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Can I play Powerball outside US online?

Updated on April 28, 2016

Yes you can play online at, you can select your own numbers or do "quick picks" which selects a set of random powerball numbers for you. They are linked to playhugelottos and will email you if your number hits any winning combination. This company buys the ticket on your behalf legally and if you win any money it goes straight into your account. For larger wins, they will arrange the best method of payment for you. I have used this site myself and I've been paid out for every win. This site is 100% safe and tons of international people who want to play in big lotteries use it. Another feature I like about the site is for every ticket you buy, if any winning combination hits they will notify you by email of your wins. If you want to check the latest USA Powerball Jackpot amount, results and winning numbers, you can check here: You can legally win other huge worldwide Jackpots or join the lottery discussion forum on Hope that's helpful!


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