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CMLL Tuesday Preview: A Show

Updated on August 15, 2016

Another day, another CMLL preview in the books. Even with tonight’s Super Puebla show still hours away there’s more CMLL to prepare for, as tomorrow is the companies weekly Tuesday Show. And…let’s just say it shouldn’t be as big a show as tonight’s is, what with the lack of mask vs. mask matches and titles matches. Of course that doesn’t mean tomorrow’s Tuesday show is bad; in fact it’s got several matches that look to be promising, including a main event that could be the best thing CMLL does this week when it’s all said in done. Remember folks; hype doesn’t always mean greatness is guaranteed (well unless LeBron James is involved). But enough about hype; let’s just get to breaking down this show so I can go write more columns shall we? Moses, meme meme meme meme meme, MEME MEME MEME! That was to the tune of the Superman theme by the way.

Leono & Sensei vs. Espanto Jr. & Inquisidor

What to Expect: I’m going to sum it up as kindly as I possibly can; this will be a match that no one is going to remember ten minutes after it happens. I only speak the truth. Sure this could turn out to be another one of those opening matches that makes me look more foolish than Tom Hanks in those Dan Brown movies, but with Sensei being the only performer with flash and CMLL likely sticking to their “no dives, no fun” rule for the first two matches it’s difficult to see this being anything worthwhile. And yes, I am being hard on this match in hopes that it does jinx it into being something exciting. Ain’t I a stinker?!

Winners: When in doubt, go with the rudos. In the words of Drew Rosenhaus, next question. Ignore the fact that there is no question!

Oro Jr., Soberano Jr., Starman vs. El Cuatrero, Sansón, Skándalo

What to Expect: Thing instantly get better in the second match which features the delightful Soberano Jr., a decent replacement for the always replaced Starman and, get ready, LOS CIENTIFICOS! Sansón and El Cuatrero are back peeps, and it’s been way too long (yes, a few weeks with Los Cientificos is too damn long!). Their presence here should help make this match a must watch even with CMLL’s “no dives, no fun” rule in effect, mainly because Los Cientificos are much better working a mat based, technical style than a high flying one. Provided they are given time to do so while Skándalo is kept out of the way, this match should work out just fine even if the technicos are kept in check. And even if they are, you just know Soberano will find one moment to cut loose. I swear, if he, Star Jr. and Magnus are all considered to take Mascara Dorada’s place when his transformation into Gran Metalik is complete…I’ll probably just get very choked up.

Winners: Keep the momentum rolling with Los Cientificos I say. They won’t get another 2-0 squash win like they did in Puebla a few weeks ago, but they’ll take this one two falls to one in what should be a very good match.

Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa vs. Hechicero, Misterioso Jr., Sagrado

What to Expect: If the restrictions of the first two matches are placed on this match, expect it to be an okay but disappointing bout. If the luchadors are allowed to go full out however this match could be a Match of the Evening challenger based on the technicos alone. Seriously, you know you’re in good hands when the always reliable Fuego is the least exciting name on the technicos team. As long as he, Maya (fresh off of nearly killing himself) and Cometa are allowed to go all out than really all the rudos need to do is catch them. Anything else they add to this match will be like Thanksgiving gravy.

Winners: The technicos finally get on the board here with a two falls to one victory. And…that’s it. I know, not a lot of things being built up yet again.

Lightning Match

Stuka Jr. vs. Luciferno

What to Expect: In the words of yours truly, match quality means absolutely nothing to me here, mainly because it isn’t in question. For all his flaws Luciferno has been fairly decent recently and if he can have a more than passable Lightning Match with The Panther a few weeks back then he can certainly have a match of similar quality with the talented Stuka here. No what I want to know is whether or not CMLL has learned its lesson from a few weeks ago and is going to make the right call in who to put over. In the end that’s the most important factor of this match; whether or not its five to seven minutes of good lucha will only matter if the right guy comes out on top. That’s what hurt Luciferno-Panther, and it’s what will hurt this match if Luciferno is victorious again.

Winner: On one hand I have no faith in CMLL getting this right considering they’re a) allowing Shocker to headline big shows despite being over every hill and b) they were stupid enough to put Luciferno over a young, far more talented opponent just two weeks ago. On the other hand, there’s a big part of me that just can’t imagine they’re stupid enough to make the same mistake twice. So at the risk of eating my words Stuka will take this one around the six and a half minute mark. And believe me; I’ll be holding my breath for all six and a half minutes.

Mr. Niebla, Shocker, Terrible vs. Ángel de Oro, Johnny Idol, Titán

What to Expect: Can I just ask; did Terrible steal Paco Alonso’s lunch money or something? It had to be something bad because the poor bastard has been stuck playing third fiddle in trios matches the last several weeks and will now do so again after being stuck with Shocker and Mr. Niebla. We know Shocker will give next to nothing in this match aside from maybe a pop from the crowd. Meanwhile the usually entertaining Niebla is taken out of his comfort zone; normally he’s able to just do his usual entertaining shtick while his partners handle the rest. Here Niebla only has Terrible, which means he’ll have to actually play against his strengths and actually carry some of the in ring load. In short folks; this rudos team is bad, bad, bad. It’s so bad it makes Shia LaBeouf’s performances in the Transformers films look on par Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet. Good Cthulhu I may need to shower after making that comparison!

Thank Cthulhu that the technico participants here are all up to snuff. I’d be a little worried that they’d have to go a little too far to make this match entertaining, a dangerous proposition considering Titán is just a few days removed from possibly suffering a neck injury. Frankly though that’s the only way to make the match exciting; we need to see de Oro, Titán and Idol fly around and fly around often. Otherwise you get the sense that this match will drag to a screeching halt that’s only interesting due to the presence of Idol, who remains a youngster to watch every time he steps into the ring.

Winners: The technicos should win this on principle alone. They won’t of course; I expect Shocker will get the pinfall victory for his team in the third fall to make up for his loss to Ultimo Guerrero tonight. Cthulhu help CMLL if they have him pin Idol. You know what I’m just going to stop talking about this now.

Máscara Dorada, Rush, Volador Jr. vs. Euforia, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero

What to Expect: The Match of the Evening front runner is upon us and it’s the ice cold Pepsi we need after the warm, flat Coca-Cola that is the semi-main event. This match has everything you could ask for; a continuation of the Sky Team/Guerreros feud leading into their Trios Championship match at the Anniversary Show, a Dorada/Rush reunion one week after the two were ridiculously entertaining doing the Los Ingobernables routine together (I will be a sad panda if we don’t get that again!), numerous amounts of jaw dropping high flying and most importantly two ridiculously talented teams that know each other, know how to get the job done and barring injury will get the job done. You’ll come to watch Dorada as he continues his trek towards North American wrestling glory, but you’ll ultimately fall in love with everyone involved here. This frankly could be the best CMLL match of the week.

Winners: The question is whether CMLL is going to use this match to build heat for the Sky Team-Guerreros match or if this is just going to be a fun and fast match with little implications. If it’s the former, look for Volador to get screwed over by UG in the third fall to give the rudos the win. If it’s the latter, look for the technicos to pull off the victory. I’m going to say it’s the latter and the technicos get the win, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised with either result.

We’ve made it to the end kids. I’ll be back a little later with another column, and then will be back after that with a review of tonight’s CMLL Super Puebla! Be sure to check that show out here if you’re interested. Till then, Mistico Mistico MIIIIIIISTICO!

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