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Camping tables and chairs

Updated on July 5, 2009

I can guarantee that everyone who has ever gone camping without a table and chairs have missed having them there. The camping table and chairs are truly an essential part of every camping trip that does not involve a lot of walking. It gives your trip that added comfort that gives you the urge to repeat the trip at a later time. Imagine sitting in the forest trying to eat without having a table to put the tray on and without something to sit on. Especially if you are several people going on a camping trip, it is better with some furniture because you get a much better scene for socializing and plain talking. Not to mention playing board games and cards.

There is a catch with the camping furniture though. Even though it is usually foldable, they can weigh quite a bit. This makes them ill suited for long hikes or bicycle camping. In most cases a car or an RV is the method of camping that suits camping furniture best.

There are so many different brands and models out there today that it is actually quite hard to choose just what you need. You have the option of buying the furniture as sets, or you can buy them separate. In the next paragraphs I will show you a few of the alternatives that you have. If you can find what you are looking for here, I would advice you to go to a store that has a good and knowledgeable staff that can help you find what you need. One special thing to keep in mind is to get chairs and a table that fits together. We all know how hard it is to sit on a chair that is either too low or too high for the table.

Camping Chairs

There are several different types of camping chairs on the market. For the camping that we talk about I guess we can basically rule out the smallest and most minimalistic of the chairs. These small chairs are what we call camping stools. These are not that comfortable at all, and will probably just work against its purpose in our situation. For long walks and hikes they are the ideal choice though.

A type of chair that I have fallen in love with is the really luxurious type. These chairs have just about whatever you need in a chair, and some of them can even outdo you living room chair! You can get them with drink holders, foot rest and even a built in table. These will work just as well for eating as it does for taking and afternoon nap or a quick social drink with the guys.

If we move down to the more normal types of camping chairs, we find a whole bunch of chairs to choose from. A lot of them are basically just the same, but there are some differences here as well. Most of the chairs are made with arm rests. This is something that I really advice you to make sure that the one you get have. It makes relaxing in the camp after a day of activities that much more comfortable and enjoyable. You should also make sure that the chair has a good, comfortable back. An example of a chair in this category is the Coleman Sling Chair. This is a very good chair that actually has an adjustable back and will do just about all the favors you it to! It cost about $50 at different online stores, but you can probably get it bit cheaper.

Another option is to get an inflatable camping chair. In my opinion this is only an option if you have serious problems with space. There are several problems with these chairs that make them bad for camping. The most important reason is that they have tendency to puncture. And you don’t want to spend your camping trip repairing a punctured chair.

It can be hard to choose the right camping chair. Here is some more help choosing the right camping chair.

Camping Tables

The thing you need to consider when buying a table is how big you want it. A small table will do just fine you are only two people, but if you bring your whole family of eight, it will be way too small. There are both different sizes and heights to choose from. My advice is that you first choose the chair you feel comfortable with and then choose a table that fits. See video below for a demonstration of a really small table.

Camping furniture sets

The best way to buy camping furniture might actually be to keep it really simple. Buying a set gives you a guarantee that the chairs and table fits in height and you will probably get it a lot cheaper. The problem is if you have kids. They usually need a bit higher chairs compared to adults, and you don’t have the option to choose a higher one when buying a set.

Lightweight Camping table


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      michelle.dragon99 8 years ago

      great hub;p

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      amitlamba 8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this practical idea. you can store much more stuff that you can imagine normally. Armoire are great to give a deep atmosphere to any living room or bedroom. The selection is wide and careful care should be taken to match the design of the rest of your house