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Cabela's: The Standard for the Outddoorsman

Updated on November 8, 2015

Cabela’s Sets the Standard in Outrigger Supply

The name Cabela’s has become synonymous with premier outfitting gear for the true outdoors-man. Founder Dick Cabela began the company in 1961 as a mail order operation based out of his home in Chappell, Nebraska, selling hand-tied fishing flies. The business has since expanded to cover every area of the outdoor lifestyle, including extensive hunting and fishing gear. From state-of-the-art electronic communication and GPS transponders to the simple hand-tied fishing flies that launched the company, Cabela’s offers something that is guaranteed to please every customer. Hunting and fishing equipment is evolving due to improvements in existing technologies and methodologies, and furthered by researches into the habits of popular game species.

One Versatile Brand

The hunting side of Cabela’s is fully equipped to accommodate the tastes and techniques of a wide variety of gamers. To offer every advantage to a lone hunter, Cabelas offers hunting aides and accessories, field technology, and survival gear for any climate, altitude, and expected obstacle. For those in the field decoy, blinds, and scent choices can be the difference between a successful hunt. Below is a breakdown of the options available in most well-equipped retailers.

Decoys, Blinds, and Scent

There are many exciting accessories available to novice and serious hunters alike. Finding game to track and hunt can seem impossible, and that is where decoys work to get the attention of specific prey and lure them into a more defined area. Blinds are an essential tool for concealing the hunter’s presence, typically raising them off of the ground in a chosen tree. Deer and similar targets are unlikely to have predators from above and therefore pay less attention to the treetops, while scent or scent eliminators work to mask the smell of the human invaders. Cabelas offers everything from the most fundamental of these tools and to the highly complex applications for advanced outdoorsman, with easy and reliable online shopping.


Fishing Supplies Are Cabelas Business

Among the selection of outfitting gear at Cabela’s the fishing category is among the most popular. Their variety of rods and reels, baits and attractants, tackle, and storage is an impressive displays of industry know-how. Their available products cater to every type of fishing enthusiast from saltwater, freshwater, ice, and fly fishing, providing tested and trustworthy techniques and lures for any style.

Every Type of Rod and Reel

No fishing department would be complete without fishing rods and reels. Cabela’s online powerhouse offers these items individually or in combination sets. The brand and quality line-up is designed to meet the need of any level of enthusiast, but even the inexpensive models offer robust construction and impressive warranties.

Tackle and Storage Solutions

This particular supply company understands that every angler has their own way of doing things and their own way of setting up their lines. They offer an endless assortment of tackle for any setup preference, and storage boxes that provide utilitarian function as well as aesthetic value. From sinkers to jigs and rigs, Cabela's anticipates the the sportsman's need for hard-to-find items and stocks all the terminal tackle and containment cases one could ask for.

The New Generation of Outdoors-man

Technology has opened a new frontier of game fishing and hunting, and the opportunity to evolve alongside is provided through the cutting-edge product line-up at Cabela’s. The sport will never be the same with new adaptive baits and decoys, high tech electronics, and durable, purpose-driven equipment available to weekend warriors and the outdoor elite.


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