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The CMLL Super Viernes Preview Returns!

Updated on January 11, 2018

What’s this? WHAT’S THIS?! A CMLL preview? Indeed, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. As it turns out I was right; writing about hockey would get my writing juices flowing for lucha libre, hence why the Super Viernes preview is back and hopefully back for good. Obviously I can’t guarantee it’ll be around every week (for all I know my motivation plummets for it next week, or I just will want to write about hockey instead) and I can tell you now I still have no plans to preview the Puebla or Tuesday shows. I wouldn’t do that for all of King Midas’ silver! But at least for this week I’m breaking down CMLL’s premiere show, which features a few cool matches, Sam Adonis’ wig, Eléctrico’s big move and other stuff. Excited? You should be. So with that, pop open a cold one and start reading once the Moses meme arrives.

Eléctrico & Stukita vs. Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro

What to Expect: I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but this actually a very important match sports fans. Why? Because it’s the last time Eléctrico will compete as a Mini. That’s right; come tomorrow night Eléctrico will be blasting Head Automatica as loud as he can through his headphones because it’s Graduation Day.

Of course, because this is a Mini-Estrella match, Graduation Day for Eléctrico will involve him doing absolutely nothing of interest because a) Stukita is the only one in this match who is consistently interesting and b) the chances of Mercurio and Pequeño Nitro trying is about the same as Cam Talbot turning back into the Cam Talbot of last year. So unless Eléctrico is going to show a side of him we haven’t seen before, coupled with Stukita going nuts, his final Mini-Estrellas match will just be like all the others he’s had; forgettable and time you wish you had spent playing TEW.

Winners: I’d say that Eléctrico should win his last match before moving on up, but this is CMLL we’re talking about. Even with all the changes going on, I can’t help but think that CMLL will revert to being the same old same old here, which means Mercurio and Nitro are taking this in three falls while Panico laughs hysterically in the back.

Flyer, Pegasso, Stigma vs. Cancerbero, Raziel, Universo 2000 Jr.

What to Expect: Leave it to CMLL to keep me interested in this match by throwing friend of the column Flyer in to spice things up. I’m not just saying that either; not only was Flyer great last Friday but he was quietly very good in Arena Puebla Monday. You know, the place where even the best of luchadors take a night off. The new found confidence Flyer generated at the end of 2017 seems to just keep growing and I expect he’ll be trying his ass off here yet again. The question will be whether or not this rubs off on the other five guys. I think we’ll see Stigma do a little more than usual (it’s been a long ass time since he broke out Brillo Dorada), but Cancerbero and Raziel are always questions marks, Universo Jr. is still in the learning stages of his career and Pegasso…well he’ll give you a back flip and maybe a tornillo, but that’s about it. In other words, come for Flyer, stay for Flyer and hope that Flyer is going to try one of his super cool moves. Though I’d advise him to perhaps not do the slingshot rana around the ring post unless Raziel is basing for him. And even then it’s dicey.

Winners: As much as I’d love to see Team Flyer take this home, this is a random trios match second on the card on a Friday night. Basically, it’s Cancerbero and Raziel time all the time. They take it in three falls after Raziel hits Stigma with a Falcon Arrow from very high up.

Blue Panther Jr., The Panther, Tritón vs. Sagrado, Tiger, Virus

What to Expect: Our first chance at an honest to Grodd good match on this card also features the return of Tritón. Can it be a return if you technically didn’t miss any shows? And how weird is it that one of Tritón’s partners in this match is the same guy he injured himself against going for that Corkscrew Moonsault? In any event, that scare (nor Panther’s presence) shouldn’t dissuade Tritón from being his usual crazy self, and Sagrado, Tiger and Virus are just the perfect rudos for him, Junior and Panther to go nuts on. There are obviously no guarantees in life and CMLL has a very weird way of not delivering with good looking trios matches, but I see no reason to believe this match won’t be anything less than serious fun. Let’s just hope they allow Panther and Tritón to get in as much as possible, while Junior provides the great power moves and the rudos provide the triple teams.

Winners: We haven’t had a technico victory yet and the Panthers are the type of technicos CMLL likes to keep strong. Plus it wouldn’t stun me to see CMLL throw Tritón a bone after his scare last Tuesday. Whichever way you slice it, they’re taking this in three falls, with Panther connecting on a Frog Splash to Virus to seal the deal.

