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CMLL Super Viernes Preview: Two to Go

Updated on August 17, 2016

Time grows short girls and boys. This Friday’s Super Viernes means we’re are only two weeks away from the 83rd Anniversary Show, on top of all the other craziness going on in the lucha libre world. If you weren’t already excited enough over the proceedings, this Friday’s show…alright it probably won’t do much to change your mind one way or the other. It does have some potentially good matches though and the best female wrestler in the world from where this guy is looking. You can’t go wrong with that. So without any further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give you this preview column. Moses, would you turn off A Knight’s Tale and help me here?!

Flyer & Star Jr. vs. Canelo Casas & Espíritu Negro

What to Expect: Here’s the great news; Flyer and Star Jr. are in this match! The bad news; so is the black sheep of the Casas family, and unlike a few Tuesday’s ago he can’t be hidden away thanks to this being a tag match. Talk about getting a side of “dammit all!” to go with your meal huh? Oddly enough the thing that worries me the most about Casas’ (and to a lesser extent Espíritu’s) involvement is the effect it’ll have on Flyer and his confidence. He certainly didn’t have a lot of it the last time I saw him when he was botching moves and failing to click with Cancerbero during a Puebla show (in fairness, not many people do click with Cancerbero). I said at the time that the performance was probably a mirage and I hope I’m proven correct because Flyer has certainly shown he’s capable in the past. If he can at least come close to matching Star Jr., who you know will deliver here regardless of the circumstances, then they have a shot of making this a better than expected opening match. Just please, Canelo and Espíritu, do us a favor and don’t try too much other than catching these guys. You ever hear the song “Move, Get Out the Way”? Do as Ludicrous says!

Winners: I keep saying when in doubt go with the rudos when it comes to these openers, only for the technicos to end up winning. The jinx is real. Naturally I know that if I go with Flyer and Star Jr., a team I really like, to win then it’ll reverse the jinx and the not as good rudo team will win. Thus I’m just going to play it safe and go with the rudos. If they win I’m right; if they lose we know the jinx is real and I can celebrate the right team winning!

Esfinge, Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso vs. Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus

What to Expect: Speak of the devil; Cancerbero makes the return to Super Viernes that no one wanted, alongside partner Raziel and the technico Esfinge, who I assume has been locked away for having the worst theme music in the history of the western hemisphere. I can firmly say that Cancerbero’s involvement here is as much a good thing for this match as “Macho Man” Randy Savage was for hip hop and Raziel and Esfinge are generally so average that they’ll likely add little as well. You know what this means; we need a lot of Hombre Bala Jr. vs. Virus and a whole lot more of whatever Pegasso was doing last Friday when he was arm dragging people from the apron to the floor. If we get that and a better than expected Esfinge performer (which he is capable of) than this could be a solid second match. Well that and Cancerbero either doing nothing or missing the bus to Arena Mexico. Let’s all take a moment to realize that this guy continues to get booked on big shows while dudes like Sansón and El Cuatrero are stuck on Tuesdays.

Winners: I love Virus but I’m pretty sure even he’d admit his team has no business winning this match. The technicos will win it two falls to one and good Cthulhu may it be Cancerbero taking the pin after Bala does that sweet suicide dive splash into the ring that he does.

Lightning Match

Estrellita vs. Zeuxis

What to Expect: BEHOLD THE QUEEN; THE QUEEN OF QUEENS! Take that Hunter. Yes Zeuxis is finally back and I’m actually a little puzzled that they have her here with Estrellita instead of Princess Sugehit, considering the Queen and Sugehit look to be on a collision course for some time over the next few months. No matter; it’s always great to see Zeuxis doing anything and with no partners to deal with and the quick pace a lightning match always brings, she should be electric here. The question mark is Estrellita; she’s capable and I thought she worked quite well against the Queen a few weeks ago in Puebla, but she also can be sloppy at times and unlike that trios match will have no one to cover for her. I’d look for Zeuxis to control most of the action here with Estrellita working in her offense in spurts, which should be a good enough combination to make this a fairly entertaining lightning match. Hell it may even be better than the Stuka Jr.-Luciferno one from last night. It’s Zeuxis; she could make a curling matchup between Brazil and Cuba look good.

Winner: I never bet against the Queen unless…wait a minute, there is no unless. You don’t bet against the Queen dammit. And I won’t here. Zeuxis takes this and continues on her trek for world domination.

