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Camping Together

Updated on September 7, 2014

Camping together as a family

Camping is very important to many people. For many, just getting away from work for a few days. Spending time with the family and friends; exploring mother nature world; taking in the beauty of your surroundings, it enough. Camping is a learning experience, for new campers, and for those that camp all the time. There is always something new going on in mother nature's world, things to see and things to smell or feel.

Hear Say

We, hear the saying, we would like to spend more time with our families. Just getting to know them. This is getting harder and harder to do these days.
Today in most cases, both parents work; the children are running from one sport or school active to another. In some cases seeing each other only as they pass.

This is why I say to get away together is good for the whole family. The reason I push camping is you are in the woods by yourself's, just your family and mother nature. What a better way to get to know someone, then spend a weekend together. Working together, setting up a camp, cook and enjoy not only the great outdoors, but each other.

Camping has many challenges, where are you going to sleep? What are you going to eat, and are you going to do? Go fishing, swimming, play games, or maybe catch up on that novel you have been wanting to read. There are so many things you can do together. The whole idea is to get closer to your family, learn who your son or daughters are. What are they into, and how as parents can we help them?

Life 's not away easy.

Life is not easy, but if we can get away once in a while, and just relax and catch up on what the members of our families are doing in their busy lives, it seems a bit easier. Camping out where the air is clear, there are the sounds of mother nature only, and cooking of a camp fire is something that can only be enjoyed in the woods. Eating fresh fish cooked over a camp fire is as good as your best restaurant. The peace, the quietness, the stars you can see at night because it is so dark; no city lights that block out the stars.


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    • Larry Cole profile image

      Larry Cole 3 years ago from Medina, TX

      Start your camping small, maybe with a tent.