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CMLL Puebla: It's a Drag

Updated on September 12, 2016

Welp, so much for tonight’s CMLL exceeding expectations. I wasn’t that excited for this show going in and, aside from one development at the end and a good match in the middle, it was the mediocre show you’d expect. Although perhaps not for the reasons you’d expect. We had one match hurt by getting far too much time than it needed, capable performers suddenly having bad nights while their opponents/teammates had good ones; like freakin Ariel we had everything. It was the kind of show that made you long for tomorrow’s Tuesday Night show, which is saying something because (tomorrow’s card aside) the Tuesday Show is the place where dreams go to die. But enough jokes about Tuesday, let’s break down Monday. Moses, this show was a loser so why don’t you meme it? GET CRAZY WITH THE CHEESE WHIZ!

Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill Jr. defeated Millenium & Zaeta Roja two falls to one

You talk about the wrong way to start a night. CMLL couldn’t have done a worse job if they tried with this opener, and the sad thing is that you can’t blame the talent. I actually thought all four guys were pretty good here, with the rudos throwing out some effective double teams and Millenium looking great. The effort was just fine. You know what wasn’t; the fact that the first fall in this match went almost twelve minutes long. You read that correctly. I don’t know who thought this was a good idea but these four were forced to drag out that first past the ten minute mark and the match just died a slow death from that alone. Again the action was fine, but when it’s mat based and as slow as this first fall was you can’t generate the type of excitement to keep the crowd invested. Cut that fall down to five minutes and this match probably is the best of the evening given how the rest of the match went. Sadly the length was too much and it weighed down on this bad boy. A shame because I was pleasantly surprised with the effort of each guy.

Black Tiger, Soberano Jr., Tigre Rojo Jr. defeated Cancerbero, King Jaguar, Raziel two falls to one

This got an unexpected boost from two areas; Black Tiger actually breaking some honest to Cthulhu exciting moves and Starman being replaced by the always electrifying Soberano Jr. I have no idea what the match would’ve been like with Starman but I can’t imagine he would’ve brought the same things to the table that Soberano here did, both from an effort and a dive standpoint (you’re damn right Soberano broke out the corkscrew dive again). Sadly Soberano, Tiger or Tigre Rojo (once again a background guy) didn’t have the right team to work with tonight. King Jaguar gave his usual effort but Cancerbero and Raziel just didn’t have it tonight, looking out of step the whole match and never getting close to looking anything more than mediocre. They really brought this match down and ultimately the best you can say was that it was okay. At least Soberano managed to get the pin though! Not that that’ll make Black Tiger feel better; the guy finally puts on a great performance and he’s let down by the opposing team. It might be time to officially declare Tiger the Eric Bana of lucha. Or maybe the Toby Kebbell. Either or works I guess.

Lightning Match

Zeuxis defeated Princesa Sugehit

This was merely a taste of what these two can do with more time and yet it was still easily the Match of the Evening, which I guess goes to show you how average the rest of the evening was. I did feel like Zeuxis and Sugehit could’ve been a little more snug while they were brawling outside the ring but it’s a minor quibble and overall the pace of this match was good and the intensity was there from the get go. I really liked the brawling sequence on the outside between them, with Sugehit getting in some nice offense, including a great rolling senton from the apron that sent Zeuxis crashing into the crowd. Even better was the end sequence where Sugehit looked like she had the match won by submission twice; normally you see the types of submissions put on this far into a Lightning Match and you assume it’s over. It wasn’t, and it turned out the spots were effective teases before the Queen took back control and ended it by kneeing Sugehit’s face all the way into outer space. That’s why Zeuxis is the Queen of Lucha folks; well that and because she’s by far the sexiest Deadpool in history. Your move Ryan Reynolds.

