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Can I See Spirits and ghosts

Updated on January 16, 2016

A Experiment to feel real Ghosts around you

‘Ghosts, Spirits, Negative energy’ Whenever we hear these words, a sudden feel of fear occurs in our mind.

But does a Ghost really exists? Can we feel these spirits? We will tell you the right answer and also discuss how we can experience the existence of spooky situation and ghosts.

In many cultures there is a belief that these ghost exist around us but we can not see it and in Science it’s still a question ,some says it exist and some deny its presence.

In Psychology, feeling of ghosts, spirits and negative energies are result of mind process ‘Hallucination’. Here we will tell you how you can experience a real ghost feeling around you or how your mind forms these feels.

STEP 1. Make agree to a Friend for this experiment

First you select a friend of any age group or any gender and make him agree to cooperate in this experiment with you but don’t tell him that it will be a psychological experiment instead tell him that he is going to experience real ghost in this experiment.

STEP 2. Go to lonely Place ( a room )

Now you and your friend both go to a room where nobody should be there. It could be your personal room at home or in other place.

STEP 3. Evoke a feeling of fear in your friend

As we told you ,don’t tell your friend that it is a psychological experiment. You need to evoke a feeling of fear in him, you can tell a story about this Room to evoke fear feeling. For example a man was badly murdered here and my mom usually listens a voice in this room.

STEP 4. Close ears and eyes of your friend and ask him to sit on chair

Now you just close your friend’s eyes with a black strips and ears with cotton. Finally ask him to sit on the chair for 20 to 30 minutes, lights will be off, room will be locked. You will be out of the room while your friend will sit on the chair.

STEP 5.Leave your friend in Room for 30 minutes

Leave your friend alone in this locked room for 30 minutes. In this time his mind will begin to creat hallucination as someone is around him or someone is speaking to his ears. You can observe him through a window or a door hole.

Confused senses creat Ghosts

How it works

When our senses are blocked ( like closed eyes and ears ) then our mind becomes confused to gather the information and to interpret the situation. Without a clear information, Mind begins to interpret wrong on the basis of little knowledge about the place and situation. As you told a horror story about the place ,Mind of your friend see the situation according to your story without having much information. Hence he felt the ghost.

We hope , you will enjoy this experiment and new thing is that you can also do this experiment on you with help of your friend.As you know about experiment still you will be able to feel ghosts around you,


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