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CMLL Super Viernes Preview: Rush-Corleone I

Updated on April 6, 2016

It’s time! It’s time! It’s CMLL Super Viernes preview time! Yes after…too many weeks off, I’m back previewing CMLL’s version of RAW and this Friday’s show is a doozy. We have a title match, a really fun six man tag and a main event between the John Cena of Mexico and the most diabolical hater since the so called Beautiful. This show doesn’t deserve a preview; it demands it. And I’m here to reward it in kind. So grab a cold one, sit back and for goodness sakes stop trying to watch Wrestlemania in Machete Order. IT’S NOT GOING TO REMOVE THE DISAPPOINTMENT FROM YOUR HEART BRO! Wow, way off topic there. Let’s get back on track. ON WITH THE SHOW!

Magnus and Robin vs. Akuma and Espiritu Negro

What to Expect: A whole lot of youth and a whole lot of general CMLL opening match feels. I honestly haven’t seen enough of any of these guys to make a great call, so let’s just say there will be many a high flying attempt and things could go either way. In other words, any other CMLL match that doesn’t feature a top star or Virus. Speaking of which, where is Virus? I need more of that beautiful bastard in my life!

Winners: Magnus and Robin, mainly because I really want them to become a thing so I can continue calling them Magnus and Robin. It gives me a Batman and Robin esq feel, only if Batman decided to take on a porn star name and began dressing like a certain lucha legend/former WWE star who Magnus may or may not be related to.

Marcela, Lluvia and Skadi vs. Zeuxis, Dalys and Reyna Isis

What to Expect: Here I was the other day taking a quick look at this card, seeing this luchadora’s match, thinking this was a typical bout before seeing that THE QUEEN IS FINALLY BACK! Finally Zeuxis has returned from her tour of the US to take Arena Mexico by storm again, which is great because a) she’s one of the best female wrestlers in the world right now, b) I love her and c) repeat a and b a billion times. This is honestly a pretty decent match for her to return in as well considering Marcela and Dalys are involved and their feud has been pretty good recently. Those two factors should be enough to make this match good or at the very worst interesting.

Winners: Marcela, Lluvia and Skadi. I’m sensing one of two things; either Marcela/Dalys isn’t over yet (and why would it be considering Marcela hasn’t gotten a rematch for the CMLL Women’s Title she lost a few weeks ago?) or Marcela is about to set her sights on Zeuxis’ Mexican Women’s Championship. Either way Marcela will get the pin or get fouled by one of them to set up a singles match for one of the titles in the near distant future.

Mr. Niebla, Cavernario and El Felino vs. Titan, Stuka and Rey Cometa

What to Expect: Get ready for some high flying goodness with some comedy thrown in. Really this bout is going to be all about how well Felino and the King of the fake afro Mr. Niebla do at catching their opponents (and in Niebla’s gross case his spit). We know Titan, Stuka and Cometa will be providing some pretty boss dives, we know Cavernario (the MVP of this unit by the way) will give the rudos some moments of shine; pretty much as long as Niebla nails his comedy routine and Felino does Felino things this should be a good time. I’m really just more interested in whether or not Niebla’s fro falls off here. That’s right; the fro is fake. Get the shock out of your system right now.

Winners: The rudos. Come on guys; like CMLL is actually going to start pushing Titan, Stuka and Cometa to the level of a group associated with Negro Casas. There’s a better chance of the Oilers making the playoffs this year!

CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship Match

Angel de Oro (c) vs. La Mascara

What to Expect: Here’s where the card goes from “this is pretty good” to “GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME THAT WAS SPECTACULAR!”. That’s basically just a fancy way of me saying that I’m looking forward to this match and I don’t care who knows it. Ironically the same thing I say to people when I tell them I loved Batman v Superman.

So kind of him!
So kind of him!

In any event, this match was set up by La Mascara defeating Oro last week in a Lightning Match in what was a pretty decent bout. I expect this to be even better; I’m a fan of Mascara (making me the second apparently) and it looked to me his style meshed well with the high flying Oro, who looked as crisp as I’ve ever seen him in recent memory. A fifteen minute match should be more than enough time for these two to deliver a potential Match of the Night, even if the real intrigue is mostly in what happens to that CMLL World Light Heavyweight Title.

Winner: Guys and gals, I think we’re seeing a title change here. Predicting title changes in CMLL are always tough, but Oro has held this belt for nearly 530 days which suggests to me a change is coming pretty damn soon. That alone is enough to make me go out on a limb and predict La Mascara taking this one and winning the biggest title of his career to date. Tear away pants and grinds for everyone!

Mistico, Dragon Lee and Mascara Dorada vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia and Gran Guerrero

What to Expect: Fun, fun and even more fun. Seriously, what isn’t to like about this match aside? Mistico, Dragon Lee, Dorada and the UG have all been on fire recently; there’s top form and then there’s whatever these guys have been doing ever since Homenaje a Dos Leyendas ended. Gran Guerrero, at least from what I’ve seen, is more than capable and Euforia…well at least the other five guys are sure things! I’m not sure if there will be any story coming out of this, but at worst this is going to be a highly entertaining contest that will feature at least three HOLY SHIT moments and me posting the following picture to describe my feelings of said moments.

Winners: Going with the Guerreros here. I’m not sure there’s a long term story at works coming out of this match, but I can definitely see CMLL looking to pair UG against any one of the three technicos for a big singles match in the next few weeks. Thus look for the UG to do rudo his ass off and steal a win, setting up a match with whichever guy he pins. Really you can’t go wrong with that scenario. Who doesn’t want to see the UG taking on Mistico, Dragon Lee or Dorada in a solo match? Arena Mexico is already seeing money thrown into the ring at the thought of any of those matches happening!

Rush vs. Marco Corleone

What to Expect: Here it is folks; the big one, the show stopper, the moment where Los Ingobernables truly does EXPLODE! Yes I know; Marco was kicked out weeks ago, which means Ingobernables has already gone full blown Chain Reaction on us. Even still, this will be the first time Marco and Rush have squared off in a match that is sure to feature a whole lot of grinding, a whole lot beautiful Rush antics and at least one very angry post match promo. Not even the Cubs sweeping the Angels to start the season were as sure a thing as all that is. Suck it Mike Trout!

You know what else you can expect? An absolutely awesome match. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to this. Any time Rush wrestles is always a treat; he’s an absolute gem in the ring and is one of the three best heels/rudos in the business today based on his mannerisms and quirks alone. The match is worth seeing just for him. What puts this over the top for me is Marco. I’ve seen the Artist Formerly Known as Mark Jindrak wrestle singles matches before and I’ve seen him wrestle countless times since I’ve started watching CMLL full time. But this is the biggest singles bout he’s had in awhile and I reckon we’re finally going to get to see the full Marco Corleone package; a big man with amazing athleticism and charisma who can do almost anything in the ring. The two matches preceding this should be good and could steal the show, but my money is on this one being the match of the night (provided there isn’t something done to set up another match between these two down the road).

Winner: Seeing as my predictions have leaned more towards the rudo side it only makes sense that I go with Marco taking this bout here. There will be a twist though; I see these two splitting the first two falls and then Rush, unable to put Marco away, getting disqualified to give Marco the match and thus setting up another encounter between the two. Why not? I could always go for a Marco-Rush hair vs. hair match.

And scene. Hope you enjoyed guys and gals; I’ll be back later tonight with my review of what’s hopefully another dynamite episode of Lucha Underground. Till then, here’s another picture of El Santo and Blue Demon doing stuff.

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