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Camping tips - how to prepare for camping

Updated on February 22, 2012

Camping tips for campers

Here are some useful camping tips so that a camper can figure out before making the trip. This information will help you to prepare better for your camping trip and avoid some big mistakes.

List all the necessary camping gear

By making and using a camping checklist, you will be better prepared for your trip as well as done a little bit of upfront planning. Simply by using the listing you will be much less liable to forget something important to your trip. Bring the camping tips list along with you and add to it as you think of anything. This way, it tends to make that much easier to plan the next one.

Camping gear

Listing of what you need during camping is the most important part of camping. Make a list if you have tent, backpack, lantern, cooking stove etc. If you bought these new, try these at first before going to camping. Try to use the tent before going to camping. Become familiar with their set up prior to camping, in order to be safe for your trip.

Meal plan

Plan your meals before you leave on the trip, list what you want to eat there. Buy the necessary food before you leave and all the accessory items for the meal. Try to avoid getting these from a store on the way to camping, where products are limited and often really expensive. Take water bottle can be helpful it is actually accessible and can easily to be used as you hike.


Generally there are many Camping Tents to choose from the option you make definitely will depend on where you will be camping and the weather conditions. Take clothing which can easily be used in layers and then you can adjust the layers to your own comfort.

Also consider a list of situations in the that might arise and how you would manage them for case what if someone in your party gets seriously injured or get sick. How far is it to the closest help, how would you get them to safety, exactly how long will that take

Come at your campground early enough the first day and so that actually you have enough of daylight to make your tent and other device set up. This will make you a safer start so that you can relax and experience the outdoors.


When packing your clothes make sure that you have enough clothing in case someone falls or something happens. Be certain and bring a swimwear and towels if swimming is in your plans. Make sure to have some sweatshirts, light coats, as well as rain gear in case it gets cold and wet. Pack enough, however do not overdo it. Keep in mind you are most likely space limited on what you can fit in your car. Keep some warm clothes for the trip.

Check what the weather will be when you will be camping and make arrangements accordingly. This camping tip will save you a lot of work and prepared for all situation.

Make sure you tent is big enough to fit all your family members. There is nothing worse than having your family members all packed into your tent. Even though you are usually roughing it, you can still enjoy a small bit of comfort. If your tent is big enough and you even can bring some air mattresses you can be sleeping wonderful and comfortable. If you are camping for couple of days, you should get a bigger tent to be comfortable. If you follow these camping tips, you will be able to relax and enjoy your day or night there.

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    • sfshine profile image

      sfshine 6 years ago from Michigan

      Thank you for your nice comment. I am trying to write more hubs.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 6 years ago from California

      Good Ideas. In California it is still good camping weather. I am waiting for you to write more hubs.