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Camping at Pfeiffer Big Sur

Updated on March 11, 2011

A Pfeiffer Water Fall

A nice little hiking trail

The Pfeiffer River

A look at the Big Sur Beaches

Camping at it's finest....

    If you are a camper or are looking to maybe go somewhere on the California Coast. I highly recommend camping at Pheiffer in Big Sur. It is located of Highway 1 very close to beach. It is about 2 hours South of San Fransico and i'd say about...... 6 or 7 hours North of L.A. . The beaches in Big Sur are beautiful. They are next to huge rocky hills that are covered with forest and the water is clear and clean. It just has a real natural feel to it and driving on the roads of Highway one can be tricky because you often find yourself trying to look down at the water. So now that you know about the Big sur area, lets talk about Pheiffer. 

    Pheiffer is one of the many campgrounds on the Big Sur coast but is probably one of the best. It is a little inland from the actual coast so you don't get that sea smell or the cold but close enough that you can still enjoy the beach by just driving a few miles up or down the coast. It is a very wooded area with a bunch of Evergreends like huge Redwoods and has large hills with flowing rivers and gorges. The nice thing about it is that it feels like you are camping rather then just being in a big parking lot with a fire pit like some campgrounds. When you get a spot you'll notice that your whole campsite is covered in trees and you can put your tent right in the middle of trees so it makes for a nice shady area. If you are lucky you can get a campsite which is right next to the river. This is really nice because when I was camping, i was seriously about 15 feet away from the river and when I woke up i'd just walk down to the river and wash of my face with the cool water. The cool thing about the river is that there is a large water hole in the river where people can relax or swim because there are a bunch of different depths and there are rocks to jump off. If you go further up the river you can come to the gorge which is really kinda cool. It comes to a canyon where there are a ton of big rocks and small little water falls that you have to hike over to get to the actual big water hole that everyone goes to. The hike is really fun because you get to climb over rocks and have to cross the river a few times and when you get to end there is a huge rock you climb up and get to jump off. If you aren't that hardcore then if you just go to the start of the canyon there is plent to do there with all the little rocks and swimming spots. If you are one of the people who like to just hang out at your campsite I recommend getting a good knife and just making a nice walking stick. This can be really relaxing because it is very calming and you can also watch the wildlife scurry around and try to steal your food. 

    So, if you are looking to camp with sticks and cooking on an open fire pit then I highly recommend camping at Pfeiffer. It's very relaxing and the river is probbably the coolest thing about it.  If you are looking to camp there you should reserve a spot months in advance because there is a chance that you may not get a spot, this place is very popular. So in the end, Pfeiffer camping at Pfeiffer is amazing and if you love the outdoors there is no stop of hiking, swimming, fishing, and just about anything else you can thing of. Be sure to check back later for more of my camping hubs. 



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    • Camping Dan profile image

      Camping Dan 8 years ago

      I liked the Big Sur area a lot, but it was hard to truly enjoy the scenery since so much of the area seemed to be private land.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 11 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Nice pics.