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Summer Olympic 2012- 3 Bronze

Updated on October 3, 2012

Way to go Canada

Canada's own Antoine Valoise- Fortier brought the third bronze medal for Canada after competing against Travis Stevens of United States 1-0 in the men's 81-kilogram judo event . Valoise-Fortier couldn't hide his winning facial expression in front of many audiences in London 2012 Summer Olympics or even in television.

The 22- years old from Quebec City brings back the spirit in Judo sport as he became the first medalist since Silver medalist Nicholas Gill in 2000 Sydney Olympics. He was ranked No. 27 in the world.

Thirty-minutes before the Judo event, Roseline Fillion and Meaghan Benfeito grabbed the 2nd bronze in 10-metre Synchronized diving, which another victory for Canada.

Emelie Heymans and Jennifer Abel were the first bronze medalist in 2012 London Olympics putting Canada in the podium and putting all the Canadian athletes on fire.


It has been four days in 2012 London Summer Olympics and the citizens of Canada are all eyes in Canadian athletes, hoping and praying to bring more medals. And what a glorious day for Canadians at its fourth day? Three bronze medals are just the head-start for Canadian athletes to grab silver and gold in the next few days.

Way to go Canada.


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