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Camelbak Unbottle 100oz: Perfect Daypack Hydration Pack

Updated on April 21, 2010

Camelbak are known for making great hydration packs. The 100oz Unbottle is no exception. Camelbak's products have changed over the years and for the better. You may have seen demonstrational videos of trucks running over the bladder and it will not pop. Pretty cool advertising if you ask me. I purchased the Unbottle because my Daypack has a conpartment for a water hydration pack sometimes called a bladder. I decided to buy the 100oz version over the 70oz version just in case i needed that extra 30 oz of water. I purchased my Unbottle at The Sports Authority for around $25 dollars.


The Unbottle fit my daypack if it's slight angled but that's not a big problem for me. This hydration pack is great. The mouth is very big which is great for dumping in a tray of ice cubes. In the summer, what I would do is dump a tray of ice cubes in my Unbottle and fill it with water about halfway. This would last me the whole day. Even late at night, the water would still be ice cold! I purchased the unbottle style over the naked bladder because I liked the fact that the Unbottle is insulated. It's insulation plus being inside my daypack keeps heat out and keeps my water nice and cold.The hose is nice and long but it can be tucked inside the unbottle without any kinking. My only complaint with the Unbottle is the flow valve. While it hasn't caused me any problems so far, the design looks very delicate and I have read that many people broke off the vavle simply by it snagging on something.


So this hydration pack is easy enough to use. Fill it up, turn the flow valve on and sip. The mouth piece is designed nicely. It has a vertical slit that you bite gentle and sip. Water will flow with a little suction. What I normally do is I make sure I do not back wash my Unbottle and I blow into the mouthpiece. This creates slight pressure inside the bottle and I can bite down on the mouthpiece and water will flow without any effort. If you decide to do this, be careful of backwashing. Bacteria can form and it can make your water smell and taste funky after a day or so. I use this technique often. When you sip water, there will always be water inside the tube coming up the mouthpiece. This water will get warm and after a while, you will start sipping warm water. What I do is after I take a sip, I always "push" the water back into the bladder being careful not to backwash. This actually sound alot more complicated that it really is. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually quite simple.


There are many other competition for hydration packs. I hear Nalgene are making some nice packs and Platypus also makes decent packs. My Unbottle is simple and does the job well. With a little technique, I sip down cold water everytime I need it. This pack is perfect for daypacks with a hydration conpartment. For those whole are not looking to buy an integrated camelbak daypack, the Unbottle compliments any existing "ordinary" daypack nicely. For the $25 I paid for it, it has held up quite well and I would highly recommend it. It can be found in many sporting goods stores. If your daypack is a little small, I would recomment the 75 oz Unbottle. I loved this Unbottle so much, I recommended it to my friend and he purchased one also!

Do you have any experience with Camelbak or it's competitors?

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