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Camping Lantern and Accessories

Updated on July 30, 2009

A camping lantern offers reliability and a lot of light for those on an outdoor camping, kayaking, or climbing adventure. Offered in a choice of sleek and stylish designs, with battery-operated, gas, solar, and candle the four different types. A battery camping lantern is a much safe and easier option than that of a fuel-powered camp lantern. In addition to the lanterns, camping lights can also consist of flashlights, headlands, to candles.

Features to a battery camping lantern include an ability to adjust the amount of light, with something like 50 to 65 hours on a low setting to 25 to 32 hours of light on a high setting - all dependent on the make and model. Often encased in a durable housing, weather-resistant, so usable in all conditions, and fitted with a bail handle for ease in hanging, carrying or storing away.

An alternative to a battery operated light source is an environmentally friendly solar camping lantern, with an attached solar charging panel offering a full charge of some 12 to 24 hours. If in a situation were that's not sufficient, in most cases these lanterns often feature dual function, so able to run on rechargeable energy or a 12v DC power source.

One established manufacturer of camping and outdoor paraphernalia is Coleman with an extensive range of lanterns, stoves, tents, sleeping bags, and coolers. The Coleman camping lantern series offers a choice of economical and rugged family-size battery, gas and propane lanterns in a choice of styles, colors, and sizes, all encased in a weather-resistant housing.

Another source of lighting on a mountaineering, canoeing or similar outdoor pursuits is a camping candle lantern. These compact and collapsible lanterns feature a long-lasting candle, surrounded in an efficient housing. To keep the flame at a consistent height, the candle sits on a spring-loaded tube so that its pushed up as the candle burns down. A much lighter alternative to a traditional battery camping lantern, as well as offering a good amount of light.

In addition, the LED camping lantern offers long-life with the convenience of benefiting from rechargeable power. The LED technology allows a lantern to output super-bright lighting, while relying on little energy, so in turn that results in a longer battery life. 

If out traveling in the wilderness, on a fishing adventure, or camping in a tent, recreational campers or on a watercraft it often helps to have a strong lighting source to depend on, such as a camping lantern. These lights are also excellent back-ups at home in the event of a power-cut, or an item to add to an emergency kit in a vehicle.


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