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Camping with the family, well sorta like camping. Camping for the Fun of It!

Updated on June 18, 2012
Getting Breakfast ready!
Getting Breakfast ready! | Source


I never realized the word camping meant so many different things to so many people.

When I was a teenager I did serious camping. Everything you needed was on your back including the food. We picked up food every three days or so from back country location. I hiked Philmont as an explorer scout, worked at Philmont for a summer, lived in tents for summers. peed in the woods, dug holes in the woods for the other stuff. Serious camping.

So a friend asked us to go camping with her family I thought about it. I knew it wasn't the serious camping that I did as a kid because it was at a campground. I never imagined our experiences this weekend were camping, but it was a good experience for our you kids until they are ready for some serious camping.

Camping for the Fun of It

So this was our first experience with Camping for the Fun of It. We live in Illinois and the location we were headed to was actually only about 30 minutes from where I grew up in Wisconsin. I started laughing when she told me where we were headed. It was Fathers Day weekend and the theme for the weekend was Water Wars. Appropriate considering the extreme heat. Now remember I have been a serious camper before I married a non camper and had kids. Although my husband now claims he was a camper but don't let him fool you.

We stayer at River Bend in Watertown, WI. Let's just set the record straight though this is really an RV Resort and not really a campground. Granted it was nice having water and electric on site but we were probably the only site that did not have a camper or RV.

The resort did have a swimming pond, water park, jumping pillow, playgrounds, activity center, pavilion, bar & grill, general store, and nice shower houses. Although you did have to pay 2 quarters for a 5 minutes shower. I am okay with that but it isn't advertised on their website and I only knew because our friend told us ahead of time. The also come around and sell wood by the barrel to your campsite. We bought a barrel of wood for $7 and used it for three fires, considering we didn't have a camp stove or other means of cooking this wasn't too bad. We cooked all of our food over a fire and slept the night away in a tent. We did bring an inflatable mattress for the adults and were thankful for it when we didn't float away in the downpour the second night.

Not true camping

Well this wasn't my idea of true camping since we spent most of the day at the water park we did have a wonderful time. The kids are at an age were I don't think they are ready to carry their weight of gear into the woods so this will do until they are a little bit older.

If you live near Wisconsin check out all of the camping locations that include activities and fun for the family.

Camping for the Fun of It


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    • bankscottage profile image

      bankscottage 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Yup, not too much of a problem with your back after spending the night at a nice B and B.

    • kthix10 profile image

      kthix10 5 years ago from IL

      I think my husband will be right there with you - I did learn a lesson though - never go camping the week that your chiropractor is going to be out of town.

    • bankscottage profile image

      bankscottage 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Sounds like even though it wasn't 'real camping" you had a good time even with the rain. At least it gets the kids (and your husband) outside and appreciating nature (complete with a water park and jumping pillow).

      We did a little camping with our kids when then were younger (a lot at Boy Scout camps). Now, they are ready to go on real hikes and we have spent a few nights in the huts on the AT. But, while they are ready for real camping, I am ready for hiking and nights at a B and B.