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Rick Johnson Double-handed Race 8-6-06 deedsphotos

Updated on August 8, 2006

Rick Johnson Double-handed Series CSYC ralph deeds photos

Here are some pictures from the August 6, 2006, Rick Johnson Memorial Double-handed Series race at Crescent Sail YC on Lake St. Clair. The wind was NW about 15 knots, shifty and puffy. It was a perfect evening for sailing on Lake St. Clair--plenty of wind and smooth water. It doesn't get much better than this.

Weekday evening racing has increased in popularity in recent years on Lake St. Clair, especially Jib and Main racing because it doesn't kill an entire day and crew demands aren't as great.

After the races at Crescent we grill hot dogs and hamburgers and hash over the race or the latest controversy at the club. 

B25 Blind Luck

Gougeon 32 Felix--1st JAM Multihull

Cal 25

Tartan 10 SuperChief 2nd JAM A

Cal 9.2 Jade 2nd JAM D

S2 10.3 Limerick

S2 10.3 LImerick

Express 27 Mika and Cal 25 Shaggy Dog

J105 Pinnacle

T10 Lady Luck 1st JAM A


Tartan 34 Shellback 2nd JAM C

S2 7.9 Prime Time 1st JAM C

Star Boat--Off Like a Prom Dress--1st JAM D

Albacore & Growl Tiger

Pilot 35 Albacore--3rd JAM D

Albacore catches a puff

E27 Ruby My Dear

Cal 9.2 Jade 2nd JAM D

E27 Das Boot--2nd JAM B

E27s Das Boot & Mika--1st leg

S2 7.9 Shake Down 3rd JAM C

Cal 25 Shaggy Dog

Express 27 Ruby My Dear


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