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Camp Woodward Locations

Updated on January 6, 2013

Camp Woodward

Woodward Camp

     Camp Woodward is a summer camp for kids and they even have some adult programs like no other. They are a multi sport camp. Camp Woodward is best known for it's gymnastics programs but also they are very strong with there entries into the action sports of BMX camps, Skateboarding Camp, Inline Skate camp, Cheer Camp, Mountain Bike Camp, and now even video production camp. 


     Say that word to any kid who is into his or her chosen sport from gymnastics to BMX and the first thing you will see is an ear to ear smile and they will start telling you stories about all the things they did last summer and the people they met. Be it a Professional mountain biker who taught them the latest tricks or just some cool kid from Florida who is a skater like himself. Maybe it's the fact that they finally learned that back handspring that they've been trying so hard to master and they met gymnasts from all over the country and made lots of new friends. Another thing usually happens they will tell you how this year when they go to Woodward they are going to do something new or learn something new. That's right most kids who go to Camp Woodward once become lifers. 

Locations of Camp Woodward

Woodward Locations

Woodward West

Woodward West is located in Tehachapi Ca about 2 hours from Los Angeles Ca. They have weekly camps in the summer for the following sports. Gymnastics Camp, Cheer Camp, BMX Camp, Inline Skate Camp, Free ride Mountain Bike and Video production camp. All of these camps are taught by instructors with knowledge in their fields including current and former pro athletes.

Camp Woodward PA

Camp Woodward PA is located in Pennsylvania was the first of many Camp Woodward camps. They became the training ground for many future olympians and X Games athletes. If you look at some of the pros and X Games Athletes bikes and Skateboards you will often notice that familiar yellow and white Woodward logo. So next time you are at your local skatepark or BMX track or Gymnastics competition look around check out the best athletes. That high level gymnast notice her warmup sweats and see that BMX bike and the Board at the skatepark the thing they all have in common is that Woodward logo.

Woodward At Copper

Woodward at Copper is located at Copper Mountain Resort in Copper Colorado it opened in 2009 and is the first winter sports facility for Camp Woodward. Woodward At Copper offers year round Snowboarding Camps and Freeskiing Camps.

Watch Camp Woodward Previous Seasons

Woodward Skatepark

Woodward Skatepark

     The Woodward Skatepark like all the other facilities is simply awesome. They have the best park set ups with all the ramps and rails and foam pits that you will need to get you to the next level in your skating. The great thing about it also is having the other kids who are more accomplished skaters than yourself. They push you to try new things and also the instructors who know exactly how to get you over that next obstacle or trick and you realize that it wasn't as hard as you had thought it would be

Woodward Skatepark Video

Woodward Gymnastics

Woodward Gymnastics

     Woodward Gymnastics facilities are simply the best the same as with the skate park facilities. They have the room and the instructors to get your gymnast to the next level in their gymnastics career. With a few great memories to go along with it, they will definitely want to come back again next year. If your child is a competitive gymnast i'm sure you've all ready heard the words this year when I or we meaning her team go to Woodward. Why do you think the competitive teams go to Woodward? Because they have the best most up to date instruction and facilities and Gymnastics camp is what Woodward was founded on back in the beginning so they do it very well.

Woodward Gymnastics Camp

Woodward BMX Camp

Woodward BMX Camp 

     Woodward BMX camp is where you can learn all the latest skills. Learn them from the visiting pros in every weekly camp session these are the same guys you see in the magazines and on TV. This camp is for both outdoor BMX and also indoor on the ramps and half pipes. Check out the video to really get the idea.

Woodward BMX Camp

Camp Woodward On TV

Camp Woodward On Fuel TV

     Camp Woodward is a reality show on the Fuel TV channel that follows a couple of kids last time it was a skateboarder a BMXer and a few others through their weeks at camp to see how they did,  what they liked and disliked. Also it just shows the general idea of what goes on at Camp Woodward. I must say very impressive. I wouldn't hesitate to send my kid there.


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