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CMLL Super Puebla Preview!

Updated on August 13, 2016

I know what you’re thinking; Cult it’s Saturday, isn’t it a little early to be doing a preview for CMLL’s Puebla Show on Monday. Normally it would be, but not so this time. As it turns out this Monday’s CMLL show isn’t just any normal Puebla Show; it’s massive, it’s huge, it’s gigantic; King Kong himself wasn’t as big as this show. It’s so big that I have to do the column today and so big that I also need to refer to this show as something other than CMLL Puebla. It’s, are you ready, CMLL SUPER Puebla! Moses, the music please.

Yes indeed, this Monday’s CMLL Puebla is big, a sort of precursor to the Anniversary Show if you will. Well at least it is to the fans in Mexico. Despite the fact that this is the first Puebla show I can actually refer to as being a Super Puebla, it’s also a show that feature two big matches that I’d dare say most of the lucha libre fans I know could take it or leave it. But while they don’t carry the same level of antici…pation that the Anniversary Show matches do (or should), they do carry a certain level of interest in their own right, and are also surrounded by a group of matches that do indeed live up to the title I’ve given this show. And because of that, it only felt right that I get a two day head start on breaking this big show down. Let’s get to it; pump that meme Moses, pump that meme! I really gotta get more creative with these meme intros don’t I?

King Jaguar, Meyer, Star Jr. vs. Artillero, Fuerza Chicana, Hijo del Signo

What to Expect: Look at that; the King Jaguar comeback tour is on after all. I’m not exactly sure who cares considering he was met with resounding indifference during his Apuesta match with Black Tiger, but its happening and you can’t deny that fact. You also can’t deny that the most exciting element of this match has got to be Star Jr. The youngster came on as a substitute for Super Porky this past Tuesday night and proceeded to absolutely tear the house with cool dive after cool dive. I know the chances of that happening here are slim considering CMLL allows absolutely no fun during the first two matches on the Puebla show. That just means it’s going to be even more interesting to see how Star Jr. works around the limitations to deliver another top notch performance. Then again this is a big show CMLL has on its hands; perhaps they allow every match to go all out in hopes of keeping the crowd hyped all show. It’s certainly a strategy I’d employ.

Winners: When it doubt, go with the rudos. They’ll take this two falls to one. So much for the Jaguar comeback tour huh?

Astral, Asturiano, Eléctrico vs. Demus 3:16, Espíritu Maligno, Pierrothito

What to Expect: This bout looks pretty good on paper, but due to the lack of dives or a Star Jr. like presence in this match I expect this will probably end up being the weaker of the first two bouts. That may seem like a downer, but I’m probably not as high on this match as most are. Eléctrico has just been too hit or miss for me lately; granted so has someone like Pegasso, but at least he delivers kick ass arm drags onto the floor every now and then. Really the only guys that I’m somewhat stoked to see here are Astral and Demus, mainly because Astral is the talent that finds a way to stand out regardless of the situation and Demus can provide great moments of excitement and power provided he isn’t forced to go too long and overheat. We’ll need an extra dose of those two working with each other, as little Pierrothito as possible and the dive restriction to be lifted if this match is to come close to what Stukita/Shockercito vs. Demus/Mercurio gave us tonight. Again, this may be possible; big shows do crazy things to people, and Paco Alonso is already crazy. Who else would book Shocker to headline a big show in 2016?!

Actually yeah, this guy would totally book Shocker in a main event
Actually yeah, this guy would totally book Shocker in a main event

Winners: This feels like a technicos win here, especially since the rudos just picked up the victory in minis action last night on Super Viernes. Thus we’ll go technicos two falls to one.

Fuego, Stigma, Stuka Jr. vs. Fujin, Okumura, Raijin

What to Expect: In terms of importance I could make the argument that this match is only the fourth, possibly fifth, most anticipated match on the card. At the end of the night, it’ll without a doubt be at least the second best match of the evening, and quite frankly has a shot to be the best. That’s what happens when you put one ridiculously talented rudo team against an exceptional technico team. The only question mark I have here is how the teams mesh. Fujin and Raijin have largely been paired with the Panthers since arriving in CMLL and in many ways this match is largely new territory for them. That said they’re talented enough boys to figure out how to click with people outside of the Panther realm, they have Okumura (who is never bad) and CMLL has wisely put a familiar face in Stigma across from them, a great decision considering Stigma looked excellent against them last Tuesday. In short, the chemistry thing will be a non issue and CMLL will thankfully lift the dive restrictions here, giving everyone free reign to go crazy and deliver a fun time for all.

Winners: We’re following patterns again here folks. Fujin, Okumura and Raijin came up short against the Panthers last Tuesday in a result that shocked millions. Seriously; name me the last time the Panthers won any type of match before that! The point is that the rudos will get their win back here two falls to one, and considering Stigma’s involvement with them recently he’ll likely be involved in the finish. Hey, maybe we’re getting Stigma vs. Okumura sometime soon. Who says no?

Mask vs. Mask Match

Black Tiger vs. Ares

What to Expect: You gotta love CMLL; they go almost the full year without any Apuesta matches at all, only to suddenly go Apuesta crazy. This will be the first of at least three Apuesta matches CMLL will have in the next month (and the first of at least two mask vs. mask matches), the second they’ve had on Puebla in the last few weeks and the second Black Tiger himself has had in the last few weeks. Holy Cthulhu, what did Black Tiger do to deserve this pressure? Is he sleeping with Paco’s wife? Is he legit the only Puebla technico to have a mask that’s worth putting on the line? Jack Dawson wasn’t treated this bad at the end of Titanic, and that situation involved the love of his life letting him freeze to death in the water so she could save her own ass! I’ll never let go indeed.

