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CMLL Puebla Preview: Just Another Monday Night

Updated on July 31, 2016

It’s early Monday morning, season one of Friends is playing on the TV and I’m yet again about to predict a CMLL show. Why not right? Today we’re taking a look at…well technically tonight’s Puebla show, which…could be good? I mean it’s an interesting show; we’ve got some good talent, some potentially exciting matches and a title match, which at least provides some stakes. However, unlike last week when we had mask vs. hair match and Volador vs. UG, there’s no “I gotta catch this immediately” match on the card. Thus here we are! With that ringing endorsement, let’s get to this shindig shall we? Moses, the meme must go on!

Arkalis & Millenium vs. Espíritu Maligno & Saurón

What to Expect: I take it these four men are mainstays of Puebla, which would explain why the only one I’ve heard of is Saurón. Of course the only reason I’ve heard of Saurón is because he once nearly brought Middle Earth to his knees while merely being the most diabolical eye since the Eye of the Tiger. Why he’s transitioned from trying to take over a fictional world into becoming a lucha libre star is a mystery only he can answer. Hopefully he’s better at wrestling than he is preventing hobbits from dropping his ring into the fires of Mount Doom, because this match will otherwise drag more than the final half an hour of Return of the King. Have I reached my quotient of Lord of the Rings references yet?

Winners: Seeing as Frodo, Sam and the rest of the gang are nowhere to be found here (unless Millenium is really one of them in disguise), I think Team Saurón is going to win this one. May he find solace in that before returning to searching for the one ring to rule them all. I swear I’m all done with these references now!

Black Tiger, Rey Samuray, Starman vs. Ares, El Cuatrero, Sansón

What to Expect: Evidently last week’s mask vs. hair victory wasn’t enough for Black Tiger to ride off into the uncertain future, as he’s back in Puebla this week. Of course who other than Matt Mortensen really cares about him; FREAKIN EL CUATERO AND SANSON ARE IN THIS MATCH! Let the record show that I’m now going to call these two Los Cientificos from here on in. Why; because they’re gorram scientists in the ring that’s why. And seeing as Tiger is the only interesting member of this match besides them, expect their crisp, sound chemistry to be what potentially carries this match to beyond okay status. Let’s hope that Samuray and Starman are able to keep up with them and that Ares does as little as humanly possible.

Winners: Los Cientificos for the win! Trust me folks, that name is going to be a thing. If I don’t have cubsfan referring to them as this by their next three matches, then you have witnessed a failure so great that Disney will no longer have to apologize for John Carter.

Blue Panther Jr., Stigma, The Panther vs. Felino, Puma, Tiger

What to Expect: My fandom for Los Cientificos aside (it’s going to be a thing!), this is the point of the card where things get interesting. We’ve got two good teams who know each other well and have the capable chemistry to pull out a damn good match. There are still some things we need to see first though. Number one, Stigma needs to continue the form he showed last week when he looked like his old self for the first time since returning from injury. Number two, we need a very large portion of Junior and Felino in this match. I was very impressed with Junior’s performance last week on the Tuesday show and it’s clear he’s improving, but he’s still at his best when he’s limited to short bursts against talented veterans who can assist him through the rough patches. If Felino, ever the capable veteran, is paired with Junior primarily and Stigma continues to look good, this match has the potential to be a show stealer, especially with talented kids like Panther, Puma and Tiger flying around like there’s no tomorrow.

Winners: I could be wrong but there doesn’t appear to be much, if anything at all, to set up coming out of this match. Combine that with the fact that Panther deserves a win following CMLL’s mindboggling decision to have him lose to Luciferno last week and I’m going with him, his big bro and Stigma to pick this one up. Now that I’ve done this you can expect Panther to get pinned by Felino, followed by his confidence dropping to Jason Heyward levels of low and me pulling my hair out much like when Jason Heyward strikes out every at bat. This is why you don’t spend that much money on baseball players!

CMLL World Women’s Championship Match

Dalys (c) vs. Lluvia

What to Expect: You hear that Mr. Anderson; that is the sound of a rare CMLL title match! That’s right, we not only have a match with stakes but a match where the CMLL World Women’s Championship is on the line, with Dalys defending the belt for the fifth time against Lluvia following the technica getting the win over Dalys last week in a tag match featuring newcomer Sanely and the queen herself Zeuxis. If you’re looking for the most important match of the night, look no further than here. The question now becomes whether or not it’ll be good. On one hand, Dalys is a very capable performer who has proven to be both a reliable champion and a fighting champion (some CMLL stars don’t defend their title five times in three years, let alone one!). On the other hand her opponent is the same woman who last week spent the first two thirds of the match looking more lost than Hayden Christensen trying to essay Anakin Skywalker.

