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CVA Accura Muzzleloader

Updated on December 29, 2012

This top end CVA muzzle loader is nothing like the products the company produced years ago that earned a reputation for inferior quality. I was reluctant to purchase a CVA brand when I was looking for one a few years ago but Cabelas had one on sale in their bargain cave and for the price of just over $300 I had enough left in my budget to add a decent scope.

The Accura was CVA’s top of the line modern muzzle loader. It is a break action, black powder (or substitute) only, in-line, hammer fired rifle with a 209 primer ignition system. It is rated for a maximum load of 150 grains of powder. The 27 inch fluted stainless steel Bergara Barrel has a 1-in-28 twist. CVA claims Bergara barrels to be “the most accurate production muzzleloader barrels in the world”. The barrel has a lead in with no rifling at the muzzle to allow for easier loading of a sabot projectile It is drilled and tapped for scope mounts and has a stainless breech plug. The trigger guard has an extension which acts as a lever to break the action open so that a primer can be loaded. The stock on my rifle is composite black with whitish fiber colorings and with the drop and large comb it fits comfortably. The rifle came with nice fiber optic sites, a good sling and soft pad on the butt of the stock. The hammer also has a spur for easy cocking when using a scope. It is lightweight at less than 7-1/2 pounds. The trigger has a light crisp pull. It is simple to disassemble for easy cleaning.

Many thorough reviews of this rifle can be found online and so can comparisons to the newer V2 version. I have written this article to share my experiences and express my satisfaction with this product.

I found the rifle to be light weight, easy to carry and well balanced so that holding on target is not difficult. I tried a few shots with the 150 grain max powder charge but found that accuracy suffered, as well as my shoulder. I am using 100 grains (two 50 grain pellets) of Goex Pinnacle Black Powder substitute behind a 295 grain power belt bullet. That load is more than sufficient for the Whitetails I hunt. My shots are never more than 150 yards. I sight in at 50 yards for an impact about an inch high which puts the point of impact a few inches low at 150 yards. My scope is a Bushnell Trophy with the DOA reticle which has additional fine cross hairs for longer distances. I never need the long distance cross hairs but they are there for the future if I ever get to do that elk hunt I have been dreaming of.

I was a bit skeptical at first of the Powerbelt bullet. I didn’t know how that little ring of plastic on a post at the base of the bullet could effectively engage the rifling and provide adequate spin to stabilize the projectile and provide accuracy. But it seems to do the job. I recovered the remains of a bullet from the doe I took with a 90 yard shot, this year during Muzzleloader season. The slug expanded dramatically when it struck part of a shoulder bone and was stuck in the skin near the opposite shoulder. I think it may have fragmented a bit, since the wound was a pass through. Never the less the doe was down and out in less than 25 yards.

I would recommend this muzzle loader to anyone who wants a modern, accurate muzzle loader for a good price. The V2 version has improvements with stock grips and an easily removable breech plug but is essentially the same rifle. I don’t think the easy removal breech plug is that necessary, so if you can find an original Accura at a good price I would buy it.


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