Bobby Z, Rey Bucanero, Vangellys vs. Kráneo, Ripper, Súper Crazy

What to Expect: Take away Ripper and this is actually an intriguing match, and not just because we have no idea whether the ultra talented Bobby Z will be allowed to show that he’s ultra talented or not (spoiler; probably not). Unless a double secret CMLL show happened in the past week that I missed this will be the first time Bucanero and Crazy will go at it since CMLL (wisely) did a double turn last week to make Crazy the rudo and Bucanero the technico (at least as much as one as he can be). They’ll obviously be paired together and while Bucanero probably won’t change up his approach much it’ll be interesting to see how Crazy, always a far more effective technico during his career from an in ring standpoint, adapts to his new role. Does he continue to fly around? Does he become more grounded? As long as they keep up the intensity they’ve had the last few weeks I don’t care. That should be enough to carry this bout to an okay rating, with the rest depending on how the other guys are matched up. If Bobby Z is allowed to square off with Kráneo while Mexico’s best M. Bison cosplayer gets stuck with Ripper then I think we’re good. If it’s the opposite…well at least we can all feel bad for Bobby Z right?

Winners: We’re still only a week removed from Crazy’s turn and if it were me I’d like to see that be solidified more here with a cheap win. I’m guessing that’s what they’ll do, with Crazy sneaking in a foul while the ref (probably Tirantes because it’s ALWAYS Tirantes) is distracted and then getting the pin. I’ll now totally be wrong and Bucanero will be the one doing that. This lucha libre is a tricky business I tell you!

Atlantis, Marco Corleone, Máximo Sexy vs. Pierroth, Rey Escorpión, Rush

What to Expect: We’re turning back the clock to this spring when Rush was having issues with both Marco and Maximo in what looked like was the start of a beautiful rivalry. Then La Mascara and Rush fell out, followed by Dragon Lee getting involved and thus here we are. Regardless this match should actually be quite good. Yes Pierroth is here for some reason, but he’ll likely be kept away from the bulk of the action and when he is involved it’ll more than likely be with Atlantis, whose mere presence will elevate that encounter even as my heart breaks for him having to make Pierroth look good. Besides that the rest of the match lines up great. Máximo, Marco, Rush and Escorpión all have great chemistry with their opponents, all are great in their own right and two of them (Rush and Escorpión) have been wrestling at a ridiculously high level over the past few months. The action between them will be superb and that coupled with whatever Atlantis gets out of Pierroth will make this the best challenger to the main event for Match of the Evening contender. I suppose it’s also the best chance we’ve gotten in recent memory to see this new version of Los Ingobernables, unless Rush, Escorpión and Pierroth have been teaming on shows that I’ve missed. Excuse me while I go feel bad about Máscara Dorada not being a part of this new Ingobernables. We’ll always have that one match where you and Rush teamed Dorada!

Winners: I could see CMLL doing something here to set up a big singles match next week as a way to keep Arena Mexico full the week before the Anniversary Show, or even to begin build to something for the other big September show they’ll be doing. If that’s the case, I reckon it’ll involve Rush and Marco, which means Ingobernables is getting the win and Marco is making a challenge post match. I’m fine with that; Rush vs. Marco with both men’s hair on the line sounds like a good time to me. It won’t be after either Marco or Rush lose their wonderful hair but that’s the price you pay. Plus at least both men will still look good bald, unlike Volador and UG would’ve. And now that image is back in my head again…

Dragón Lee, Mistico, Valiente vs. Ephesto, La Máscara, Mephisto

What to Expect: The only thing that’s hurting this match is if a) its kept short or b) Ephesto is allowed to carry the action on the rudos side (which he won’t). Other than that this will at least be good and should be the front runner for Match of the Evening, even if CMLL decides to hold back on allowing Lee and Máscara to do as much as they did last week. Even if we don’t, that’s why we have Valiente, Mistico and the long lost Mephisto here. Those three are more than capable of carrying the action and with Lee and Mascara focused on each other the whole bout I expect this is what we’ll get. It’ll be interesting to see how hard Mistico actually goes here considering he has a huge match with Cavernario in Puebla three days later. Knowing him he’ll probably go full shoulder to the wheel and go crazy anyway, while I hold my breath and hope he doesn’t blow out his shoulder again.

Winners: Dragón Lee got the better of Máscara last week so it only makes sense that Máscara get the better of him this week. The twist; Lee will still get the win for his team, only it’ll be by DQ this time which allows Máscara to stand tall and then cut the usual end of the show promo. The only question is whether or not Máscara gets DQ’d in the second fall or in the third fall. Please Cthulhu make it the third; we want to have some nice long lucha before we get to the end you know?

That’s it for me folks. I’ll be back soon with…something. Who can say what it will be? Till we meet again some sunny day, here’s long lost footage of Big Show performing a moonsault. Thank me later!

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What match are you most looking forward to on Super Viernes?

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