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Camping Lanterns Guide - Some Things to Consider

Updated on April 19, 2012

Camping is truly an American pastime. Being able to curl up to a nice, warm fire under the stars is a relaxing experience. It’s even better when you can get your family involved in the experience. It makes those camping trips, much more fun. However, on every camping trip you want to make sure you bring along some of the essentials.

Since, early 2010 there has been a significant ban on the lighting of campfires in many of the national parks around the country. This policy has been instituted into some of the state parks as a precaution too. So when you are preparing for your camping trip make sure you bring along some form of lighting.

The best types of lighting are from Dorcy lanterns. These lanterns are made to project a good amount of light over an entire camping area. They are much more powerful than flashlights and can come in a variety of sizes and luminescence. This is ideal for those that plan on staying up late and enjoying the company of your family even after it gets a little dark.

If, you are new or an inexperienced camper you are probably wondering which Dorcy lantern would be right for you. I would suggest that you use the Dorcy rechargeable lantern it is easy to use and provides enough light for an entire weekend camping trip. If, for some reason, the light seems to be dying down it can be recharged by the sun using solar panels or by swapping out the batteries and taking them home to be recharged.

You can also get different types of Dorcy LED lanterns that burn different types of fuel like propane or kerosene. I do not suggest these types of lanterns if you are new to camping or are bringing the family with you. Then can be very dangerous if not handled correctly, so if you do, please use them wisely. There is also the inconvenience of having to carry flammable liquids or propane tanks with you for extra fuel.

The Dorcy Company is the world’s most experienced company for making outdoor camping lanterns. They have been producing lanterns for over 55 years and still continue to make them in America today. The outside lantern that they make must be used outside. Because, of the fuel (kerosene, Propane)is toxic if it is breathed in close quarters. The next logical camping lantern in the battery powered lantern they have been around for several years. However, if the batteries are not rechargeable they can be expensive to obtain.

The Dorcy LED rechargeable lantern is by far the best lantern on the market. It contains LED light bulbs that have a life expectancy of over one hundred thousand hours. So, there will never need to have the LED light bulb replaced. The rechargeable batteries in these models can run on a full charge for more than eighteen hours. That is enough to get you through most weekends without have to use the backup batteries. The lantern charging time only takes about four to five hours. The Dorcy lanterns are not only for camping but, can be very useful if the electricity goes out in your home.

There is another available lantern that is also made by the Dorcy lantern company. These lanterns contain the basics of green technology and can be very useful at times. The lanterns actually have a crank on the side of them that allows you to crank it for approximately one min, and it give off about 15 min of useable light. In the right situation, these lights can be life saving, and with the LED bulbs in side they will last quite awhile.


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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    You know these are really cool hubs. I meant to tell you that yesterday. Looking for a cool gift for a child? All kids just love flashlights.