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Best Disney California Adventure Park Thrill Rides

Updated on December 3, 2016

The Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort is packed with top-rated rides for thrill seekers to enjoy. Experience the adrenaline from speed, free falls and fantasy when you hop onto some of the best thrill rides in the world located within the park. When you're looking for a spine tingling, hair raising thrill, these rides know how to pack a punch!


Soarin' Over California

Buckle into this 87 seat hang glider, and get ready to soar over California on this simulated ride that is full of surprises! The mechanical lift system brings your sense of height to life as the OMNIMAX inverted track screen features brilliant displays to make your flight a reality. Experience breathtaking views as you fly over the Golden Gate Bridge, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Los Angeles and beyond. Enjoy the flight down as you lean forward with the breeze, and suddenly your feet touch earth once again.

The tranquil and dramatic musical composition for this ride is aesthetically executed with the scene to enhance the senses. It was written and recorded by Academy Award winning composer Jerry Goldsmith specifically for this ride.

  • Height: 40" (102 cm) or Taller


Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is home of the notorious Hollywood Tower Hotel. The hotel was once a popular location for Tinseltown’s wealthy and famous until an unknown event suddenly forced its doors closed. The property is old and has been neglected. Wrought-iron gates surrounding a dilapidated garden filled with weeds encloses the property, and a decayed and battered lobby suspended in time inside awaits guests.

Get ready to scream as you slowly ascend 199 feet up the Tower of Terror. Stopping at the first ascent you hear the doors open into a dim, long hallway as a raging thunderstorm beats on the windows. The ghosts of prior passengers appear and ask you to join them and the door slams closed. You continue your ascent to the fifth dimension where strange sights and sounds fill the air until you arrive in a pitch black elevator shaft. You hear a voice, and then out of nowhere you are forced to the ground at faster than free fall speeds, buckled in only by only a lap belt with nothing to hold onto!

  • Height: 40" (102 cm) or Taller

2014 Disney's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!

Radiator Springs Racers - Live At The Track

Radiator Springs Racers

Get ready for the ride of your life when you climb into Lightening McQueen, Doc Hudson, Sally or one of the other 6-person Pixar themed vehicles. Unwind prior to the race with a scenic cruise through Radiator Springs. Be awed by visual masterpieces such as the "pull-up and fill-up" coolant station created with empty oil bottles, or veer off path and humor in the tractor tipping extravaganza. Just before the race head on over to either Luigi's Casa Della Tires or Ramone's House of Body Art for a tune-up.

The checkered flag drops and the pedal is to the medal as you fly around turns, zip down hills and hit the camelback straightaways with your competitor at your side . The Piston Cup is waiting for you at the finish line - if you're the master of this track!

  • 40" (102 cm) or Taller

California Screamin' Roller Coaster Front Seat Ride

California Screamin'

Located in Paradise Pier, California Screamin' is a nearly 1 1/8 mile long steel track coaster composed of thousands of steel support struts, beams and towers similar to coasters constructed prior to the 1930s. It towers above nearly ever other ride along the waters edge reaching an altitude of nearly 120 feet

Climb into this four seat coaster car, adjust your shoulder bars, and prepare yourself for one of the fastest rides Disney has to offer in all of their theme parks! Experience 55 mile per hour speeds as you race down one 110 foot hill, one 107 foothill, one 360-degree loop, diving turns and multiple camel-back bumps. This roller coaster is the longest in the world with over 6,000 feet of track. It's so large that it's visible throughout the entire park.

  • Height: 48" (122 cm) and Taller


Grizzly River Run

Hop into the raft and get ready to race down Grizzly River Rapids, one of Disney's largest water rides. This adventure takes you into an abandon mine, and throughout the Sierra Nevada mountains. Hold on as your raft twists through caves, and plunges under waterfalls leaving you soaked. There are three total drops throughout the ride, but the final one will take your breath away!

  • 42" (107 cm) or Taller


Goofy's Sky School

This coaster-style thrill ride is located at the edge of Paradise Pier. Goofy's Sky School has 12,000 feet of track that reaches 3-stories high, and features exhilarating loops and zigzags. Your flight training vehicle takes you through the clouds, up down and around on a zany adventure. This ride is based on the 1940s "Goofy's Glider" cartoon series, and also the 1940s/50s short "How To" cartoon series,

  • Height: 42" (107 cm) and Taller

Ride Restrictions

Please know your limitations! If you have a health condition or a physical disability such as back or neck problems, please know that there are restrictions on these rides that prohibits riders with certain conditions such as the ones stated above from riding them. Check with the official ride page located within the theme park's website for a full list of restrictions on each ride.

Lasting Memories

These rides leave lasting memories full of magic and excitement for years to come. The one-of-a-kind, gravity-defying thrill rides keep guest coming back for more. Ride enthusiasts know that the best way to spend a day is flying high on a coaster. Enjoy a rush of excitement at the Disney California Adventure Park, and don't forget to keep your arms in the air!

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Where is Disney's California Adventure Park?

A marker1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802 -
1313 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92802, USA
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Disney's California Adventure Theme Park

© 2014 Rachael Jones


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    • profile image

      Flo 2 years ago

      Was there back in 1998 but don,t remember any of these rides. Back then it was pretty mellow I think . Great job well done it the writing of this.

    • liladybugz26 profile image

      Rachael Jones 2 years ago from Cambridge

      Thank you so very much! It was a fun article to write.

    • JasonCulley profile image

      JasonCulley 2 years ago from Cheyenne, WY

      Flo, all these rides are in Disney California Adventure. It didn't open until February 8, 2001. Good article, I'm having withdrawals!

    • liladybugz26 profile image

      Rachael Jones 2 years ago from Cambridge

      Thank you Jason! Fun place for sure.

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