I tried to tell you Zeuxis   Reynolds
I tried to tell you Zeuxis Reynolds

Dragón Rojo Jr., Niebla Roja, Skándalo defeated Ángel de Oro, Rey Cometa, Stigma two falls to one

If ever there was a match that featured way too much Skándalo, this was it. Singlehandedly he managed to drag this match down from good into merely average, especially during the third fall when he seemed to be in the ring more than everyone else. That might not have been true entirely but I can tell you he did more than Rey Cometa, which wouldn’t be a bad thing until you consider Cometa is one of the top performers in CMLL and miles better than Skándalo. No I don’t get it either. Take Skándalo out though and the rest of the match was fine. Ángel de Oro played it safe this evening but he had some really good sequences with Dragón Rojo including the falls that decided the second and third fall (Oro managed to reverse Rojo’s slingshot powerbomb to give the technicos fall two. He wasn’t as lucky in fall three). The reliability of Rojo and Oro aside, Stigma might’ve been the best guy in this match. You never know with him but tonight he looked healthy and spry, nailing a couple of dives and cutting a pace that at times reminded me of Volador. Much like Black Tiger it’s a shame his good performance was wasted due to a bad performance on the other side. That goes for everyone; take away Skándalo or give his minutes to Cometa and Oro and I guarantee you this match looks significantly better.

Euforia, Máximo Sexy, Último Guerrero defeated Marco Corleone, Pierroth, Rey Escorpión two falls to one

Here’s the good news; Pierroth wasn’t at his absolute worst tonight! I know; I can’t believe it either. I mean he was still bad and he always leaves with the worry that he’s about to really screw shit up, but there were no major botches tonight that I saw and he bumped well when he had too. Of course because Pierroth is so bad any of the bumps he took had to be from simple moves, so it prevented guys like Máximo and Euforia from doing anything risqué. You’d think CMLL would realize that a man who is borderline hopeless even in the ring with a total pro like Euforia shouldn’t be in the ring. Bill Watts didn’t use Erik Watts this badly; wait that’s a lie, he totally did.

Thankfully there was more than just Pierroth in this match and the rest of it was pretty good. There wasn’t enough to raise this match above that level but there were some really nice glimpses here and there. Marco and Máximo fighting (despite being friends) was pretty cool, the teased UG-Escorpión stuff was highly intriguing even though it went nowhere and above all else, we got to see what Euforia as a technico would look like. And can I say it looked GLORIOUS! Good freakin Cthulhu; I knew Euforia was excellent already as a rudo, but judging from tonight it looks like he’s just as good, if not better, as a technico. He was dishing out arm drags, cutting a great pace and for a few moments I thought he may even pull out a dive. He was an absolute blast to watch in this match, and once again you had to feel for him like you did Black Tiger and Stigma because the rest of the match didn’t quite live up. Still it was really cool to see Euforia in this new role and I hope we see it again soon. Ditto for UG; both guys seemed really comfortable playing up to the crowd in a way Mephisto, Luciferno and Ephesto didn’t in Puebla over the last few weeks. Perhaps CMLL would be wise to revisit it, especially if there’s more to that UG-Escorpión tease.

Carístico, Mistico, Volador Jr. defeated Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Shocker two falls to none

After a really good first fall and a strong start to the second fall it looked like this match was on the way to being something; then it got cut short to set up the match next week, leaving this match fairly incomplete. It was fun while it lasted though and there were moments between Casas and Mistico in the second fall that seemed to be really inspired. It just wasn’t enough to get this match into the category of really good. Even worse is that we’re getting neither that Negro Casas-Mistico match up nor the Mistico/Carístico tag team! Instead it looks as though we’ll be getting two thirds of the Sky Team next week taking on Shocker and Casas (who nearly came to blows after the match) for the CMLL World Tag Team Championships. That’s not a bad match up in the slightest, especially since Shocker seems to be working harder these days and there’s certainly chemistry between Volador and Mistico. But man that Mistico-Casas match looked enticing and a potential Mistico/Carístico team (or really anything involving Mistico and Carístico) just has electricity to it that a Volador/Mistico team can’t match. It is what it is I suppose. At least that match should be pretty good next week and if nothing else this match served as a fun set up for it. Like the rest of the night though, you can’t help but have wished for more.

That’s it folks. I’ll be back to tomorrow and yes, the LuchaPalooza closing ceremony will be first on the docket, followed by a review of the CMLL Tuesday show. It’s gonna be fun! Till then, you know what’s coming.

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