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Updated on March 21, 2015

Kentucky Men’s Basketball: the best or the beast team?

I am a basketball fan, surely a huge all sports fan. Anyway! At this point of the season, basketball fans are enjoying the NCAA Basketball championship tournament popularly known as March madness. This 2015 championship of the National Collegiate Athletic Association raises more interest because of the University of Kentucky team that is unbeaten after winning thirty-four games on the row (34-0). That’s the first time for a major conference team to enter the NCAA Tournament unbeaten since 1976 with the University of Indiana. So nothing to object to the fascinating and engaging debate of people who are breaking down the strengths and weakness of the unbeaten Wild Cats. No reason to complain if the furious debate is about how deep the University of Kentucky team seems like to deserve the national unanimous credit.

Unfortunately the critical focus of the basketball network commentators is targeted on another fact: how to beat Kentucky. No room for positive talks showing the merit and the robustness of this team entering the March madness perfect in a tough environment. At the end of the day, Kentucky becomes not the best team to watch, but the beast team to kill. Of course, the young players -almost freshmen and sophomores- are frustrated of that. Quite naturally, during the NCAA 2015 Tournament Selection Sunday, they claimed loudly and in chorus their disappointment:” These guys don’t like us. Do they want us to play the Los Angelos Lakers to make sure we are so good. If so, Yah, we will”. All means devastating frustration.

Sports stand for a school of life. Among the deep values to teach are fair-play, emulation, respect and dignity in win or loss. ‘’Hate to hate your opponent’’, that’s the motto in my opinion. Don’t teach the kids how to beat Kentucky, but what to get from the best team that is Kentucky.


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