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CMLL Legends Show Preview!

Updated on September 15, 2016

Remember when CMLL said there’d be another big show besides the Anniversary Show this month, only none of us knew what exactly this big show would be? Well, turns out that it’s a legends show. Call it CMLL One Night Stand, call it CMLL Old School, call it whatever but tomorrow night the lucha libre institution is rolling out the red carpet for some of the most recognizable names in the history of the sport. And in a twist from the usual legends format it should be a good show, both from a spectacle standpoint and because many of these legends are still pretty good. It’s the power of lucha libre I tell you. Hell even if you’re not a fan of the legends this should still be fun, as there’s still enough members of the current CMLL roster sprinkled in on the card to keep new school lucha alive and well. So with that in mind, let’s break it down like Jack Evans at table reading for Step Up 5,000. Moses; you know what time it is.

Estrellita, Marcela, Sanely vs. Amapola, La Jarochita, La Metálica

What to Expect: Can we safely say this is the one match on the card not featuring any legends? I mean I guess we can say Amapola or Marcela could be a legend, but that might be stretching things more than a Stretch Armstrong. I’m not entirely sure how this one will play out and really I’m sadder that Zeuxis (a legend in everyone’s mind) isn’t here than anything else. The technicas team has potential, but Sanely is still prone to inconsistency and Marcela is coming off an Anniversary Show performance where she looked absolutely lifeless. If she couldn’t get up for that show, what makes anyone think she’ll get up for this one? Combine that with the unknowns that Jarochita and Metálica are and this is a Riddler sized question mark. Your best bet; hope that Metálica and Jarochita are great talents who have been missed on the indies and that Marcela comes to play. If that happens then this could be a solid opener.

Winners: I’m going with the rudas here and this isn’t even a “when in doubt” situation. I could be mistaken but Metálica and Jarochita wrestling here seems like the beginning of them coming on full time, not a one night affair. Thus it’s best to start them off with a win, and that’s what they’ll do winning in the third fall.

Blue Panther, Kahoz, Negro Navarro vs. Mano Negra, Solar I, Súper Astro

What to Expect: If you love technical mat wrestling then strap in because this one will be full of it. Each team has killer mat performers, with the ageless Blue Panther and Negro Navarro on one side while Solar and tortas king Súper Astro on the other. I’m not nearly as familiar with Kahoz or Mano Negra and I don’t have to be because those four should tear the house down as long as they’re on their game. Panther and Navarro are still that good; Solar proved last year at the Lucha World Cup that he’s still capable and Astro, at the young age of 54, should be pretty impressive as well. It also helps that he and Panther have history, including an excellent match back from their days together in AAA. The bottom line is this should be quite fun, even if it’s different from what you’d expect.

Winners: Blue Panther’s team. The only way they aren’t winning is if Astro feeds them that gigantic sandwich from his tortas place before the match. Otherwise it’ll be smooth sailing for the CMLL regular and his band.

Fuerza Guerrera, Negro Casas, Satánico vs. Atlantis, El Fantasma, Máscara Sagrada

What to Expect: You can pencil this down for being the legend’s match I’m most looking forward to. The talent here is absolutely rich. On one side you have Fuerza Guerrera, Juventud’s father and a pretty good luchador in his own right, the GOAT Negro Casas and one of the most underrated technicians in lucha history in Satánico. The other side may be even better. Those who have always wanted to see King Cuerno’s father in action when El Fantasma steps down from his lucha commission gig to lace up the boots. Atlantis needs no introduction; he’s gorram Atlantis and arguably the biggest legend on this whole card. But as much as I love Atlantis, the real reason I can’t wait to see this match is because of his final partner; Máscara Sagrada.

Those who read me know that I love this man; I love his look, I love his in ring work and I especially love his acting career. There aren’t many lucha libre legends more underrated than this man and it’s great to see him return to Arena Mexico all these years. He should be fairly fun to watch here too. I’ve caught some of Sagrada’s recent work leading up to this show and he’s still fairly decent, having changed up his style ala L.A. Park as he’s gotten over. It greatly helps that he’ll be teaming with long time partner/friend Atlantis and that the rudo team has great workers in Casas and Satánico. Overall this should be really enjoyable, at least for me. How often to you get to see three of your favorite wrestlers ever in the same match?! All that’s needed is CM Punk and I’m the happiest man since Buffy accepted Spike’s proposal under that magic spell.

