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9 Camping Tools that Should be on Your List

Updated on September 11, 2014
camping tools list
camping tools list | Source

Camping Tools and Accessories that should be on everyone's camp list

These 9 campsite tools and camping accessories will make your camp life a lot easier.

Veteran campers know to make sure these are always on their camping gear checklists because they know how easy it is to forget things in the rush of packing. They know how handy they are around camp. And how much harder some tasks are without them.

Don't think you need a shovel or hatchet? Not planning on sawing any wood? Think your personal flashlight and winter gloves are all you need? And you're sure you only need the stakes that came with your tent, right?

Wrong, and it only takes one camping trip for you to understand why! Make sure they are a part of your camping gear.

*A Free page-formatted printable and customizable camping checklist link is provided below

Tent Camping Caveat

Tent campers have to struggle to admit that there might be other kinds of camping; like RVing, Pop-ups, and cabins, and it is tent campers that are most likely to need these essential camping tools.

Camping checklists

Most campers know how important it is to use checklists to make sure they packed everything, but too many of the pre-made camping checklists they find either have way more stuff than they actually want to take, stuff they don't use, or else, they don't have things they do want to take.

The checklist below is a basic and standard camp site tools and accessories checklist suitable for most campers and camp site situations, and it includes a lot more than just the essentials. Use it to compare camping equipment and tools that you know you want to take, and jog your memory for things you didn't think of, then use the link below it to customize the list to include or exclude just the things that you take for your camping style and locations.

Even if you don't need all the gear on this list - at least make sure you include the essentials listed below it.

General Campsite
__ Tarp for Eating/Gathering Area - (preferred 9'x12')
__ Rope for stringing tarp and guy-lines
__ Tarp poles - (optional)
__ Extra takes for tarp
__ Camp shovel or trowel
__ Camp rake
__ Camp axe and/or hatchet
__ Camp Saw - *not a regular carpentry saw
__ Pliers - or camping multi-tool
__ Camp gloves - 1 pr. heavy-duty thick leather gloves
__ Clothesline rope - paracord works great for this
__ Extra rope/cord/baling twine
__ Camp water bucket - (5-gal. Pail)
__ Camp water containers - (2.5 or 5-gal plastic)
__ Camp wash basin (2)
__ Caution tape/White cloth strips - for marking guy-lines
__ S-hooks, approx. 6 ea. 2" s-hooks for hanging stuff
__ Assorted bungee cords
__ Boy Scout Handbook*

*a priceless addition to any camper's gear list, (newbie or veteran), it will provide answers and how-to's for almost any camping question you have. Plus it has tons of knots and woodcraft informatation
__ Lanterns- Propane/Butane/Liquid fuel
__ Extra lantern mantles/Globe
__ Extra lantern fuel
__ Strike-Anywhere Kitchen matches
__ Lantern - battery powered
__ Camp Flashlight - large
__ Extra batteries

__ Table-top Citronella Candle ( or similar insect repellant)
__ Trash bags
__ Paper towels
__ Toilet paper
__ Portable camp toilet
__ Camp shower unit
__ Hand sanitizer
__ Binoculars
__ Compass
__ Camping area map

The 9 Camping Essentials

  1. Extra Rope and tent stakes: Too many campers forget to consider extra rope, cord and tent stakes. They make sure they have what they need of these items, but don't think to bring extras until they are in camp and realize they need them - it's too late then. Make sure extras are on your lists
  2. Camp Rake: A camp rake makes clearing the tent and campfire areas a snap. An old lawn rake with the handle cut down to about two feet makes a great camp rake
  3. Camp shovel: A small folding camp shovel is usually the best choice, or even a small garden trowel. A last resort would be a full-size long handled shovel.
  4. Pliers: Always take a pair of pliers. A pair of Channel-locks will pull double duty - you can also use them to help handle hot campfire cookware
  5. Bulk water bucket: A 5-gallon water bucket can pull double duty too. Use it to pack your extra tent stakes and rope until you get to camp, then use it as your campfire water bucket
  6. Camp flashlight: Every camper should have their own flashlight, but you should have one wide-beam light available as THE camp site light.
  7. Strike-anywhere matches: Always have a box of Strike-anywhere kitchen matches in your camp gear - you will be surprised how many times a butane lighter just isn't right for the job. - For instance, no burned fingers trying to light your lanterns.
  8. Bungee cords and S-hooks: You can find cheap bungee cords and S-hooks at Discount stores. They have 101 handy uses around camp
  9. Boy Scout handbook: Investing a couple bucks for a used Boy Scout handbook will be the best money you ever spend on camping gear. It's an outdoor Bible with tons of uses when you are camping

#1 Camping Checklist Tip!

Turn your checklist into an X-list! Everyone checks off items as they gather or pack them, but you can be double-sure by turning your "check" into an "X" when the item is actually LOADED!

Checking an item off your list does not help if you forget and leave it in the garage, or on the kitchen counter, when you load-up.

Free Printable Camp Site Tools and Accessories Camping Checklists

You can get a Free page-formatted and customizable camp site tools and accessories checklist in either MS Word or PDF format, plus tons more free camping tips and guides at:

Gus aka GA Anderson
Gus aka GA Anderson | Source

About the Author

The author behind Camping with Kids is Gus, from An avid life-long tent camper that has camped in the mountains and on the plains, and in all four seasons - from 100+ to -10 degree weather. As a kid, with adults on week-long bear-hunting camps, and as an adult Boy Scout leader. Check the Camping with Kids profile to see more from Gus.

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