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CMLL Puebla Review: The Showcase of "Eh, Pretty Good"

Updated on August 22, 2016

While hugs, retirements and the renewed rise of Adderall users was going on somewhere along the east coast, CMLL continued trucking along to the Anniversary Show tonight with another gangbuster in Puebla. And by gangbuster I mean that it was very okay. There were some bad matches, there were some indifferent matches and thankfully towards the end some good ones that whet the appetite for a week from Friday and provided us with a glimpse of what could be a special one on one match down the road. Naturally we’d have all liked that match to have happened tonight but hey, not even Tom Hanks knocks it out of the park every time right? But enough about shitty adaptations of Dan Brown books by Backdraft connoisseur Ron Howard; it’s time for a review. Hello Moses my old friend, I’ve come to meme with you again!

El Malayo & Fuerza Chicana defeated París & Rey Samuray two falls to one

This was one of those matches where things started off uber poorly and never quite recovered afterwards. My goodness that first fall; I think I’m going to have Freddy Kruger style nightmares about it. There was no pace, no rhythm in the timing, more sloppiness than a sloppy Joe; if you had mistaken this for amateur hour no one would’ve blamed you. In fairness I did think both teams found a bit of a rhythm in the second fall and I thought París in particular looked poised to give a good enough performance the rest of the way to raise the match quality. Naturally in the third fall all of that descended into indifference and París was last seen botching a move so badly Caristico felt a shiver up his spine. Just a poor start and dammit the “when in doubt, go with the rudos” jinx didn’t work. Sorry París and Samuray; I’d feel even worse for you if you hadn’t been less entertaining than Jason Biggs. And that guy can’t do shit beyond service a pie.

Ares & Guerrero Espacial defeated Millennium & Robin two falls to one

The good news; this match was definitely better than the opener. The bad news; it still was Ben-Hur remake levels of eventful. I’ll give credit to Ares for putting in a decent effort even without his mask on the line and it did look like he was at least having a good time. Furthermore there was no sloppiness like the last match and I do think every guy was trying. It’s just…not a damn thing happened here. There was no big move, no must see wrestling; it was pretty much the standard CMLL match with all the excitement stripped away Demi Moore style. I was so bored by this match that I ended up chatting with Skitz and Gamblin Matt Mortensen back on Facebook during this! If anything this match is a clear example as to why CMLL needs to start allowing dives again in the first few matches. Seriously Paco; the only bored I ever want to experience is a Deftones song, not shit like this.

Demus 3:16, Espíritu Maligno, Pierrothito defeated Astral, Asturiano, Eléctrico two falls to one

Finally, like that burst of rain that floods Lake Hydria after you beat the Water Temple, salvation arrived in the form of this match. And this one wasn’t exactly without its flaws either. I don’t know what was up with Maligno but he was off throughout this whole match, mistiming moves, nearly slipping on the ropes and just looking sloppy (he did hit a nice suicide dive in the third fall, so he did have that). Him aside though this match was very fun. I would’ve liked to have seen more of Asturiano like we did last week but he was fire when he got his opportunities while Astral and Eléctrico both flew around and both looked consistent doing so. The MVP once again though was Demus; I still worry about it sometimes when he’s in there for long stretches but his charisma is infectious, his power move set is quite impressive in contrast to the high flying and he simply just seems to be a guy who gets it (unlike Pierrothito, who is capable but oh so annoying). He delivered big here again and did so in such a way that I didn’t even mind that the rudos won again for the third straight match. The best part of all this though; we now get Demus and Astral one on one next week in Puebla for Astral’s Mini-Estrella title, which should be a fantastic match if they’re given the time to go.

Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto vs. Kráneo, Morphosis, Ripper

At the end of the day you can’t say this match wasn’t interesting. From beginning to end I was glued to the screen; by the end of it I wished I had one of those release solvent things Brian and Stewie used to get unstuck from each other. As it turns out folks Ripper has more mode than just lifeless; he has straight out death which he was tonight, topped only by Morphosis, a man I had never seen before tonight and a man I never hope to see in a ring again (and yet sadly I will, tomorrow on CMLL Tuesday). That left the quality to be decided by Mephisto, his gang and Kráneo and while they were all game there was only so much they could do. It didn’t help either that Mephisto, Luciferno and Ephesto are all rudos (according to luchablog Luciferno has potentially never worked as a technico a day in his life) and were suddenly forced to try and be technicos on the fly. Naturally it didn’t work, which of course means that CMLL will try to make it work once again next week as was plainly seen in the post match shenanigans. Really CMLL? It’s bad enough we had to watch Ripper move around like the corpse from Weekend at Bernie’s tonight and tomorrow, and yet you’re going to make us do it again next week and maybe beyond for a singles match with poor Mephisto? This is why we can’t have nice things.

Atlantis, Dragón Lee, Rush defeated La Máscara, Shocker, Terrible two falls to one

This was one of the three matches I was most looking forward to tonight. Of course this meant the internet had to die in my place right before the match started, causing me to miss almost all of the first fall while my brother and I calmly tried to get it fixed. That was bad enough; then I had to come back seeing Shocker making Atlantis tap and I was at the point of crying my eyes out like a Tottenham Hotspurs fan at the end of last season. Oops; I meant to say every season. Like Tottenham would actually win something ever!

Thankfully once the internet was back up and the first fall was over everything seemed to play out just how it should’ve. The Dragón Lee-La Máscara feud didn’t take a back seat here and contained the same fire it’s had on the Super Viernes shows, perhaps more. La Máscara definitely looks like a new ever since the match was made official; he seems more focused, more aggressive and more than capable of actually being able to hang with Dragón Lee come the big show. For his part Lee was electric as usual and his interactions with deer brother Rush were entertaining as hell. Everything else worked great too. You’re never going to quite get the same Rush you get against L.A. Park but he was solid as usual, while Terrible and Atlantis were actually given stuff to do and as usual were good doing it. Hell even Shocker was fine. I know, I can’t believe I just said that either. Granted he was mostly hidden and his most notable moment in the match was getting his face kicked off by Rush (spoiler; I LOVED that moment) but he played the role well and wasn’t a hindrance at all. Big ups to him and to the others; this match was fun and did exactly what it needed to do. Most importantly it ended right with Lee getting the win (albeit by DQ after Máscara took his mask), which means Máscara can now get one leg up on Lee this Friday before the Anniversary Show.

Mistico defeated Cavernario two falls to one

I was surprised to see before and after this match that there were two sets of expectations for this match. I thought this had the potential to be an outstanding encounter between two of the best young luchadors in the promotion. Others apparently felt like these two would take it easy and coast to an okay match that didn’t go too long. It turns out this match ended up in the middle. This wasn’t quite the sleeper Match of the Year contender I hoped it would be as I thought it a) could’ve gone longer and b) could’ve featured more high spots from Mistico who seemed to leave some of the bullets in the gun. At the same token though this match was very good and was nowhere close to a half assed exhibition. Mistico got some of his dives in, looked crisp when doing it and clicked with Cavernario in a way you’d hope they would if they do end up together again down the road. I actually thought Cavernario came out of this the bigger winner in the end despite the loss. Even at his young age he’s a guy who does the simple things well and he did so again tonight; he actually was so impressive that he ended up making a semi-fan out of Skitz, who tuned into the main event and ended up referring to Cavernario as a new age Super Fly. Eat your heart out Snuka! Again I do wish they had done a little more but you can’t blame them for leaving some ammunition when there are big shows coming up. Overall this was a very good match, will probably end up being the best match of the week and if nothing else is proof that there’s a great match between these two down the road if they and CMLL want it. Please Cthulhu may they all want it!

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