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CMLL Super Viernes 1/22 Preview!

Updated on January 20, 2016

And so I’m back, from outer space! Lyrics from 1970s love songs aside, I have returned as promised to give you a preview for this Friday’s CMLL Super Viernes show (and yes, it’s spelled Viernes. My apologies for misspelling it in previous columns!). As much as I enjoy Lucha Underground, there’s more to lucha libre than just them, and watching CMLL’s show every Friday night has been fun, if not always for the right reasons. So I thought, why not do a preview? Thus here we are, with a card that…alright it’s not the strongest ever. Hey, how was I supposed to know I’d decide to do a CMLL preview while most of the big names were over in Japan working the annual CMLL/New Japan FantasticaMania show, leaving us with a lot of undercard dudes and a lot more Thunder than anyone can want. Alas, we work with what we’ve got right? So get a cold one and get ready to lucha; it’s preview time. ON WITH THE SHOW!

Starman and Stigma vs. Sangre Azteca and Skandalo

What to Expect: I think the most appropriate title for this match is Four Dudes Who Are Never on TV. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen any of these dudes since I started watching CMLL, and I’m pretty sure we may never see them again after this. Fantasticamania giveth, Fantasticamania taketh away. As for the quality of the match, I expect it’ll be the usual opener for CMLL; solid yet unspectacular action, all while I keep wondering if Starman is aware his name is unintentionally a tribute to the late David Bowie. If he doesn’t use that song as his theme, I’m going to be super pissed!

Starman. Apparently
Starman. Apparently

Winners: Hold on, let me flip the coin. Heads means Team Starman; tails means Team Skandalo…and its heads. There’s a Starman waiting in the sky, and he’ll be victorious this Friday. Next!

Blue Panther Jr., Delta and Triton vs. Misterioso Jr., Puma and Sagrado

What to Expect: Hey, dudes that people actually know! What is this sorcery?! Unlike the opening contest, this was has the potential to be pretty exciting. Puma is awesome, as evident by his great performance last night in the Copa Juniors Final. Triton, epic name aside, is pretty boss too. Give those two a lot of time, make sure Blue Panther Jr. only gets a few minutes here or there and look for this to get an okay to good rating on luchablog. It’s destiny.

Winners: I’ll go with Puma’s team here 2 falls to 1. Why? I just have a feeling, which is pretty much the only thing you can use to predict these matches short of being in Paco Alonso’s office.

Angel del Oro, Maximo Sexy and Valiente vs. Ephesto, Kraneo and Luciferno

What to Expect: We’re looking at two very, VERY different teams here. On the rudo side, we have two members of Los Hijos del Infernos (Ephesto and Luciferno), with Kraneo filling in for Mephisto while he’s running wild in FantasticaMania. They are, how do I put this, very okay; basically your typical rudo stable that’s closer to being past their prime than in their prime. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s also nothing suggesting they’ll be delivering great performances every night. On the technico side however, we have the high flying Valiente, the equally high flying Angel del Oro and the CMLL Heavyweight Champ Maximo, all of whom are quite capable at giving good performances in the ring. You’ve basically got a Speed Racer squad on one side and a Rat Race squad on the other. I’ll let you all figure out which is which.

That is a face of someone that's constipated
That is a face of someone that's constipated

So how exactly is this match going to go? Looking into that crystal ball of mine, I think it’ll actually be pretty solid. I’ve yet to see Maximo have a match that didn’t entertain me on some level, and I think him and his teammates are good enough that they can at least elevate this to a solid contest. How much further it goes will depend on the rudos. If they feel like working hard, look for this to be one of the best bouts of the night. If they’re slacking off…well, there’s always the Thunder match to keep them from hitting rock bottom.

Winners: I’d say the technicos here, mainly because they are the better unit of the two. Reason to pause; the possibility that Maximo’s next challenger Rey Bucanero gets involved and costs him. That sort of interference isn’t common in CMLL, but hey, you never know.

Lightning Match

Blue Panther vs. Ripper

What to Expect: And we’re riding the lightning here with the legendary Blue Panther and a guy who once worked as Psicosis II. Wasn’t one Psicosis enough?! I’m not really sure what to expect from this one. Blue Panther knows what he’s doing in the ring, but he’s also 55 years old, and not the young 55 that his peer Negro Casas is. Meanwhile, Ripper is someone I have very little experience with, although my disdain for Psicosis naturally leads me to assume he’s probably not as good as others think. Thus, I’m not sure what we’ll get here. Thankfully, the Lightning match gimmick is great for keeping matches short, which means we’ll either get a solid, fast paced match or a mediocre bout that ends quickly. In other words, it could be a lot worse.

Winner: Depends on whether this is the start of a storyline or a onetime thing. I’m going to say it’s the latter, meaning Blue Panther should pick up the win here around six minutes or so in. If I’m wrong, get ready for a lot of six man tags between these two guys, and a whole lot of The Panther. Actually, that’s a good thing. Is it too late to change my pick?

Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvara and Thunder vs. Euforia, Gran Guerrero and Niebla Roja

What to Expect: Oh…boy. This isn’t going to be pretty kids. It’s a shame, because several of the guys in this match (Dragon Rojo, Euforia) are pretty good. The problem is that Thunder is in it and he’s not very good; in fact, he’s such a black hole of talent that he somehow manages to block out how good other wrestlers are. Because of his involvement, the only things to look forward to here are the following; how bad this match ends up being, whether Thunder remembers to wear his gear or just comes out with Dean Ambrose’ jeans again and how CMLL will continue to drag out the Thunder-Euforia feud that, much like the final half of Lords of the Ring: Return of the King, seems to go on forever and ever and ever. Beyond that, grab something cold, press it to your head and hope that it’s not going to take that long.

Winners: Unless I’m mistaken, last week involved Thunder unmasking Euforia while the referee’s back was turned, followed by him hitting a Fisherman Suplex for the win. I’ll go out on a limb here and say this week Thunder tries the same thing, only to get caught by the ref and leading to his team getting disqualified in the third fall. Euforia will issue another mask vs. mask challenge, Thunder will stand there like he’s in a trance and I’m going to stop now before I give everyone reading this an aneurysm.

Los Ingobernables vs. Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero and Terrible

What to Expect: Should be the match of the night, even though there’s really nothing on the line. Even without La Sombra, Los Ingobernables (Rush, Marco Corleone and La Mascara) have remained an entertaining force within CMLL, especially Rush as he’s feuded with both Caristico and Cibernetico in recent weeks. Meanwhile, you can always count on me to be excited for anything involving Negro Casas, who at 55 is still amazing and has looked especially fresh the last few times he’s performed. With him and Bucanero (who remember has that CMLL Heavyweight Title shot likely waiting) motivated and three exceptional performers like Rush, Corleone and Mascara on the other side, I expect the action will be quite good here. The only question is whether the crowd will be in it, as rudo vs. rudo matches have generally left Arena Mexico with less heat than Rhode Island right now. Trust me on that; the state feels like the playground of Ahnuld’s Mr. Freeze.

Winners: Ingobernables will take this one. The question however is whether Caristico or Cibernetico get involved during or after the match. Lest we forget, it was just a week ago Rush and Mascara left Caristico lying in a heap following a really good match between Rush and the former Mistico. Is it possible he seeks revenge against the two here? Is it possible Cibernetico, insulted by Rush on CMLL Informa, gets involved? I’m interested to see where they take that here, or if CMLL cools the jets a week before revisiting it next Friday.

And I’m spent. I’ll be back tomorrow with another Lucha Tribute! Till next time, how about some more X-Files memes? The people want it; the people NEED it!

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