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Can Lonzo Ball Live up to Past Laker Legends?

Updated on October 27, 2017

Lonzo Ball may have the most pressure any NBA rookie had faced in a long time. Due to the added pressure of his charismatic sales pitch father, having a shoe that is worth more than Lebron's and Kyrie's combine, and the expectations of being the next "Magic Johnson with a jump shot". All these added burdens could make any young man feel doubtful, but not Lonzo. This kid looks like he embrace the pressure like a sponge, for the most part he is calm and collective about the whole situation. The real question is if he can embrace the challenge of being one of the best player for his franchise, he definitely has the growth potential to do that if he manage to do certain tasks that can make him strive on and off the court.

Work on His Jump shot

In High School and College Lonzo Ball could throw up as much shots and eventually a good percentage may fall in, but in the NBA where you are required to share the ball to your team mates and you'll have to work to get good looks to the basket, having a consistent and reliable jump shot is a must. From a young age Lonzo shot the basketball which led to him being comfortable with the form he uses today, it is a weird jumper, but if he is comfortable with it, then he should use it. The idea is that if he is going to use that unorthodox form of shooting the ball, then he must perfect it, meaning that he should practice in the gym day in, day out shooting with the same form until his arm gives out, that is what it takes. When he perfect his shot then he will have a better field goal and 3 point percentage that will give him the utmost confidence to be one of the best shooters in the league.

Expanding His Brand

The BBB brand his father, Lavar Ball had made for his sons is respectable other than the obviously being carried away with the shoe prices, I feel that Lavar has plans for His sons and they are buying in. Eventually Lonzo would have to put in action every idle word his father speaks in the media, although being better than Stephan Curry and Lebron James is a little far fetched, but in reality, these heightened pressures may probably make Lonzo Ball keep focus in his NBA journey and to prove his Dad in a sense 'right?'.It is all up to Lonzo, If he wants to keep quiet and let his Dad do all the talking, adding more pressure but building media exposure, thats fine, or If Lonzo one day say to his Dad to tone it down a bit and let his game do the talking while increasing his overall skills, thats fine too. It all depends on what perspective he wants his fans to see his brand. Los Angeles is a great place to get instant exposure so Lonzo's brand is fine, the dependent value is that he needs to be better at his game. That means winning games, after that making The Lakers a playoff team, after that being an All Star, after that make Lakers NBA finals contenders then after that, winning the Championship. Of course this does not work overnight, but if he accomplish these things, $495 basketball shoes to some might not be expensive after all.

Learn from Past Greats

Last thing Lonzo needs to do to be a franchise legend is to learn from past Laker greats, both the good and the bad. Kobe's rookie season was not that good at all, he had to adjust his game and use the off season as a tool to sculpt his game to what we know him as today, in contrast, Magic Johnson actually won the championship his rookie year granted that he had great players around him and he was just the missing puzzle. For Lonzo, he is the starting puzzle for the Lakers. So far he has young guys like him on the team that has extreme potential like Julius Randle and Kyle Kuzma, the Lakers may need to be aggressive in free agency every off season for the next thee seasons to fill in the gaps. Lakers were always known to have star players that not only leave a stamp on there team, but in the NBA with; Kobe Bryant who used to not just shoot over 100 shots every practice, but made over 100 shots every practice, Shaquille O Neal who's desire to win was second to none, Wilt Chamberlain with the miraculous all time record for most points in a game 100! I can go on and on with the accomplishments of past Laker greats, Lonzo could take a page or few from them and just work. To be a franchise great you will have to take that title, it is not given.

© 2017 Aj Aird


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    • The Call to Ball profile imageAUTHOR

      Aj Aird 

      14 months ago from Texas

      not his first year, they still need couple of players from free agency to have a complete team

    • profile image

      charles jeter 

      14 months ago

      i think he won't get the lakers to the playoffs


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