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Campsites in Brazil, camping in Brazil ( Brasil )

Updated on December 11, 2015

Camping out in Brazil is the cheapest form of temporary housing available. Camping is not to common in Brazil, possibly because of the amount of insects, snakes and spiders that are there.

But tour operators do offer camping trips, mainly into the Amazon jungle. It may be advisable to hire a motor home instead of a tent, at least you are not sleeping on the floor then, some of the spiders found in Brazil are as big as a mans hand.

Poisonous spiders and snakes in Brazil, important information for travellers

This is called Hostel Camping, tents provided
This is called Hostel Camping, tents provided

There is a camping club in Brazil, it is called "Camping clube do Brasil", if you apply to become a member and can get membership, you only then pay 50% of the usual daily tariffs.

There are nearly fifty camping sites, that are owned by Camping clube do Brasil, all in fourteen different states. All of these camping sites have shower and toilet facilities, a restaurant and a cafe, as well as the essential bar or two.

They do have security, but each site is different, to be safe, always hide important paperwork and only take enough money out of your account for what you need that day.

You may need a permit to camp in certain areas of Brazil, if you are just going to stop and pitch your tent, think twice, the police may move you on, or you might be robbed. Don't forget, Brazil is covered in only part discovered areas, as the jungle is so dense, and some parts are very wild, and that's not just where the parties are.

Be careful in Brazil. You would always be safer if you camp either in an official campsite or with lots of other campers, do not just wander into the jungle and pitch up camp there, waking up next to a three meter rattlesnake is not a good idea.

Camping in Brazil, virtually anywhere, but be careful
Camping in Brazil, virtually anywhere, but be careful

Camping sites can turn out to be quite expensive if you are planning to stay in Brazil for a while, so another alternative is to use the service stations, you can actually camp there for free, nada, zilch, gratis.

They do have toilets which you can use, try to not use a tree, there are tree snakes all around Brazil. There are also showers available, at a small cost and food is usually on sale, but not at all service stations. There is no security but there are usually a high number of campers and travellers around, especially if you are planning to go during the World Cup.

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