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Can you buy spare parts for a trampoline?

Updated on September 28, 2010

Can you buy replacment parts for a trampoline?

If you already own a trampoline but it is looking a bit worse for wear then you may be looking to purchase a new one. This may not be needed as trampoline parts are more common now then they have ever been.

You can buy everything from the springs to the netting on its own for the safety enclosure. The only aspects you will need to check is that the parts are compatible with your trampoline.

Below is a guide to how to check measurements to check whether the parts are compatible with your trampoline.

When replacing a spring on your trampoline you need to find out what length your springs are on your trampoline, they usually come in two sizes, either 180mm or 210mm. The easiest way to measure these is to put the spring on a piece of white paper and mark the very tip to the other tip of the spring then just measure between those two markings on the paper. This will give you the spring size in which you require.

With all the other accessories you will just need to find the true size of your trampoline to do this you will just need to measure the total diameter of the trampoline from outer frame edge to outer frame edge, for example if this comes to a diameter of 12ft you will need to order 12ft replacement pads. This is relevant to all the accessories.

Thomas Staton - An expert in Trampolines and Trampoline accessories.


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