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Camping chairs are much more versatile than you think!

Updated on November 10, 2015
Camping chairs were originally made specifically for the rugged outdoors.
Camping chairs were originally made specifically for the rugged outdoors.

Camping chairs are known for their durability and many convenient features. They are manufactured to be light in weight, super-tough, weatherproof, foldable, and more. And it is features like these that make them fantastic for so many uses. Here are some of the best places you can use and enjoy them:

The Woods and Mountains

This is where these chairs were designed to be used. Because of this, they are hands down the best seating option when it comes to the great outdoors. Their light weight coupled with their ability to fold up make them a cinch to conveniently carry for hours at a time. And because they are easy to fold up and carry it also means they are easy to open up and use. This allows you to be sitting down relaxing within seconds. They are great for taking a quick and comfortable break to rest your feet on the trail or on to sit and admire the view on top of a mountain. In fact you could just about sit down anywhere. No more resting on logs or rocks and having to worry about getting wet, dirty or even staining your pants. Camping chairs also are weatherproof and very durable because they are typically made of nylon, which allows them to handle rain and scraping against rocks and branches without being damaged.

The Beach

Some of the same features that make camping chairs so great in the woods and mountains also make them excellent for a relaxing trip to the sea. They actually function much better at this job than most beach furniture. Beach furniture while it might be foldable is not always convenient to carry and usually ends up being dragged in the sand while you are looking for a space to sit down, or painfully banging against your legs and ankles. Many beach chairs are also annoyingly so low that you end up virtually sitting in the sand and because they are cheaply made, many even begin to rust making them hard to open and close. Not so with your camping chair. You can easily throw it over your shoulder while still being able to carry a cooler or other important beach supplies. Not only that, but you will be able to sit comfortably and high enough off of the sand to not have to worry about getting your swimsuit all sandy after a dip in the ocean. There are even reclining camping chairs available so you can lay back and enjoy the sun’s rays and beautiful ocean view even more comfortably. You won’t have to worry about your drink getting all sandy as it sweats either because virtually all camping chairs come with a conveniently located mesh drink holder located in the arm.

At the Game

One of the most popular uses of camping chairs is at local sporting events. You don’t have to deal with sitting on hard cement or aluminum stadium seats anymore because your seat is much more comfortable. In fact unlike everyone else you don’t even have to worry about finding a seat because you can sit wherever you want, under a shady tree or even right next to the sidelines if you prefer. It’s up to you. Another great feature of some chairs like many of the Coleman camping chairs is an included soft cooler which allows you to conveniently bring your own drinks to the game as well. This will help you to save money and with you’re built in drink holder also not have to worry about someone knocking down your drink over when getting out of the aisle. There are even chairs available with built in program holders so you can keep track of the stats with ease.

A Fisherman's Best Friend

Another great place to use your camping chair is next to the river, pond, or lake while fishing. As any fisherman knows fishing requires patience, yet as much as you enjoy the outdoors there is nothing worse than sitting on a hard rock or damp shoreline in an uncomfortable position while waiting for the big one to bite. You could have the best bait or tackle in the world but if you can't sit comfortably you're seriously cutting down the odds of being able to fish for an extended period of time and that means less fish and less fun. With a camping chair you can sit and enjoy your favorite sport just how should be enjoyed, in a state of relaxation and comfort. Many hardcore fisherman actually keep their camping chair folded up in their trunk at all times along with their tackle box and a spare rod, just in case they stumble upon a great spot while doing something else or have a few spare hours. This allows them to be sitting, relaxing, and fishing in a matter of seconds when the opportunity presents itself. And of course the drink holder comes in handy as well, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with a cool refreshment at your fingertips.

As you can see camping chairs are much more versatile thank most people realize. And it is their long list of amazing features which allow them to do so while at the same time beating out all other options. Whether you’re planning a camping trip to the woods, a day at the beach, watching a game, a day of fishing, consider a camping chair for maximum comfort and convenience.


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    • mgeorge1050 profile image

      Alan 4 years ago from West Georgia

      Cool article, I agree that camping chairs are awesome. I recently got one with a shade top that totally kicks butt.