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CMLL Puebla Preview: Waiting All Day for Monday Night!

Updated on September 18, 2016

As a false God up in Stamford, Connecticut would say, are you ready? Are you ready for the week of National Lucha Libre day?! CMLL certainly is, at least if you judge from their card in Puebla Monday night. Like the menu at your local Pizzeria Unos, everything looks good for this show; even the opener (although it’s still the least enticing thing). We’re pretty much looking at every match, from the second to the closing one, being at least good, and four matches with Match of the Evening potential. If this doesn’t end up being a good show, it means that everyone got injured or Paco just replaced everyone because he hates us and life itself. That’s not happening, so expect this to be the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas; the gorram pilot of Twin Peaks if you will. And I’m not just saying that because I’m watching that pilot right now. Wait, yes I am. Alright enough of this; it’s time to predict. Moses; never mind the bollocks, this is the meme!

Centella Roja & París vs. Espíritu Maligno & Guerrero Espacial

What to Expect: Stop me if you’ve heard this before; this will be your typical CMLL opening match. Man it feels like I’m starting to say that every single gorram week now! Actually this might be a tad bit better than usual considering París is involved. If he’s solid and Maligno steps up his game like he can than this could be a better than expected start to the night. Do not, I repeat, do not hold your breath on that though, unless you prefer to drown Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in The Abyss style.

Winners: You know its coming; when in doubt go with the rudos. Like that RAMMING SPEED meme and a reference to the legendary Cthulhu, you can always expect that phrase used at least once. Rudos take it in three falls.

Meyer & Tigre Rojo Jr. vs. Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill Jr.

What to Expect: This match is sneaky good right here. I like all of these guys; Meyer is underrated, Tigre Rojo always impresses despite never getting much time and even though their match last week was insufferably long Apocalipsis and Toro Bill are solid and entertaining. Considering Tigre should be given more to do than he ever is and the likelihood that this match won’t go nearly thirty minutes and you’ve got something to keep an eye on. Don’t sleep on this match folks. Even with the restrictions in place I’ve got a feeling this is going to be better than expected.

Winners: LOL like CMLL would actually allow Meyer and Tigre to win this match. The rudos will take this in three falls. Never fear; the technicos will get going starting in the very next match. Shit, spoilers.

Hombre Bala Jr., Magnus, Robin vs. El Cuatrero, Sangre Azteca, Sansón

What to Expect: The good fortune continues here with what could be an electrifying encounter. But first!

Yes that beautiful man Magnus is involved folks and he comes with a whole lot of good talent around him on both sides. Los Cientificos returns here after getting a few weeks off, and I’m pretty sure they won’t mind carrying the load for the okay Sangre Azteca. Meanwhile Magnus is himself surrounded by the underrated Robin and the (Lucas from Empire Records voice) superb Hombre Bala Jr., who for the first time in forever actually has rudos that can actually work at his level. I wouldn’t be stunned if he gets emotional due to finally having some worthy talent on the opposite side. There are never any guarantees but with an excellent technico team and a highly capable rudo team this match will at worst be okay. Its ceiling meanwhile is as high as Magnus’ vertical jump, and if you’ve seen Magnus you’ll know that’s pretty high. Higher than Harold and Kumar even!

Winners: I wouldn’t be disappointed with either result here, especially if they get 12-15 minutes and a whole lot to do. With the rudos taking the first two matches though I sense this will be where the technicos finally get on the board, taking this in three falls.

Ángel de Oro, Dragón Lee, Titán vs. Bobby Z, Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora

What to Expect: Now CMLL is just showing off! The last match has Match of the Evening potential, until you look at this glorious piece of work here. When Ángel de Oro and Pólvora, two very fine luchadors, are your weakest members here you know you’ve got something good to work with. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Dragón Lee mixing it up with guys like Bobby Z and Dragón Rojo, two of the more underrated rudos on the roster who can probably generate even better bouts with CMLL’s young hope than La Máscara did. Look for this to be fast paced with a ton of super cool dives from Lee and Titán, who I can see trying to outdo each other. And yes Titán will be active even with his big match with Mephisto Tuesday. He’s got that Máscara Dorada gene; anything less than RAMMING SPEED at all times is unacceptable.

