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A Few Camping Food Ideas

Updated on May 8, 2014

What better then to go Camping and enjoy the outside.Camping is a fun time to spend with family and friends and get out of your normal every day routine.When i was younger we would go camping and fishing in the rivers ,walking trails and making campfires.Animals and plants are becoming extinct in the society today so it is good to get the kids out and teach them about all the different things out in nature and take pictures and make a nature book with the kids.Camping teaches resilience. It builds courage. It teaches us about our strengths and weaknesses, and in so doing, it makes us productive people.Go camping and have fun!

While you are camping you have to eat so plan your meals and prep and wash your vegetables and fruit and marinate the meat a head of times and packing the stuff in to zip lock bags and containers and put in the cooler.along with your eggs,cold meat,cheese and butter and any thing that you need.Label your food and don't for get you condiments may be putting them in a small container from the big bottles in the fridge so you have more space in your cooler.

Omelet In A Bag

This is an easy yet yummy breakfast.Get a gallon zip lock bag and brake the eggs into and zip it shut.Grab other ingredients you like with your omelet like cheese,onions,peppers,bacon and mushrooms and any thing you like in your omelet and a a little salt and pepper.Open up the bag and add all the ingredients,zip the bag shut and squish the eggs to scramble it.Take a marker and name the bags so you know whose is whose. Grab a pot and boil water in it and make sure the bag is sealed well and add the bag to the water and let it boil for 5 to 10 minutes.Once cooked you can eat right out of the bag or transfer to a plate.

Hobos Tin Foil Meal

These are fun,easy and delicious camping meal in tin foil.You be as creative as you want and still get all the nutrition you need and all over a camp fire.

You can use Chicken,ground beef,fish or Polska kielbasa sausage chopped up (about 1 to 2 lbs depending on family size)

Baby potatoes washed or 2 regular potatoes peeled and sliced.

1 cups of each vegetables of your choice.

Salt and Pepper

1 tbs Worchester sauce or garlic or a sauce of your choice.

You grab your foil lay a large piece flat on the table and add the ingredients you want in the middle of the foil.Bring the short ends of the foil together fold it twice to seal then fold in the sides to seal and leave a little room for the steam to escape.Take your pocket and lay it on top of your fire and let it cook for about 1 hour or on your grill for 30 minutes.


After a nice hike or a day fishing you want a snack and this is a fun snack to do and enjoy.


1 tablespoon vegetable oil popcorn kernels

1/4 cup

popcorn seasoning

disposable pie pan

Large piece of foil

You take one tablespoon of the oil and the kernels add it to the pie pan and cover the pan making a dome shape on top.Put it over a high heat and shaking it the whole time until the popping stops.About 8 minutes.

Camp Cooker

Camp cookers are a great way to make dinner or some thing sweet.Makes great grilled pie,desserts,corn bread and sloppy joe.Camp cookers are a wonderful and versatile way to cook while camping.

Corn bread:

Grab a box of corn bread mix and prepare in the box.Into a well greased camp cooker fill the cavity about 1/3 of the way with the mix.Close latch handles and cook over very low heat until done.

Pizza pie:

2 slices of bread butted each on one side.Place one slice in the camp cooker spread pizza sauce and add pepperoni or cooked sausage and add mozzarella cheese.Place the piece of bread on and close the cooker shut and cook till bread is lightly brown turning frequently.

Cheese toasty:

2 slices of bread buttered on one side add your favorite cheese and close the cooker closed and cook turning frequently until golden brown.You can add other things to it if you like.I like to add sliced tomatoes or onion.

Pudgy taco pie:

Spray insides of pie iron with cooking spray. Take two tortillas and cut off one edge to create a flat side. Put one tortilla in pie maker with flat edge where pie maker is joined. (hinged side) add taco meat, cheese, taco sauce, onions and tomatoes if desired. Top with second tortilla. Cook over fire. When its done, top with sour cream and/or salsa.

Pudgy dessert pie:

Use any can of fruit pie filling.Butter to pieces of bread and lay one slice with butter side down and add the pie filling place the other piece of bread. close the camper and cook until golden brown.Take out the pie and sprinkle with sugar.

You could also add a ready made sloppy joe in the middle and make a pie or barbecue chicken with bacon bits.So much options so have fun with it and enjoy.

Philsbury Rolls

Dough boy on a stick:

1 can refrigerated biscuits

Cinnamon and sugar


You go find a good stick and clean it up really good.Take the biscuits and separate them while taking them and stretching each one out.Take the stick and wrap the biscuit around the stick making sure not to over lap the biscuit.Make sure your fire is hot but no flames.This part is tricky you want to cook the biscuit quickly so the biscuit does not expand.As soon as it is cooked spread butter over it and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.Enjoy.

Chocolate rolls:

Tube crescent rolls

Hershey pieces/Nuttella

Same as the dough boy you use a clean stick but with a y bend in it.Start unrolling the rolls and start braiding it around the stick while putting a piece of chocolate in the middle or spreed with nuttella before wrapping.Wrapping it evenly will help cook the dough better so you don't have uncooked dough.Cook until golden brown.Enjoy!

Do not for get you can also grill making kebabs,hamburgers,hot dog on a stick. Don't for get the smores! This website has a neat instructions on how to pack for a camping trip.

Packing Food For A Camping Trip


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