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Cam Newton Impressive in First Two Starts

Updated on September 18, 2011
Cam Newton has took the N.F.L. community by surprise. Is he setting the bar to high?
Cam Newton has took the N.F.L. community by surprise. Is he setting the bar to high? | Source

When you come into the N.F.L. as a rookie that is starting, the expectations are moderate. When you have the name Cam Newton, the bar is set sky high. Since the draft, Cam has took constant bashing from all of those who said he will fell, many which are N.F.L. analyst. Since the lockout lasted a month before the season began, the pressure to perform well increased vastly. Cam Newton played one full season as a starter for the Auburn Tigers and he led the Tigers to the National Championship and an undefeated season. With just that year as experince, many people said that Cam would fell. Although it is still early in the season and nobody knows what is in store, Newton has performed better then anyone of us could have imagined. Two games are now in the book and we now take a look at Carolina Panther quarterback Cam Newton.

Cam Newton has officially completed two N.F.L. games so far and he has played exceptionally well. In his first game against the Arizona Cardinals, Newton set a rookie record for passing yards with 422 yards through the air. He threw 2 touchdowns and one interception against Arizona. On Sunday, he broke his own record from the week before, throwing for 432 yards against a good Green Bay Packer defense. The Packers were able to force Cam to throw 3 interceptions in the game. Carolina lost 28-21 against Arizona and Green Bay defeated the Panthers 30-23 on Sunday. Despite the losing effort, Carolina has to be happy with Cam's play making ability. This is what they wanted from Cam when they took him as the first pick in the 2011 draft. So far, it is looking like it is going to pay off.

Cam is showing he can be a leader on this team, despite his young age and experience. Steve Smith's career has once again taking off and the Carolina offense is clicking. The Panthers knew coming in to the new season that it was going to be a process, but they have received more then what they expected. Everyone said last week was a fluke and Cam showed them once again that they were wrong.

Green Bay is probably the best team in the N.F.L. right now and Carolina hung with them until the end. They didn't get this production last season with Jimmy Clausen. That is why they selected Cam in the draft and I believe he is a star in the making. He runs through his transitions and he is becoming a pocket passer. He has the ability to extend the play with his legs. His size and strength can be compared to the Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Despite throwing 3 interceptions against Green Bay, he is learning and he is getting better each week that passes.

Cam Newton is quickly gaining respect from the veterans and coaching staff.
Cam Newton is quickly gaining respect from the veterans and coaching staff. | Source

Cam Newton has gave Carolina a chance to win in his first two games. They have a real good shot to pick up a win this week as the Jacksonville Jaguars travel to North Carolina. Carolina controlled Green Bay until the 3rd quarter. If the defense can get better, Carolina has the opportunity to win some games. The offense is no longer a concern.

Cam Newton has 854 yards passing in his first two games with 3 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. In time, he can be a great quarterback. He already looks like a N.F.L. pro. Steve Smith gives him a vital weapon at receiver. No one would have thought Cam would throw for 400+ in his first two games. Jacksonville comes to town next week and they have had trouble stopping the pass. Carolina's running game has struggled so far, so if they can get that going, they can be a more consistent team. None the less, Cam Newton has been impressive.


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