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CMLL Tuesday: Imperfections

Updated on November 8, 2016

What a day huh? I returned some video tapes, America decided to toy with shaping our future into a real life Mad Max: Fury Road and CMLL decided to have a show amidst all this chaos. So how did the Tuesday show go? I’m going to chalk it up as being not as good as last night’s Puebla show and far, FAR better than the shit show my country of birth has put on tonight. Frankly it would be regardless; all that was missing from tonight’s CMLL show was a couple more good performances and an even more emotional goodbye ceremony for Máscara Dorada. Instead we got a ton of good performances, no poor matches and also no indication on what we’re getting next week. It’s an uncertain future and I’m resisting making a joke about America following suit. Fuck I just did. Let’s move on and break this bad boy down. Moses; get on your bike and meme! It may be for the last time.

Apocalipsis & Artillero defeated Bengala & Sangre Imperial two falls to one

If you were to look up the word ordinary in the dictionary, this match would be pictured there. Yes I just used a joke from past lives; big whoop, want to fight about it? Anyways, this match was as by the book and uninteresting as it gets, which is a step up from what I expected. No one did anything wrong, there were no botches and that’s a-okay when you have mediocre talents like Apocalipsis and Bengala hanging around. There just wasn’t anything else to this match either is all. I guess what I’m trying to say is…this kicked off the show. Not in a good way, not in a bad way; just in a way. Let’s move on before I drive myself crazy.

La Jarochita, Estrellita, Princesa Sugehit defeated La Comandante, La Seductora, Zeuxis two falls to one

The power of Zeuxis is real and spectacular sports fans. Back on her first regularly streamed CMLL show in eons, the Queen jumped back in like she’d been wrestling every week and ended up being the highlight of this match with Princesa Sugehit. In fact, I’d say they singlehandedly saved this match and raised it up a level, which is saying something considering Estrellita and Seductora were doing everything in their power to destroy it Vandal Savage style. Case in point; when Estrellita, La Jarochita (in for Lluvia for reasons unknown and given nothing to do with the opportunity besides a cool moonsault), Seductora and Comandante were in the ring Arena Mexico was quieter than a crowd watching Curt Hawkins wrestle. No sooner did Zeuxis and Sugehit come in did the energy pick up in the crowd and in the ring. Those two clearly have it while the rest of the luchadoras are either a) a step behind or b) not allowed to show that they’re on the same page. Alas we’ll be here all night dissecting this if I keep rambling; this was an okay match thanks to two great performers and it was an absolute treat to see the Queen back. DON’T LET ZEUXIS GO PACO! I will build a wall around you if that happens, and it’ll be quick because unlike Trump I actually have normal sized hands! It could be for the last time.

Blue Panther Jr., Pegasso, The Panther defeated El Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón two falls to none

An absolute roller coaster ride of a match that was both awe inspiringly good and frustratingly sloppy. Let’s start with the sloppy, aka Pegasso. I feel bad because the poor guy is generally quite good and he had moments tonight where he was electrifying, like when he hit that corkscrew dive to the outside. But other than that it’s hard to deny he was the anchor holding this match back. His timing was off, his big Frog Splash in the first fall looked off, he wasn’t able to finish moves; just not a good night for the veteran. It happens and I doubt you’ll see many more nights like it, but it doesn’t change the fact that Pegasso’s performance was something out of Aroldis Chapman’s eighth inning against the Indians. Dear Grodd why did I just bring that up?

Go away Rajai Davis!
Go away Rajai Davis!

Naturally everything else in this match was super, which makes it all the more frustrating tonight had to be Pegasso’s snoozer. You can tell the Panthers relish facing fellow youngsters like Los Cientificos; not that they’re lacking for energy most of the time but they were explosive tonight, diving all over the place, brawling with their opponents almost every time you turned around (especially Junior, who was after Sansón all match after the rudo got him with a cheap shot). They were terrific, and they were matched by a game rudo team that continued their stretch of great scientific wrestling while also busting out some dives of their own! I do not lie when I say we were one average Pegasso performance away from this being the match of the evening. Ultimately they’ll have to settle for second best, with a potential chance to improve if the ending (Sansón unmasking Junior for the DQ) is any indication. Please CMLL; do not hesitate to give us this match again. This was a lot of chaotic fun despite an off night from a reliable luchador and this match only going two falls. Imagine if this match happens again with a game Pegasso and an extra fall?

