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CMLL Tuesday Preview: The Long Game

Updated on April 17, 2017

Gonna be honest with you folks; it’s day two since my return and already I’m having trouble with these one paragraph intros. This is not a good sign. Or maybe it is considering I’ve always struggled with the intros and generally make them all about how I struggle with intros. Dammit, totally just revealed my greatest secret. Sadly that’s all you’ll get out of me as it’s time to preview CMLL Tuesday, a simple show that features a good looking main event, angles and the curious case of whether Tritón will or won’t appear on this show. It’s serious fun that we should totally dive into right about now. Moses, meme it like a hurricane.

Bengala, Príncipe Diamante, Sensei vs. Akuma, Hijo del Signo, Inquisidor

What to Expect: I like to imagine Príncipe Diamante’s reaction upon seeing this was his match for the week was a long, hard harrowing look into the abyss. It could only be that because this match pretty much is the abyss. The only argument you can make in this match’s favor is that Diamante is good, Hijo del Signo is coming off a good performance in the Copa Junior Friday and Inquisidor has been pretty solid in the past month. Unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that Inquisidor has otherwise been abysmal, Hijo del Signo’s performance Friday was arguably the lone good performance of his career and, if I’m being honest, I’m not sure how good Príncipe Diamante really is anymore. Most of us have generally talked him up as a good luchador, when in reality most of his performances fit what people say about Oro Jr. (who in contrast feels like he should be talked up more than Diamante). When I’m thinking that about the best guy in the match, this match has no shot. Unless Diamante finally has a breakout performance or the two “spotlight” rudos show up, this will probably be trash that Jocay won’t even both to gif because he has standards. Unlike myself. I'm lame that way.

Winners: Technically Príncipe Diamante was on a team that won last week. Of course it was by DQ and it seemed to be because of a botch, so I’m going to say we not count it and say his reverse Goldberg streak is still on! It’ll also continue here, with the rudos winning in three excruciating falls.

Eléctrico, Fantasy, Último Dragóncito vs. Mercurio, Pequeño Nitro, Pierrothito

What to Expect: This match asks the same question the Puebla Mini-Estrellas match asks; how much effort will the guys not named Pierrothito put in? It’s that simple really. If everyone comes to play then this match could be something. The problem is that only Eléctrico and Fantasy seem to be sure things in the effort department, and that doesn’t mean much because a) Eléctrico is more hit and miss than Willy Mo Peña and b) Fantasy is pretty much just a second rope Spanish Fly and little else. I wouldn’t discount the idea of this match being good if Mercurio and Nitro decide to go for it; I’m just saying it’s far more likely that Nitro stands around a lot while Mercurio bites a lot of asses. If only that man would stop biting asses; what a luchador he could be.

Winners: I like the technicos in three falls, with Fantasy hitting Nitro with that second rope Spanish Fly and Eléctrico getting Nitro with the springboard elbow.

Pegasso, Soberano Jr., Tritón vs. Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Tiger

What to Expect: On paper this is the match that should turn the show around. We’ve got Soberano and his continued adventures against Misterioso Jr. We’ve Tiger having another opportunity to show how smooth he is without his partner in crime Puma. WE’VE GOT TRITÓN! And therein lies the problem with the “on paper” theory folks. Yes Tritón is booked for this match; the issue is that Tritón’s made it very clear he’s going to be working for the GALLI promotion in Chicago until December, meaning he won’t be making CMLL appearances until December. So why is he booked for this show? Did CMLL wrangle Tritón back in with a new offer and a promise of a push? Is he doing both? Is the CMLL office that dumb? Is it all of the above?

Whatever the case is it makes it hard to judge how good this match will be. If Tritón is indeed involved then this has a great chance of being awesome, especially since you know both Tritón and Soberano are pulling off at least three awe inspiring dives between the two of them. It may very well be awesome even if Tritón is replaced, as CMLL could bring in Star Jr., The Panther, Drone, Oro Jr. or any other young, talented technico to fill in. The only fear is that the decide to put in someone like Esfinge or Astral into this match; nothing against those two but they’re basically a slightly better version of Pegasso, which doesn’t mean much when Pegasso is already there. What I’m trying to say is hopefully Tritón is there or CMLL has Star Jr. on call to be Soberano’s second in command. If that’s the case, then this match should be the start to a very entertaining evening.

Winners: Soberano hasn’t really gotten the better of Misterioso just yet and I’m not sure CMLL is ready for him to do so either. So look for the rudos to, frustratingly, win this in three falls, with Soberano eating Misterioso’s finisher and Tritón/whoever replaces Tritón taking a One Winged Angel from Sagrado.