Lightning Match

Titán vs. Rey Cometa

What to Expect: If this match had been two years ago, it would’ve been an all out roller coaster that would have everyone wondering why Disturbio got to go to Japan while Titán and Cometa were left behind (actually, that’s happening anyway. Ignore that last point). Now? It’ll still be fast paced with a dive or two, but I get the feeling this is going to be more of a Titán showcase than anything else. It pains me to say this (as it did the first time I said it), but I get the feeling the Rey Cometa we’ve all loved and treasured for so long is finally starting to slow down. He’s still really good and all, but he’s notably been taking it easy in his trios matches (whereas Cometa was always a guy who’d go full out, regardless of the situation) and, most notably, his 450 now resembles Pegasso’s 450, aka the worst 450 in wrestling. I guess that makes Cometa like Pedro Martinez after 2003 or Chris Carter after The X-Files season six. Wait, that’s too harsh to Martinez and Cometa; at least the latter half of their careers won't be summed up by this meme like Carter's is.

Having said all of that, Cometa’s years of living dangerously finally catching up to him should do little to affect Titán, who is still very awesome and still showing no signs of slowing down. I expect he’ll get the bulk of the high flying offense and he’ll make the most of it; remember, Titán was out to prove something in the match he and Dragón Lee had a few weeks ago, only they came up just a tiny bit short of nailing it. Even if Cometa isn’t at the level he once was, he’s still good enough that Titán will feel comfortable going all out again, and as long as Cometa is able to give his trios effort (which again, is still very good) then this has a shot at being the best match in the show. It’s just a shame that we can no longer sit here and declare this the runaway match of the show, as it would’ve been even just a year ago.

Winner: Titán all the way. He takes it with is Dragon’s Tail roll up at around the 7 minute mark, followed by handshakes and maybe a few coins thrown into the ring.

Blue Panther, Stuka Jr., Valiente vs. Ephesto, Mephisto, Sam Adonis

What to Expect: If only Ephesto wasn’t in this match; what potential it could’ve had. Actually it still has potential, provided a) CMLL decides to replace Ephesto with Luciferno at the last minute (where has Luciferno gone by the way? Has he secretly gone to Japan in hopes of convincing Gedo to be on FantasticaMania?) or b) Ephesto is kept on the apron until he comes in to do his annual suicide dive. Either one of those two scenarios happens and we’re in for a good match. If not…well we’re still in for a solid match overall. Stuka will be Stuka, Mephisto will be Mephisto, Valiente will give his B-level performance, Blue Panther will be excellent because he just can’t help himself and, most importantly, Sam Adonis will be back with his wig again. That was the star of the show this past Tuesday night, and if Sam’s smart and plays keep away with it for three falls, it could easily be so again during this match. Hell the thought of Blue Panther chasing Sam around the ring trying to take off the ring is getting me hyped right now. Think of the comedy Paco. THINK OF THE COMEDY!

Winners: It does feel like CMLL needs a big match for next Friday’s show (the last Friday before the FantasticaMania crew returns) and Mephisto vs. either Stuka or Valiente for the Welterweight Championship is interesting, if not all that exciting. But CMLL can easily set up a title match in the main event and, if Tuesday is any indication, they’re still looking to keep Sam strong following his loss to Negro Casas. Look for him to give the rudos the victory in fall three after he plants old rival Blue Panther with the Nail in the Coffin for the pin.

Carístico, Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone vs. Kráneo, Mr. Niebla, Terrible

What to Expect: It’s Diamante Azul’s return to Mexico! Well don’t all applaud at once folks. Like I mentioned earlier, I get the feeling that this is going to be less of a match and more of a set up for a match on next week’s show. The question is what does CMLL go for? Do they give Carístico a second big match next week by making him the underdog against a much bigger opponent? Does Marco go for a third straight heavyweight championship defense? Does CMLL show they have big balls in going with a fascinating matchup between Azul and Mr. Niebla?! I could be way off base but, with nothing else going on, something seems like it’ll come out of it. Whatever it is I hope it’s better than what the match will end up being, because unless Carístico, Terrible and Marco decide to turn the jets on, this will be your usual “let’s get this over with so we can hit our reservation” Friday night main event.

Winners: My heart says Carístico and Terrible will be the match CMLL sets up. My head is meanwhile laughing hysterically at my heart and going with Marco vs. Terrible. I think my head is right. Look for Terrible to get a pin on Marco through nefarious means, setting up a Heavyweight Title encounter next week where Marco proceeds to complete his week by going 3 for 3 in Heavyweight Title defenses. Allow me to congratulate you early Marco, at least until tomorrow’s match shows me to be hilariously wrong.

And scene. I’m out till tomorrow afternoon sports fans, where the conclusion to the Legend of Mike Vernon hits the airwaves. Till we meet again, THIS!

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