Lightning Match

Guerrero Maya Jr. defeated Virus

Time to cue up that Social Distortion song or the Dr. Cox clip again for I was wrong; thus match wasn’t just merely good, it was great. Granted I still think they have even better in them, but it’s hard to be picky when both Maya and Virus delivered the goods here tonight. It seems pretty clear to me too that Virus was the key. Maya acquitted himself well here as always, but he didn’t really get the chance to break out his full arsenal aside from a suicide dive and a sick finishing move that recalled Adam Cole’s Brainbuster to the Knee. Virus however was bursting out all sorts of tricks. Sure the mat work was top notch as always, but he was also taking risks, such as a diving hurricanrana off the apron that I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen him do in quite awhile. He also showed off that Hechicero esq gene of making everything Maya did to him look good, such as two backbreakers that nearly had me convinced that Maya had broken Virus’ back. All from how he sold it folks. You could maybe ask for a little more here, but ultimately that would just mean you’re spoiled. This was great fun, well worked and the second best Lightning Match I’ve seen all year, right behind Soberano-Hechicero.

Blue Panther, Drone, Titán defeated Felino, Ripper, Niebla Roja two falls to one

This match was almost a carbon copy of the match Blue Panther’s sons had earlier in the evening; it was loaded with some truly great moments and yet still didn’t quite rise up to being a great match. The only difference was there wasn’t a poor performance here like there was in the previous match, with everybody working their ass off here and nailing everything. Yes, even Ripper; I don’t know what happened but that corpse of a luchador suddenly rose from the dead and looked active for the first time in years. He even did a cool dive! I’d say it was the biggest upset in the history of the western hemisphere, but then I’d just be reminding people of the potential biggest upset happening in America right now. Thus we’ll stop.

So what was wrong with this match in the end? Honestly, I think it took just a smidge too long to get to the good parts in the third fall. Not that there was anything wrong with falls one and two, but they were your typical rudo beat downs with only limited technico offense, a sad thing when you consider the fact that Titán and Drone (continuing to impress in his new role) weren’t allowed to do the cool shit you know they can. I get you want to build to that stuff, but I think this match took just a little too much time before it really started to get interesting in the second fall. That said when the match got good it got really good, so we at least had that finale to watch Titán be Titán, Drone continuing to go and Blue Panther doing all those wonderful things that still make him a master class of a luchador at the age of 56. A very good match that probably would be great with just a few tweaks. The story of the evening I suppose.

Dragón Lee, Mistico, Volador Jr. defeated Rey Bucanero, Vangellys, Terrible two falls to one

Ironically enough this ended up being the second least interesting contest of the evening. You’re gorram right I said it. I get that there was a ton of talented dudes here, but this was pretty much just an exhibition match with no stakes, whereas the other matches (aside from the opener) at least had intriguing match ups or the return of Zeuxis to draw people in. Here you were just waiting to see the high flying guys do stuff while hoping Rey Bucanero, Terrible and the crew got to get some cool things in. The high flyers did as such, the rudos did not (with Bucanero looking like the guy he was pre Hechicero match last week) and it ended quickly with the technicos winning. It certainly wasn’t an eyesore or anything, but you’d have at least liked CMLL to give us something that could’ve lead to a big match next week. I guess maybe the Panthers/Pegasso vs. Los Cientificos match was supposed to do that, because we got nothing here. An okay, uninspired end to the show.

That’ll do sports fans, that’ll do. I’m off to grab my front row tickets to the end of the earth; if we’re still standing tomorrow then I’ll be back to review Lucha Underground and maybe write something about Máscara Dorada. Until we meet again, believe in the DUCHOVNY!

Hey look! America's new slogan!
Hey look! America's new slogan!

Please change disks to continue...

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