You may be thinking from that last line that this match is hopeless. Here’s the good news; after the said two thirds of last week’s bout, Lluvia slowly gained confidence and looked like the kind of performer who could both keep up with Dalys and produce a good match with her. That’s enough for me to believe she’s capable of having a good match with the champ; the question now becomes whether she comes in confident and focused or nervous and sloppy. I have little doubt that by the time we reach the third fall this match will have at least worked its way to an okay rating. Whether or not it goes higher than that will be determined by how Lluvia does in the first two falls of what I’d say is arguably the biggest match of her career. If nothing else, it’s gonna be interesting to find out what she brings to the table.

Winner: If you’re thinking we’re getting a title switch here, I’d like to remind you of three facts first; Dalys has only held the belt for 142 days (which would make her reign the fourth shortest in the title’s history), Lluvia hasn’t proven she can provide the sort of consistent performances as champion Dalys has and CMLL is holding another title match the very next night where the title a) means more and b) has been held long enough where it’s possible it could switch hands. Combine that with the fact that CMLL isn’t doing two title changes in the same week and this one has Dalys retaining written all over it. That’s just fine by me; the real story here isn’t whether Lluvia becomes champion but if she proves she’s capable of rising to a level where she can one day become champion. Makes sense right?

Atlantis, Blue Panther, Stuka Jr. vs. Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys

What to Expect: We’re officially on Match of the Evening alert with this one folks. This match has got everything you want; two very good rudos in Bucanero and Terrible, two legendary technicos in Atlantis and Blue Panther and the currently white hot Stuka Jr., who will more than likely provide the match’s high flying moments. Really only Vangellys is the only weak link here, and even in that case he’s a far more capable performer than say, Shocker would be in this situation. You obviously never know for sure how a match will turn out (see this past Friday’s Super Viernes show), but with the talent involved and Blue Panther likely being the one putting this match together there’s little reason to believe this match won’t at least be good. Another factor to look out for; whether or not Bucanero continues his intensity streak we’ve seen in his Super Crazy feud. It’s really helped deliver heat for the battles those two have had and it would be a welcome addition to this match, even if Bucanero isn’t beefing with anyone in this match the way he is with Crazy.

Winners: This is pretty simple; one team has a guy who will most definitely be involved in a big time Anniversary Show match in a few weeks, the other has three guys who, albeit talented and in some cases legendary, don’t have any concrete plans for the show as of now. Even CMLL knows well enough to give the guy with plans a victory here, which is why Bucanero and his pals will pick up the victory. Good lord CMLL will find a way to screw this up and I’ll be wrong again won’t I? Damn me and my positivity!

Mistico, Shocker, Volador Jr. vs. La Máscara, Marco Corleone, Último Guerrero

What to Expect: The biggest question mark here is whether or not Mistico is able to go following his injury this past Friday. If his dislocated shoulder keeps him out, look for this to be short, semi-sweet and used primarily to further the Volador-UG feud that is developing. If he can go, still look for this to be short, somewhat sweeter and used to further set up Volador-UG. I feel bad saying that because there are several guys here that I really like and there’s actually a really intriguing story here with Mascara and Marco teaming up following their acrimonious split several months ago. Unfortunately the involvement of Shocker and Mascara (two wrestlers who are either incompetent or aren’t allowed to go all out) combined with the likelihood this match will be used more for story than to produce a good match gives me pause to get my hopes too far up here. That doesn’t even include the fact that Mistico may not be in this match and could be replaced with someone who makes Shocker look like James Cameron on the set of Titanic (in fairness, Mistico could also be replaced with someone like Mascara Dorada, which would be great). Bottom line; there are just too many ifs for me to get too excited here beyond the set up for more Volador-UG. Given my track record, that means this match will be an absolute barnburner, Shocker will turn back the clock to the early 00’s and I’ll be learning Social Distortion’s “I Was Wrong” on the guitar following the show.

Winners: Last week Volador was outsmarted by the UG, who then refused Volador’s challenge for a hair vs. hair match. I expect we’ll get something along the same lines here again, with UG getting the win for his team by hook or crook, Volador challenging him yet again for a hair vs. hair match and the UG once again turning it down. We’ll be getting this until Volador finally gets on over UG, which is fine by me because the end result is going to be great. Well, minus the fact that one of these two will be bald by the end. Not even the worst of the worst deserve to see that site (except you Donald Trump. Except you).

That’s all the time we have girls and boys! I’m off till tomorrow with a preview for CMLL’s Tuesday Show plus the beginning of some Lucha Underground columns looking back on season two. Till then, why not one more Lord of the Rings joke? It’s been awhile after all!

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What match are you most looking forward to on tomorrow's CMLL Puebla show?

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