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Your Camping Checklist

Updated on February 6, 2015
You don't want to forget the necessities when it comes to camping.
You don't want to forget the necessities when it comes to camping. | Source

The Necessities Camping Checklist

When you're all packed up and get to the great outdoors it never fails, you always seem to forget something important. Nothing can ruin a great camping trip more than forgetting something like a sleeping bag, tent stakes or many other items that are essential to enjoying a great trip. Below is a camping checklist of the basics that are must haves when heading outdoors to keep your trip from being a disaster.

Must haves for sleeping:

Most important is the tent, sleeping bags, pads, tarp and a pillow or something to rest your head on.

Optional for sleeping:

A cot, extra blankets or blow up mattress, comfortable clothing to sleep in and outdoor slip on shoes.

Eating must haves:

Water, pots and pans or a mess kit, ice chest, food, eating utensils, can opener, lighter or flint, campfire if your heading out to do some camping where wood is scarce such as the desert or some coastal areas in the west.

Eating optionals:

Smore’s ingredients, camp stove and charcoal briquettes, hot dog sticks for roasting over the campfire, kettle for coffee, folding table, cutting board, bug net covers for the food, tin foil, lighter fluid, .

Hygiene must haves:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, soap, shampoo, wash rags, comb, towels, deodorant or anti perspirant and most important is toilet paper.

Miscellaneous items:

Fishing pole, tackle, salt and pepper, paper towels or napkins, cups, knives, a multi tool knife, cutting board, oil for cooking, paper plates, candles, rope, sunscreen, whistle, flashlight, extra batteries, matches, citronella candles, poncho for rainy days, GPS (optional), camera, mosquito spray and a first aid kit with the following below in it.

First aid kit necessities:

The typical first aid kit contains bandages, gauze and your typical anti bacteria wipes and ointments. You will also nee to make sure you add any medication needed by you, tweezers, sunburn spray or ointment, scissors, eye wash and a snake bite kit can save your life while camping.

Featuring one of the largest selections of hunting and survival fixed blade knives along with quality camping supplies, tactical and outdoor gear at everyday low prices!
Featuring one of the largest selections of hunting and survival fixed blade knives along with quality camping supplies, tactical and outdoor gear at everyday low prices!

Let us know if you would add to this camping checklist.

At many camping supply sites they carry all the necessary items you need for your next outing to go smooth. Try to make yourself a happy camper in whatever you do and I hope this camping checklist helps your next camping trip become an enjoyable one. enter a comment below and tell us what you think about our checklist or add your necessities or optionals if we've missed anything.


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