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Can Ronaldinho play in 2014 World Cup?

Updated on November 23, 2012
Ronaldinho celebrating together with his Atletico Mineiro teammate Jo.
Ronaldinho celebrating together with his Atletico Mineiro teammate Jo. | Source

Ronaldinho once was a best player in the World and we all admired his fantastic dribbling. He had amazing seasons with Barcelona but then his performance slowly started to become less impressive. At beginning of 2011, Ronaldinho was seeking for return to his homeland Brazil. He wanted to get back his shape and confidence to be called up to national team once again. Already then he told about his hopes to play in 2014 World Cup which gonna be hosted in Brazil. It's dream of every footballer to play in such a major tournament at home in front of your fans.

After season with Flamengo, Ronaldinho decided to leave club and he even sued them claiming lack of payment for four months. In the end, his contract was cancelled and he could join a new club. 32 years old Brazilian quickly moved to Atletico Mineiro and there he already has scored some goals. You can see some highlights in video below.

Could Ronaldinho make his dream come true? It's hard to say. I would rate his chances 50/50. We all know what he's capable to do but he's becoming older and after two years he will turn 34 years old. Brazil always has been full of talents and currently they have enough young talents to play without their veterans. Also, it will be extra hard to get into Brazil squad for World Cup. There should be only best of the best. Fans will expect title from their beloved team. Mistakes, probably won't be forgiven.

Ronaldinho has to put huge efforts in next two years to impress head coach of Brazilian national team and fans. His skills haven't gone, but he never will be same Ronaldinho, as we saw him in PSG or Barcelona. His physical conditions won't be same again because of age and injuries he faced in his career. Another important question is attitude. We all know that Ronaldinho loves to party and spend time with some fun. When he was younger, that wasn't a problem for him. He was able to party all night long, then play next evening and score a hat-trick. Now he can't afford that. If he will stay focused for the next few seasons, who knows...

Ronaldinho in Atletico Mineiro

Can Ronaldinho get selected for Brazil 2014 World Cup squad?

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    • profile image

      biswajit reang 3 years ago

      plis give him chance god also says that u can't go against his fans

    • profile image

      mah 3 years ago

      i hope sclori selected ronaldinho for his last wc.sclori don't stupid like

      dunga,wc without ronaldinho Brazil will cry.sclori mention 100% brazil win ,i can predic without ronaldinho Brazil will fail to pick up wc thropy.

      sclori u will cry till u eye's blind due to confident Neymar is u key player.

      sclori u same like stupid DUNGA not selected Ronaldinho.U see skill of

      Ronaldinho make his club at top rangking n first ever to win.

    • profile image

      zabiullah 3 years ago

      i know Brazil has got lots of talents but Ronaldinho is a player who can make balls for the goal and i believe there is no one such as Ronaldinho

      i hope Brazil national coach not do the same mistake as Dunga did .

      zabiullah from afghanistan

    • profile image

      Almasi, 3 years ago

      I cry from many miles away.From a poor country called Kenya.Please give Ronaldinho the last chance to help Brazil clinch this world cup.Don't be like Dunga the man who believed in young talents and completely forgot he went to South Africa to win a trophy.Yes we know Brazil has got lots of talents but we cannot afford to forget our Gurus...Gaucho for 2014 WC.

    • profile image

      Fausy 4 years ago

      If Brazil want to win the cup they must cal back Ronaldinho, otherwise the youngsters will not make it. Neymar Jr need suport from Ronaldinho...............give him chance and watch.

    • profile image

      GT 4 years ago

      I think he can do it,he does things that no one else can do. Brazil has a lot of talent that is true, but the past few World Cups Brazil young players cannot do it without the veterans. I watched a game between Brazil and Argentina,i was looking at the line up, they had no veterans. I love Brazil,but i told my self they cannot win because there wasn't any veterans. Messi scored his first goal and that was it, he was on fire. Hulk and Neymar can play but cannot finish. DINHO TO THE WORLD.

    • profile image

      Ushnik 5 years ago

      The NAME is Ronaldinho!! He CAN DO IT AGAIN Defeating his Age related Problems showing AGE IS NO BAR!!

    • DannyHurst profile image

      DannyHurst 5 years ago from Manchester, UK

      He's clearly still got the skills but then again, it's not as if he's from a country that lacks technically gifted footballers!

      I voted no to him being at World Cup 2014, not because I don't think he couldn't offer the national side something but I just can't see him picked for it regardless of how he plays.

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      Well, Menezes to me, is like Dunga before, a little philosophical, instead of honest. Dante hasn't gotten into the Selecion and he is a fine defender, in a team that needs fine defenders, not Thiago Silva and a bunch of forwards who start from the back.

      When Pirlo played for Italy during the Euro's people asked how it could happen, well the answer was simple, Prandelli imagined what would be needed to make it happen.

      the problem for Ronaldhino Gaucho is that Menezes is not imaginative like Prandelli. This is evident in the sweden game.

      the biggest job for a coach is putting the pieces together for the best effectiveness, Brazil have deficiencies that Ronaldhino and Kaka can help them with but can Menezes coach that brilliantly..