Lightning Match

Fuego vs. Virus

What to Expect: First off, is just me or does Virus seem to be getting a Lightning Match every two weeks now? I’m going to thank the Guerrero Maya Jr. match for that development! As for this match, I wouldn’t expect it to reach the quality of Virus’ bout with Maya but it’ll still be quite good. Fuego is always entertaining and generally puts forth a good effort, while you know Virus will do some cool ass things on the mat for the first three minutes. The key will be whether Fuego can believably hang with Virus on the mat and how well/quick they build from the mat work into the frantic final few minutes. I think if they can get five on the mat before going all out this match has a decent chance of being quite good.

Winner: Neither result will shock me, but I’ll go with Virus, considering he wins every Lightning Match that doesn’t come down to the last second. Look for a submission finish from the Maestro around the 7:30-8 minute mark.

Dragón Lee, Marco Corleone, Mistico vs. Euforia, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero

What to Expect: If you’re expecting anything more than some Dragón Lee-Niebla Roja interactions, one cool Mistico spot, Marco being Marco, Big Euf being Big Euf and UG being UG, temper your expectations now. The main focus of this match is going to be the continued dysfunction in the ranks of Los Guerreros and that’s quite alright. Why; because for the first time since CMLL began this story, UG is going to be in the middle of it! We’ve seen Niebla Roja have problems with Big Euf and Gran Guerrero, but we haven’t seen how UG and him have interacted, mainly because they haven’t worked together. That makes this match very interesting to see. Does UG join in with Big Euf in showing Roja disdain? Does he swerve everyone and side with Roja? I’m banking it’ll be the former, but UG dealing with this situation for the first time is enough to make this an intriguing match, even if it would be better off with these six just going all out. There’s always a few weeks from now when Roja is officially a technico and he’s been replaced with Príncipe Diamante, who will take the name Príncipe Guerrero. Actually that might not be a bad idea. Someone send that to Paco post haste!

Winners: The Guerreros won’t get along and the technicos will take advantage with Marco hitting the splash on both Euforia and Roja to win in three falls. Of course if CMLL had any balls, they’d either a) have the Guerreros co-exist under UG’s influence and set up Lee-Roja title match for next Tuesday (where UG and co. would then betray Roja to confirm the split) or b) do the split here and set up a UG-Roja match for next week where Roja gets an upset win. Man, now I’m really wishing we lived in a world where CMLL had balls. Perhaps if we wait long enough it'll happen!

CMLL World Heavyweight Championship Match

Máximo Sexy (c) vs. Terrible

What to Expect: It hasn’t gotten the attention Atlantis-UG, Atlantis-Rush or even Dragón Lee-Cavernario did over the past few days but this main event is nothing to sneeze at. Not only does it involve two very talented luchadors fighting over the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship but it’s also a match with a lot of history. If you recall, Terrible was not that long ago the CMLL World Heavyweight Champion; in fact he was the second longest reigning heavyweight champion in the history of CMLL, holding the belt for three years before he dropped it in January of 2015…to Máximo Sexy. So we know these guys have history, we know there’s a nice little story of Terrible trying to do to Máximo what Máximo did to him, but do we know how well this match will work? I’ve got no concerns for Terrible; he doesn’t get the opportunity often but Terrible is one of the more consistent rudos in CMLL and when given the chance he has the potential to be awesome. Máximo is no different; he just also has the tendency to get lost in his comedy work, which occasionally hides the fact that he’s just as ball to the wall crazy as many of the most popular luchadors. My hope is that we get what cubsfan calls “Big Match Máximo”; my feeling is we’re going to get a cross between the two. Máximo will use all the antics early, Terrible will eventually work his way past them and we’ll eventually find ourselves in a really riveting third fall that could go either way. That’s a good match there sports fans; it’s just not as good as what it could be if Máximo played it serious the whole way.

Winner: Title changes in CMLL are rare as is and two time CMLL World Heavyweight Champions are even rarer (only Rayo de Jalisco Jr. and Universo 2000 ever got the belt back after losing it). In short, Máximo retains in three falls after a kiss and a roll up. Thank you and please drive home safe.

That’s game sports fans. I’ll be back late tonight/tomorrow with a review of the CMLL Puebla show and maybe something else in between. Depends on my mood. Till then, GO LEAFS! AND SENS! AND OILERS! AND CANADIENS! AND FLAMES! Just go Canada; it’s a nice place I hear.

Please change disks to continue...

What match are you most looking forward to?

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