Alright let’s get serious, or as serious as we get here. Obviously this match is of great interest because Ares and Tiger are both Puebla guys and because this is a mask vs. mask match, the holy grail of lucha libre. For that reason alone you should check out this match. How good will it be? That answer I’m afraid is as unpredictable as a latter day Johnny Depp performance. Black Tiger is certainly a capable performer, and even though he’s a little clunky for my tastes you could certainly do worse with Ares. The problem is that these two haven’t clicked at all. That was a criticism of the Black Tiger-King Jaguar Apuesta match a few weeks ago (I personally enjoyed the match a great deal, but I was in the minority, Green Day style) and it’s even more so here as these two have just been unable to keep the crowd whenever they’ve interacted in trios action. The stipulation and (hopefully) a strong start to the show should have the crowd hyped for this match going in; the question then becomes whether or not these two can reward them with an above average contest that actually convinces us that Ares has a chance to win. And that is simply a question I cannot answer at this time.

Winner: I think I speak for everyone when I say it would make little to no sense for Black Tiger to lose his match here, especially to an average overall performer like Ares. Thankfully CMLL isn’t that stupid, so Black Tiger will indeed pick up his second Apuesta win in less than a month by defeating Ares two falls to one.

Atlantis, Máscara Dorada, Mistico vs. Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas

What to Expect: It’s a rematch of last week’s semi-main event in Puebla, and like last week it should wind up being Match of the Evening barring a Monica Geller’s 30th birthday level surprise. Really the only question here is whether or not Negro Casas is involved or if Mr. Niebla (and hopefully his fake afro) replaces him yet again. Either way the match should be fine; Casas’ involvement will probably mean more fluidity throughout the bout and less rudo beat downs grinding the action to a halt, but the match last week worked out good with all of that and I see no reason to believe it won’t again. If nothing else, this is also another chance to see Atlantis deliver his delightful foray of backbreakers, monkey flips and the occasional dive while Dorada and Mistico go absolutely crazy. Hell they may go crazier than usual considering Dorada had such an outstanding week (both in and out of Mexico) and Mistico was prevented from really going full steam in his trios match on Super Viernes. I say give them a whole lot of caffeine and let the kids loose here!

Winners: The technicos won last week via DQ after Cavernario kicked Mistico in the gonads. Why am I bringing this up? Because the technicos will get the win here as revenge for that finish. Also if we’re lucky it’ll lead to a singles match between Cavernario and one of the technicos. Frankly I don’t care which one; Dorada vs. Cavernario, Mistico vs. Cavernario and Atlantis vs. Cavernario all sound like sure fire winners to me. Hell Dorada vs. Cavernario might be the least enticing considering how many times they fought. I know I just committed blasphemy for saying that. Excuse me while I go cry; not because of said blasphemy against Dorada, but because of what’s to come.

NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship Match

Último Guerrero (c) vs. Shocker

What to Expect: And so it begins; CMLL’s equivalent of Rock-Cena II, complete with the impending sense of doom and the feeling of emptiness inside. Alright maybe it’s not that extreme, but its close and it’s all thanks to one very large, very popular, very untalented man. I’ve asked this question many times over the past few weeks, but why CMLL decided to push Shocker, a guy who has proven to only be capable of not being capable anymore, into a prime time match with Último Guerrero when Volador-UG was right there winking them in the face is something I will never know. Sure he’s popular in Puebla, but so are a good chunk of the guys who wrestle on the show and yet somehow they don’t get put into this position. I just don’t get it. It bothers me more than any other wrestling related thing that’s happened in 2016, and frankly if this was Shocker against someone like La Mascara I (and likely many others) would be flipping Puebla off after the semi-main to go do something productive with my life, like doing a Law and Order: SVU marathon or more Lucha Underground investigations. Hell I may do that anyway; I can’t be the only one wondering how Fenix wound up with Melissa Santos can I?

Hope Cage hasn't seen this!
Hope Cage hasn't seen this!

So why am I not turning this off? Simply put, the UG. I have far, far too much respect for what the UG brings to the table and Cthulhu help me I actually think he can pull off the miracle and carry Shocker to respectability here. It won’t be easy mind you. Shocker is that mediocre in the ring even when he tries, and there will be nowhere for CMLL to hide him Monday unlike in previous weeks. But if anyone can be counted on to get the most out of Shocker, aside from Atlantis, Volador or Dorada I can’t think of anyone more capable than UG. I don’t know how good this match ends up being and I frankly think CMLL will limit the time enough where it doesn’t get huge Match of the Evening consideration. One way or another though (and probably with the help of a hot crowd), the UG will pull the rabbit out of the hat again and carry Shocker to what will definitely be the melting veteran’s best match of 2016. CMLL may have no choice but to give the UG, Euforia and Gran Guerrero the Trios Titles at the Anniversary Show just because of the favor UG is doing for them here.

Winner: If Shocker wins this match…goodness gracious me let’s not even think about that. I refuse to see that being something CMLL is dumb enough to do, so allow me to pick UG to take this two falls to one and just leave it at that. CMLL cannot be that stupid. They cannot be that stupid. Please don’t be that stupid…

The break is over folks. I now head off to a Saturday full of pizza and orange soda, but I will return soon with…something. Probably more Paul London stuff. Till next time, some sage advice from DUCHOVNY!

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