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Camping equipment, solar and wind up camping equipment,

Updated on December 14, 2015

Camping equipment, solar camping equipment, even wind up camping equipment and solarpowered tents, that's right, solar powered tents.

Camping is one of the original man and boy traditions across the world, where dads take their boys on a self supportive camping trip into the wilderness. Maybe even camping in Spain or Europe, hunting, fishing and foraging for their own food, they eat what they cook, and cook what they catch, and the boys come home men, but very hungry and dirty men.

Camping has increased in popularity every year for over two decades, with millions of camping trips planned every year. Even teenagers camp out at concert festivals for days on end.

Camping equipment or camping gear, has seen many changes over the years, and with the growing concern over the environment and climate change camping equipment manufacturers have bowed to public pressure and are releasing more and more solar and wind-up camping equipment for all your camping needs and your camping checklist.

Camping Tents

With so many different types of tents for camping on the market from each individual camping equipment manufacturer, it is difficult to choose the right one for you. Many family tents which sleep between four and eight persons, offer extra inbuilt items such as a hallway for clothes, toilet space, and an outside canopy.

These family tents are ideal if you are going camping with smaller children and would like to keep them close, and are mainly used in designated camp sites or camping areas. As these tents can be quite heavy, they are used when you are taking a car with you, and not as a backpack.

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For backpacking couples, there are the much lighter 2 person tents. Some of these camping tents are self erecting, so you simply unroll them and throw them out and hey presto, your tent has been erected within two seconds, no messing about putting posts together. Again with thousands of different camping tents on the market, you need to decide which one will suit your purpose, some are designed to withstand temperatures below -35 degrees, whilst other tents are just run of the mill cheap tents for hikers and backpackers in normal environments.

Single man camping tents are perfect for the individual back packer. Very light and compact, self assembly, and waterproof. As the back packer has to carry everything he or she needs with them constantly, whatever they carry, needs to be durable, light, extremely useful, or totally necessary. That is why manufacturers have come up with the solar powered camping tent. These solar powered tents have an internal lighting system and can recharge the battery of your mobile phones and your laptop computers.

Camping Equipment, Solar Chargers

There are now lots of different kinds of lightweight solar powered camping equipment. There are the usual roll out mats for charging you mobile phone, laptop computer or the Nintendo games consoles for the kids. T

here are the back packs which have built in solar panels so you can charge your phone whilst you walk. Camping equipment does cover a wide range of utilities, and many of these utilities now come in solar powered form, like camping lanterns, lights, and torches.

Camping Equipment, Solar Powered Cooking

Unbelievable, the camping needs of a cook have now been met, there is now a solar powered oven, whether you are camping in Spain, Florida or a mild climate. You can put your meat or Vegetables in a pot inside these ovens, and leave them whilst you go foraging for desert or swimming, then come back and your food is cooked, absolutely brilliant, no need for starting a fire. This way of cooking prevents us from eating burnt food as we normally do when we go camping but with virtually no risk of starting a forest fire.

There are many different wind-up radios available
There are many different wind-up radios available

Wind-up Radios and lights

For your camping equipment list, why not add on a wind-up radio. These are used extensively in Africa and third world countries, but now for the regular camper, these are a must, as when in the mountains on a camping trip, you may need to know weather patterns or if there is a wild bear on the loose, or you just may want to listen to music. Also on the market, there are the friction power torches, with led lights, you simply squeeze them a few times in your hand, and you have an instant reusable torch, or again we have the wind-up torches and lamps. All these renewable power sources are here to help save the planet, and to save us money, which they do, so when preparing for your camping trip, remember to save the planet at the same time, or your children's children, may never be able to go camping, as we have destroyed the Earth, every little helps.


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