Winners: I’d like to say CMLL is going to set up something with Rojo and his CMLL World Middleweight Championship, but with Lee a weight class or two below and Titán occupied the only technico that makes sense is Oro, and I can’t see CMLL setting that up. Thus this should just be a regular, albeit exciting match, with the technicos winning in three falls.

Marco Corleone, Rey Escorpión, Rush vs. Matt Taven, Máximo Sexy, Último Guerrero

What to Expect: Evidently that guy who booked the 83rd Anniversary Show and the first week of shows after that is back because we’ve got a third (and if you count the second match, fourth) straight match that’s loaded from top to bottom. Best of all there’s no Pierroth! This mystery booker must have dark magic on his side if he got Corleone to replace the man that talent forgot and I for one thank Cthulhu that he’s got it. There’s plenty to look forward to in this match besides the talent too. Rush and Matt Taven (who has quickly picked up the lucha style in less than a few weeks) have a big match Friday in Arena Mexico and at worst will have another shot to show off their awesome chemistry once again. Meanwhile a UG-Escorpión feud seemed heavily hinted at last week and should be developed more here. That does open up the possibility for a non clean finish to set up something next week, but either way this match should get plenty of good minutes leading up and will provide stiff competition for Match of the Evening. Then again it likely would’ve been with no story and Marco just teeing off left hands on his opponents for fifteen minutes. I can watch those beauts all day, every day!

Winners: I’m expecting typical CMLL buildup here. Last week UG got the win over Escorpión, which means this will see the rudo strike back with either a win of his own or a DQ finish where Escorpión stands tall anyway, leading to UG challenging. I’m going with the latter; Escorpión will foul UG while the ref isn’t looking, giving him the win and setting up Escorpión vs. UG in a killer match next week. To think we may have two interesting CMLL Puebla main events for two weeks straight!

CMLL World Tag Team Championship Match

Negro Casas & Shocker vs. Mistico & Volador Jr.

What to Expect: At first it looked as though CMLL was building to a really cool Negro Casas-Mistico match. Then last week there was a moment or two it appeared that CMLL would do the unthinkably awesome and put Mistico and Carístico together in a tag team to challenge Casas and Shocker for the tag titles. Instead we got Volador in Carístico’s place, pitting 2/3’s of the Sky Team against one of the oddest tag team combinations I can ever recall. Seriously; what possessed a wrestling marvel like Negro Casas to ever team with Shocker? It’s not like they even won it several years ago when Shocker was still good; they’ve only had the belts for two plus years. Either Negro Casas is a far more forgiving man than I am or Shocker has incriminating photos on him like he does Paco Alonso. Maybe Negro Casas has been behind the Laura Palmer murder and the White Lodge/Black Lodge shit all along and Shocker knows!

In all seriousness, even with Shocker’s involvement, this match has a shot of being Match of the Evening. I wouldn’t say it has a better chance than the preceding four matches but it’s still got a chance, largely because Casas, Volador and Mistico are that damn good and CMLL has seemingly figured out how to effectively use Shocker ever since the Anniversary Show. It also helps that there should be some suspense of a title change here due to Casas and Shocker’s two year reign (830 days to be precise) and Volador and Mistico being pals and teammates already. With that there, all that’s needed is for Shocker to stay hidden aside from a few spurts while the other three go all out. At worst it’ll be a fun title match, and at best it could be something really good. And with a show as stacked as this one, really good is more than acceptable.

Winners: With the CMLL Universal Championship tournament coming up it’s difficult to see CMLL messing with the field of sixteen by having Volador and Mistico win here (which would take Negro and Shocker out and make the field only fourteen due to Volador and Mistico already holding Trios gold). It also would make the Titán-Mephisto match the next day, an even bigger match than this one, thoroughly predictable as there’s no way CMLL does two title changes in a row. So I’ll say Shocker and Negro pull the rabbit out of the hat and successfully defend the Tag Titles for an amazing (in lucha libre) eleventh time, beating the Sky Team in three falls. The weirdest friendship in lucha continues!

We’ve reached the end folks, and thank Cthulhu because I’m about to get medieval on my gorram space bar. I’ll be back tomorrow with a preview for CMLL’s Tuesday show and a review of this one. Fun stuff. Till then, Twin Peaks meets Spidey!

Please change disks to continue...

What match are you most looking forward to on CMLL Puebla?

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