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Camping In God's Country (Potter County, PA)

Updated on January 23, 2012
Welcome to Potter County
Welcome to Potter County | Source
Foliage | Source

Every year, my dad's side of the family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) head up to our hunting camp in Northern Clinton County which is just a stone's throw away from the Potter County Line. That would be 35 of us crashing in on our camp! Our camp sits in Clinton County, but we do all of our activities in Potter County. It's an awesome place to be if you want to relax, fish, hunt, or ride recreational vehicles. Here's why I love going up to camp year after year.

Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage | Source


Because you are so far nestled into the woods, Potter County is a wonderful place to go and check out the beautiful scenery it has to offer. From trees full of leaves, to beautiful mountain views, Potter County really has it all. If you don't mind traveling a little while, you can go check out Hiner View, which is in Clinton County, just outside of Renovo. Up there, you can see for miles on end of the mountains and town. Aside of the majestic views you can get from where you're staying, you can also go to many of the state parks in the area including Coudersport Area Recreational Park, DCNR/Cherry Springs State Park, DCNR/Denton Hill State Park, DCNR/Kettle Creek State Park, and more. Visit for more information on these state parks and more.

4 Wheeling
4 Wheeling

Snowmobiling/ATV Trails

There are hundreds of miles of trails in Potter County for the snowmobile rider. Some of these trails are open to ATV's as well. We all take our 4wheelers up during the summertime and ride on these trails for a good portion of the time we are there. Getting out on the 4wheelers is fun and relaxing, and you get to see all of the scenery and wildlife in the area! This past summer, we actually saw an cow elk on the one 4wheeler path. I got a picture of it, but it was so far away that it just looks like a brown dot on the picture. We saw it though and it was really cool!

During the winter, a handful of us will venture up there, snowmbiles towing behind us, and hit the snow trails for the weekend. Before you hit the trails though, it's important to know where you are and where you're going because it's very easy to get lost up there! Trust me, it's happened to us before! Always carry a map and an emergency kit with you for situations that may arise. Remember, there's no cell phone service when you're in the mountains!

Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout | Source


Whether it's the first day of trout, whitetailed deer, or bear, Potter County has them all! We come up every year for the first day of trout and the bear season. We always catch plenty of trout in Kettle Creek, then bring them back and fry them up! On the bear season note, well, we haven't exactly been successful there, but we have heard success stories from people around us, and from people that we know, harvesting bear in this area. Either way, it's a great way to spend the day in the outdoors whether you are successful or not!

During the non-hunting season in the summer, we all head out on the 4wheelers, spotlights plugged in, to spot for deer and other animals. It's always neat to see them when you're sitting on a 4wheeler because you can get really close to them, plus, we always see deer!

Black Bear
Black Bear | Source

Family Time

As I said before, my dad's entire side of the family heads up to camp in the summer to relax and have a great time. And that we do! Us younger folks set up our tents and camp out, while the old timers shack up inside the camp in the beds. We play croquet, frisbee, wiffle ball, and football, not to mention shoot our many guns and bows. At night we make a campfire and roast marshmallows, and we also make mountain pies and hot dogs. It's a great time. We always go up over the 4th of July, so the camp over on the hill sets off fireworks and we get a fireworks display! When they aren't setting them off, you get the clearest view you'll ever have of the stars in the night sky above you. No street lights, no house lights, nothing. Just pure blackness and the stars in the sky.

In fact, the one year we were sitting there and heard some branches breaking about 25 yards down from us on the bushline. We got flashlights out and realized a bear had grabbed our archery target! In an attempt to get our target back, we ran, screaming and yelling at the bear, throwing wood around him (but certainly not hitting him) to try and scare him off! We were successful, and managed to obtain the target. We didn't even see the bear walking behind us, and he had to have only been 15 yards from us because there was a bushline behind us! It was scary, but really kinda cool to see that!

Hunting Camp
Hunting Camp

Overall, we have a great time when we go up to Potter County, and I think anyone that enjoys the outdoors would too. Remember to check out the Potter County Website for more information and upcoming events!


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    • KStro18 profile image

      KStro18 6 years ago from PA

      Yes we love camping as well. Anything outdoors really. The leaves are so pretty up there too! Thanks alot for reading!

    • TIMETRAVELER2 profile image

      Sondra Rochelle 6 years ago from USA

      Thanks for the sweet article. Loved the photos of autumn leaves. I love to camp and to read articles about keep writing!