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Camping in the Rain

Updated on January 12, 2010
Warcombe Farm Camping Park
Warcombe Farm Camping Park

What to pack and more

Camping is a fun and exhilarating activity for many, but rainy weather at campsites can be a factor. Being properly prepared for rain will greatly improve the camping experience.

What to pack

When preparing for the possibility of rain when camping packing the right gear is very important. Extra clothing, shoes and underwear should always be packed because these items often get wet and they can be stored in cars if vehicles are parked close enough to the campsites. If not they can easily be stored in the tent.

Also it is important to pack ponchos, raincoats, waterproof boots and hats. All of these items should be placed in waterproof bags to keep them from getting wet if it rains. If waterproof bags are not available these items can be placed inside large trash bags that are tied tightly.

Hand warmers and lightweight gloves should also be brought along to keep hands warm when pitching tents and for when tents are taken down.

Preparing the Tent for Rain

The best type of tent for rain should have a full fly sheet with ample overhang to avoid rain and mud from getting into the tent. Plus the tent should be properly sealed to keep water from seeping into the tent when it rains. Also the tent should have a waterproof coating.

Placement of Tent

When pitching tents it is highly recommended that the tent not be placed on areas that have angles or slopes nor should they be placed on soft ground. Look for areas that are flat and that are on high ground when at campsites to avoid rainwater from running and seeping into the tent.

Once the placement of the tent has been established it is important to put down a ground sheet under the tent and to tuck in the edges of the sheet to keep out the rain which will keep rain from forming under the tent.

Do not set the tent up near dead trees or under a tree. Dead tree branches can fall off in a storm and damage the tent plus trees can be struck by lightning.

Avoid Bringing Wet Clothes Inside Tent

Getting caught in the rain at campsites is a very common occurrence, but wet clothing should never be brought inside the tent. If caught in the rain all wet clothing and shoe wear should be removed at the entrance of the tent, folded and placed in a corner. This will help keep the tent and other items inside the tent dry.

Super absorbent quick-dry towels which should be kept nearby to be used to wipe up any water or mud that may get inside the tent.

Bring Things to Do

There will be down time at campsites especially if it rains, so board games, playing cards, books, and other items of entertainment should be brought along to pass the time.


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