Winners: Like I can really go against the Atlantis/Sagrada/Fantasma team here? Come on guys; that's like me picking the Cardinals over the Cubs, a crime in all 50 states mind you. I’ll just avoid that hassle and go with my guys to win it in three falls. I reckon we’ll get a suicide dive from both Atlantis and Sagrada too, which will make me even more satisfied than I already am!

Lightning Match

Máscara Dorada vs. Cavernario

What to Expect: There’s a ton of spectacle with the other matches but none of them hold a candle to this one, which should be the Match of the Evening by a good distance. That’s nothing against the legends; it just has everything to do with how incredible Dorada and Cavernario are. Hell I could even see them challenging the Hechicero-Soberano lightning bout from a few weeks ago, both in match quality and the ability to make us think this could go the distance. Ultimately though the biggest thing to watch here will be whether or not this is truly Dorada’s last match in Arena Mexico. While he didn’t win the CWC last night and still has some dates left in Mexico, it’s pretty clear Dorada’s time is growing short in CMLL. Maybe there are a few more dates left for him, but if not I can’t think of a better way for him to leave than with an amazing match here with a truly great talent like Cavernario. Of course now that I said this might be his last match, Dorada will show up over the next several weeks and stay in Mexico till December. It’s my jinxing ability I tell you.

Winner: Dorada. Whether this is the last time or not it’s pretty clear his departure is going to be treated more like Dark Angel’s than La Sombra’s. He’ll get the win here to either set one last match up between these two or ride off into the uncertain future, where hopefully WWE won’t smash his passion into a thousand pieces.

Pierroth, Rey Escorpión, Rush vs. Euforia, Matt Taven, Último Guerrero

What to Expect: An excellent looking match until you realize that it’s practically all rudos and see that Pierroth is involved. I don’t understand it either. Sure the Pierroth name is sort of legendary in lucha libre but that was when a different dude wore the mask. The only thing this Pierroth is legendary at is making me want to see Shocker. You know a guy whose only great quality these days is that he isn’t Pierroth!

And that’s not a small problem either. The match besides Pierroth looks really good, but so have many previous matches involving him that he somehow managed to wreck with his general incompetence. Maybe this time is the charm but I don’t know. Just please Paco, if you’re listening, either leave Pierroth in the back for a returning La Máscara or keep Pierroth out of the way and let these other five deliver the goods. They’re all capable and the thought of Escorpión tangling up with UG and Rush squaring off with Taven again after this past Tuesday really gets my freak juice flowing (let’s pretend I didn’t say that). Give us a huge helping of that CMLL and this will work fine, even if it means Euforia has to babysit Pierroth every time he gets in the ring. Dammit now I’m sad again! Are we sure La Máscara can’t be flown in for this?!

Winners: Cthulhu is not kid so naturally Ingobernables will win this one. That’s great for Rush and Escorpión at least. Whatever. Leave it to CMLL to make me not care about a match featuring the Guerreros, Matt Taven, Rey Escorpión and Rush.

Cien Caras, Máscara Año 2000, Universo 2000 vs. Canek, Dos Caras Sr., Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

What to Expect: Your standard lucha legends main event, even if I would’ve gone with the match featuring Sagrada, Atlantis, Satánico and Negro Casas over this one. Still this should be enjoyable for fans of the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s era of lucha and Alberto Del Rio fans (if there are any out there) as his father, Dos Caras Sr., is taking part in this. Personally the guy I’m most excited to see here is Canek. He’s another guy like Satánico who was an absolute monster during his heyday and he still looks to be in pretty good shape now into his sixties. If nothing else it should be a cool experience to see him wrestle in Arena Mexico for CMLL for the first time in ten years.

Winners: Doesn’t really matter; no one is getting hurt by the result and I can’t really say one team is more famous than the other. Let’s flip the Canadian Dollar, Moose is Team Cien Caras and Goose is Team Canek. And…it’s Goose! Team Canek wins. Drive home safely and trying not to spend too much time thinking about my sick prediction skills!

That’ll do it folks. Maybe I’ll see you later today and maybe I won’t! You’ll definitely see me tomorrow to review this bad boy though. Till whenever, let’s change it up with some Twin Peaks!

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What legend are you most looking forward to seeing on the CMLL Legends Show?

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