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CMLL Super Viernes Preview: The Return of Torneo Increibles!

Updated on February 9, 2017

You know what really sucks? The writer’s block; it is an evil beast that comes at you when you least expect it and saps you of your power to hit the right buttons on a keyboard. It feels like I’ve been suffering from this for awhile now; yesterday I couldn’t think of a lucha topic for the life of me and aside from my Atlantis/Sombra write up I’ve basically been stuck to cranking out CMLL previews and reviews. And that’s basically because I can do those in my sleep at this point. Hey, at least it means you get this little diddy for tomorrow’s Super Viernes show in Arena Mexico, a card that…well it’s got the return of a tournament some people may like. Good Grodd I can’t even think of anything interesting to say on this front. Moses, get this column going before I turn into Hayden Christensen.

Astral & Príncipe Diamante vs. Cancerbero & Raziel

What to Expect: I’m not sure whether to be happy for Astral here or cringe. On one hand he is out of the minis division, which theoretically should mean more opportunities for him. On the other hand his debut seems to suggest otherwise; Astral is teaming with another former minis star who has yet to win a match since getting his “big push” AND is going against Cancerbero and Raziel, a talented team yes but one who…let’s just call them non young luchador friendly. So much so that when Raziel found out this was his match Friday I bet he looked something like this.

Now keep in mind this means little in terms of match quality and I actually expect this will be pretty solid. The rudos are a good team, even if they give the technicos next to nothing and win all the time. Astral has proven to be quite capable when he’s not roided out of his mind to make the Bodybuilding Contest. And poor Príncipe Diamante has been really good since returning to CMLL programming; it’s not his fault he’s got a worse record than the Cleveland Browns. If nothing else this should be a half decent opener and could be better if Astral really goes out of his way to make a statement in his first match out of the minis division. Just keep in mind it may be his last before the hope is beaten right out of him.

Winners: LOL like there’s any doubt Cancerbero and Raziel are walking out of this winners. There’s no way they lose this; none. They could have Príncipe and Astral win in three falls and I merely expect a fourth and fifth to be immediately added. The point is, Cancerbero and Raziel are winning this in three falls, there is no Grodd and let’s just move on.

Estrellita, Princesa Sugehit, Silueta vs. Amapola, Dalys, Zeuxis

What to Expect: This has an honest to Grodd shot of being the best match of the night. I’m not even kidding; the only flaw I see here is Estrellita’s involvement and she’s at least capable of working competently with these five unlike others (*cough* Reyna Isis *cough*). My favorite part of this whole thing; Zeuxis gets to work with both Princesa Sugehit AND Silueta. Many people may not know this but Silueta is good; so good that she and the Queen had the best woman’s match in CMLL last year by a mile. It was so good that it’s literally baffling to me CMLL has hardly used Silueta since then. Thank Grodd they decided to here for it should greatly improve this match. Not only that but it should lead to a full form performance from the Queen! I’m not saying Zeuxis will be doing fifteen Spanish Fly’s or anything like that but it isn’t out of the realm of question that we’ll get one, along with a great dive. Trust me on this one folks; this will be a pretty damn good match, and could be even better.

Winners: Repeat after me; I never bet against the Queen. Really; me neither! Zeuxis and the gang will take this one after Zeuxis puts down Silueta with the Package Piledriver. The best part will then be here granting a title match against Silueta out of the goodness of her heart for next week, where she’ll then show her superiority again by being poor Silueta in another classic. Sorry; just a dream of mine. Control yourself Cult!

Atlantis, Stuka Jr., Valiente vs. La Máscara, Ripper, Rush

What to Expect: The good news; no Pierroth! The bad news; I still don’t see Rush or Máscara being too motivated here, especially since Pierroth’s replacement is the lifeless corpse of Ripper (though he was trying more during his quick feud with Junior). As such this match will follow the similar Los Ingobernables format; opening fall beat down, comeback, more beat down, probably a DQ finish of some sorts. Hey when you’ve got a stale act with no signs of getting better, you have to keep doing it until someone goes postal on you. Really the only hope here is that the technicos team decides to go all out, but seeing as there’s likely nothing to gain from them doing so I’d advise against it. Just be ready for this to be not very good.

Winners: Technicos get the first good guy win of the night. Naturally it’ll come in the second fall after Rush has low blowed Atlantis for the DQ. On the plus side, perhaps it’ll briefly fill our hearts with hope that Atlantis-Rush is happening sometime soon and NOT Diamante Azul-Pierroth. I know I’m grasping for straws there but so what; let me grasp! It’s better than the alternative.

Torneo Increible de Parejas Block A

Carístico & Mephisto vs. Cavernario & Volador Jr. vs. Kráneo & Marco Corleone vs. Diamante Azul & Pierroth vs. Ángel de Oro & Rey Bucanero vs. Máscara Año 2000 & Máximo Sexy vs. Puma & Rey Cometa vs. Blue Panther & Tiger

What to Expect: The Torneo Increible de Parejas is back babay! It also seems like its back a little early; I seem to recall last year’s happening sometime in the spring. Whatever the case it’s back and that’s either a really good or really good thing depending on your perspective. For this week I tend to lean towards the latter. For those who don’t know, the concept of Torneo Increible de Parejas is to team a bunch of technicos and rudos together, put them in a tournament and see who wins. It’s a decent idea that of course suffers from CMLL’s tournament style, which means there will be an annoyingly stupid seeding battle royal, a bunch of short tag matches and perhaps one really, really good match at the end of the block. That doesn’t look to happen in this block. Some of the teams, such as Puma/Rey Cometa, Blue Panther/Tiger, Carístico/Mephisto and Cavernario/Volador are excellent and should get deep runs. Unfortunately there’s also teams like Máximo/Máscara Año 2000, Marco/Kráneo (which in fairness could be a riot entertainment wise) and the dark boil on CMLL’s ass itself; Diamante Azul/Pierroth.

Yes, the worst tag team to ever be assembled has in fact been assembled, and even worse they may actually win this block and the whole thing! It’s in play people. Granted one of the draws of this tourney is the opportunity to see teammates violently turn on each other, and no team has more potential of doing that than this one. Thus it may be too early to worry about them winning and I could honestly see CMLL thinking this feud is so “hot” (LOL) that they could have these two combust in the early rounds and still have the match go ahead off of this anyway. Who knows and who cares; just don’t bank on them making the finals 100%. I’d say our best hope is that CMLL is figuring out that this feud is truly one of the worst ideas they’ve ever had, get rid of them early here and have the Carístico-Mephisto and/or Volador-Cavernario teams go far. That’ll make for a far more entertaining block final and a far more entertaining finals in two weeks.

Winners: I’m going to be positive here; I don’t see Diamante and Pierroth winning regardless of what CMLL’s plan for that feud is. To me it comes down to the Caristico/Mephisto or Volador/Cavernario teams and of the two I like Carístico/Mephisto just a tad more. Both guys were in the finals last year (on opposite teams), both have momentum right now; it just seems like a good fit. I say they beat Volador/Cavernario in the block finals to secure a trip to the finals. Maybe if we’re good CMLL will throw in a revitalized version of the Cavernario vs. Volador feud while we’re at it? Let a man dream folks; let a man dream.

That’s a wrap sports fans. I have no idea when I’ll be back; writer’s block is currently giving me a swift kick in the ass at the moment so beyond these previews and reviews it’s hard to get any good ideas. Rest assured though I will return soon. Till whenever, SCULLZ!

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