that it’ll be a Round Robin type match where the teams fight each other individually once, with the two teams winning the most moving on. Why do this as opposed to just having a regular triple threat six man tag makes no sense to me but I’m not Paco Alonso. In any event I expect whatever this ends up being to be somewhat enjoyable, somewhat infuriating and if Pierroth is involved for long stretches somewhat horrifying. I just hope that CMLL has some sort of plan in the works here. They have to after putting this mess together. Right? RIGHT?!

Winners: The Dorada match being the happy moment and the fact that the thrown together Máximo/Volador/Marco makes no sense winning means one of the rudo teams will win. My guess? Los Ingobernables. The Guerreros would be the safer pick and I’m not fond of Pierroth winning anything despite his lack of fucking things up recently, but its clear Ingobernables has something big planned on the horizon with Dragón Lee and Mistico and a loss does them no favors here. You never know with CMLL (aside from Dorada’s match), but I think it’s a safe bet to predict Rush, Máscara and Pierroth walk out winners here. How they’ll do it is up to how CMLL does this match.

And scene. That’s all for me today sports fans, unless I get the urge to write about how Arrow is suddenly on the comeback trail. May have to hold that off till tomorrow though. Till whenever we meet again, be sure to get down and do the DUCHOVNY any chance you get.

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